Big Brother 25 – Why It Might Be Hard For Cirie Fields To Survive The Double Eviction

Survivor legend and The Traitors season 1 winner Cirie Fields has been playing a strong game on Big Brother 25, but the upcoming double eviction might be hard for her to survive. On premiere night, Cirie was added as the 17th houseguest in a surprise twist. Her son, Jared Fields, is also playing the game this season. So far, only evicted houseguest Izzy Gleicher knew their true identities for sure because she recognized them instantly, but she was fiercely loyal to them, and took their secret out the door.

During the last Big Brother 25 live eviction episode, host Julie Chen Moonves announced that the Thursday, September 21 episode would be a double eviction. In a double eviction, the houseguests play a week’s worth of Big Brother in one night after the first eviction. This consists of the Head of Household (HOH) and Power of Veto competitions, and the veto ceremony. An eviction then takes place, all within one episode. Because of the fast pace and the current dynamics of the Big Brother house, Cirie could be in danger during the double eviction.

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Cirie Fields’ Son & Closest Ally Jared Can’t Play For HOH

Jared Fields Big Brother 25

Cirie and her son Jared have been running the Big Brother 25 house for most of the game. Although Cirie hasn’t won any competitions yet, her fantastic social game has allowed her to control almost every vote this season. Jared has already won three competitions, including two HOHs (week 5 and week 7) and one Power of Veto (week 6). Jared’s veto win prevented Cameron from backdooring Cirie, a plan which he revealed to Jared, not knowing that Cirie is his mother. However, because Jared is the current HOH after winning the Wall competition, he will be ineligible to play during the double eviction.

Without Jared playing for HOH, the only person Cirie can count on to truly keep her safe is herself. There’s no telling when the houseguests might turn on her. Her close ally, Felicia Cannon, already expressed to Jared that she’d rather go to the final two with him than Cirie. Jag Bains and Matt Klotz were unhappy when they discovered that their alliance with Cirie might be fake from Cory Wurtenberger, and flipped their votes this past week to vote out Izzy instead of Felicia. This move was meant to weaken Cirie.

Cirie has been on America Lopez and Cameron Hardin’s radar for weeks now too. Although Cameron is Jared’s backdoor target, and will most likely be gone before the second eviction, there’s enough people who aren’t happy with Cirie that they could easily turn on her. Plus, whichever houseguest finally evicts Cirie will forever be known as the player who took out a Survivor legend. That distinction would be great for a Big Brother resumé.

Cirie Fields No Longer Has Izzy Gleicher

Izzy was so unwaveringly loyal to Cirie that she was willing to put her own game at risk in order to protect her. When she figured out that Cameron was most likely going to try to backdoor Cirie if she or Felicia were saved by the Power of Veto, she declared that she wouldn’t use it if she won it. She not only wanted to protect Cirie, but throw a wrench in Cameron’s plan to prevent him from getting his way.

Aside from Jared, who can’t play for the HOH, Cirie no longer has any allies who are as loyal to her as Izzy was. Without that kind of protection, Cirie will be very vulnerable during a double eviction. Cirie and Izzy bonded not only from a strategic standpoint in the game, but as very close friends and kindred spirits. Cirie most likely won’t be able to replicate that kind of relationship with anyone else in the Big Brother 25 house.

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Cirie Fields Hasn’t Won Any Big Brother Competitions

Big Brother 25 Wall Competition The Meatball

It would seem that since Cirie is an iconic four-time Survivor player and the winner of The Traitors season 1, that her competition skills would help to keep her safe. However, she hasn’t won any Big Brother 25 competitions yet. Endurance competitions have proved difficult for her, as she was the second person to let go of her button in the Pressure Cooker, and the first person to fall in the Wall competition.

Cirie has never had the opportunity to play in a Power of Veto competition because she’s never been HOH or nominated, and hasn’t been picked by random draw or Houseguest’s Choice. This might put her at a disadvantage if she’s nominated during the double eviction because she’ll be playing her first Power of Veto competition under intense pressure. Cirie also lost the Power of Invincibility competition when she, Jag, Matt, and Cory were selected by the fans to compete individually and secretly for the special superpower.

The Big Brother 25 Houseguests Will Have No Time To Flip The VoteBig Brother 25 Cast In Living RoomThe Big Brother 25 houseguests have been one of the most fickle casts to ever play the game. They flip their votes often, making last-minute changes as they spend the week considering all of their options. However, during a double eviction, there will be no time to flip the vote. Although Cirie is very persuasive, if she’s nominated, she’ll have no time to work her magic on the houseguests. Her spell over some of them has already been broken, so it’ll be even harder to convince them that they shouldn’t evict her while they have the chance.

If the houseguests decide to backdoor Cirie during the double eviction, it will be nearly impossible for her to change their minds. There will be no time for them to flip-flop either. The choice will have to be made in just minutes, which could result in Cirie’s eviction. It won’t be an impulsive move either, since the houseguests have been considering this for weeks. Since they’ll know this is the final eviction before the Jury of 7 begins, they might decide to evict Cirie to avoid having her influence the final vote to determine the Big Brother 25 winner.

Cirie has earned the title of legend, so she could definitely find a way to avoid being eliminated during the double eviction. She could win competitions or use her strong power of persuasion to convince the houseguests that she’s an asset to their games. However, the odds are beginning to seem stacked against her. Cirie will have to work extra hard to survive the upcoming Big Brother 25 double eviction.

Big Brother 25 airs Sundays at 10:30 p.m. EDT and Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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