Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Episode 20 Review

bleach tybw episode 20 d
Gremmy VS Zaraki

Arguably the most unimaginable and violent battle of this arc finally arrives on screen as the real Sternritter “V” Gremmy Thoumeaux fights against the returning crazily powerful Captain of the Squad 11th Zaraki Kenpachi who now has mastered his Shikai.

The “V” Sternritters

bleach tybw episode 20 b
Yachiru Reveals Her Shikai, Sanpo Kenju

This episode is opened with another cool fighting moment where Yachiru instinctively tries to hunt down Guenael Lee, a Sternritter who has the power to vanish his form, presence, and even existence from the others’ memory. Although the battle is pretty short and anti-climactic, at least we get to see the Shikai release of Yachiru’s Zanpakuto before things turn even worse as the real Sternritter “V” shows up and wreaks havoc.

bleach tybw episode 20 j
Guenael Lee Erases His Existence

Some people might argue that Guenael is a potential antagonist that should be utilized even deeper and longer in this fight. His existence as the fake “V” Sternritter truly shocks many fans when the manga was still ongoing and the chapter was released, yet it is still a shame that such a cool character like him is erased and forgotten quickly, and merely used as a deception to the real threat in the room.

Immersive Powers of Imagination

bleach tybw episode 20 c
Isane is Shocked by Gremmy’s Sudden Appearance Inside the Barrier

And here comes the real threat, a young man named Gremmy who considerably might be one of the most powerful characters not only among the Quincies but also in the universe of Bleach, simply because of his unlimited incomprehensible power, which is vision. He has the power to bring anything from his imagination to reality, and nothing is going to be enough to stop his wild mind, at least before a monster named Zaraki Kenpachi shows up and tackles him.

bleach tybw episode 20 e
Gremmy Creates Guns & Rifles from His Imagination

Zaraki has finally returned after his training with Retsu, and this man is even stronger than ever. What is always astonishing from his characterization is how he has always been shown as a man who goes through any obstacle and fights no matter how powerful his opponent is, including if his opponent this time has such an unbalanced ability to create anything, whether moving huge rocks, launching missiles, or creating a floating water prison from his mind.

Zaraki’s True Shikai

bleach tybw episode 20 a
Zaraki Unleashes His Zanpakuto’s True Shikai, Nozarashi

The battle goes back and forth with so many attacks and counters from both sides, before eventually Gremmy who desperately wants to win summons a huge meteor from the sky and even a black hole to bring Zaraki down. But on the other hand, Zaraki himself always goes rampage and shocks the audience once again as he dares to run into the falling meteor and cuts it into two with his newly mastered Shikai form of Nozarashi.

bleach tybw episode 20 i
Zaraki Stands Tall Before Gremmy’s Real Form

In the end, Gremmy loses his own imagination due to thinking that he can be as powerful and mighty as Zaraki. The Visionary unintentionally destroys his own body before in the end his physical existence slowly vanishes in front of the standing-tall Zaraki.

Final Verdict

bleach tybw episode 20 f
Gremmy Summons a Meteor from The Sky

Unimaginable power clashes against incomprehensible brute force. That is basically the summary of the duel in this episode. Ever since the manga chapters about this battle were released, every fan was so hyped and amazed by how every single attack from both sides is always countered and twisted. Every single ability of Zaraki and Gremmy simply goes beyond everyone’s wildest imagination about how a decisive battle in Bleach would be.

bleach tybw episode 20 g
Gremmy Multiplies Himself to Surround Zaraki

However, although the battle and the audiovisual presentation are as epic as it has always been, one thing to begin becoming trouble starts to rise clearly in this episode. It appears that Pierot seems to not carefully control the pacing of the story no more in this final arc adaptation. The animation team just goes berserk with every event that happens in the manga, and they just adapt and air anything as fast as they can.

Although it is not a bad thing, the feel and intensity of the battle seem to be dull and bland compared to the prequel adaptation. Let’s just say Zaraki VS Nnoitra, how their duel is presented truly shows how both sides try to overcome their own struggles, unleash their true powers every second, and ultimately defeat their opponent.

bleach tybw episode 20 h
Gremmy Unintentionally Destroys Himself

But this time, even though the release of Nozarashi is obviously outstanding and the action sequences are wonderful from the beginning until the end of the episode, every sequence is presented in a somewhat underwhelming fashion. No time to breathe, no time to be amazed, no time to digest everything that is occurring because every sequence and moment comes insistently one after another.

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