Best Pokemon Team Builds For Marvel’s Avengers

Making up Pokemon teams for fictional characters across fandoms can be an inspiring experience, whether you draw, animate, or write copious amounts of fanfiction. Whatever your fancy, what better characters to try this with than some of the most popular in media, the cast of the Avengers? Come back to the mid-2000s and theorize with us what six Pokemon teams the Avengers would sport in the Pokemon world, including what items and move sets each have.

Captain America

Image by Marvel Studios

Captain America is very much a traditional guy, so his choice of Pokemon would likely not be all that extravagant. What’s more, you’d probably expect to see some Pokemon that theme around his getup: The USA. Captain America seems like he’d have a pretty straightforward team with no flashy strategy or convoluted setups. Much like a beginning Pokemon fan, it would all be brute force, with maybe an emphasis on Fire types because Fire types are very, very cool.

Pokemon Held Item Moveset Ability Nature EVs & IVs
Braviary Flyinium Z Brave Bird, Superpower, Bulk Up, Roost Defiant Jolly Attack, Speed
Blaziken Blazikenite Swords Dance, Flare Blitz, Low Kick, Stone Edge Speed Boost Adamant Attack, Speed
Arcanine Life Orb Flare Blitz, Wild Charge, Extreme Speed, Morning Sun Flash Fire Jolly Attack, Speed
Cinderace Aguav Berry Acrobatics, High Jump Kick, Gunk Shot, Flare Blitz Blaze Adamant Attack, Speed
Baxcalibur Assault Vest Aqua Tail, Avalanche, Body Press, Crunch Thermal Exchange Adamant Attack, Speed
Dragonite Flyinium Z Dragon Dance, Fly, Earthquake, Extreme Speed Multiscale Adamant Attack, Speed

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Image by Marvel Studios

Hawkeye seems like he would be a mix of Captain America and Black Widow in preference. He’s a freelance man for hire, so it wouldn’t be so surprising to see Pokemon on his team that would actually be useful for his work. The first thing to come to mind are Pokemon like Poison types, Steel types, or simply Pokemon with the utility to keep up with him on a mission. He also strikes me as the kind of guy who would appreciate all generations equally, from 1 to the latest. If it looks cool and kicks tail, it sells for his team.

Pokemon Held Item Moveset Ability Nature EVs & IVs
Greninja Choice Specs Hydro Pump, Dark Pulse, Water Shuriken, Spikes Battle Bond Timid Speed, Special Attack
Weavile Choice Band Knock Off, Icicle Crash, Ice Shard, Pursuit Pressure Jolly Attack, Speed
Toxtricity Life Orb Boomburst, Discharge, Overdrive, Hex Punk Rock Modest Special Attack, Speed
Gyarados Life Orb Dragon Dance, Bounce, Waterfall, Taunt Moxie Jolly Attack, Speed
Meowscarada Expert Belt Acrobatics, Brick Break, Flower Trick, Knock Off Protean Modest Special Attack, Speed
Umbreon Leftovers Wish, Protect, Heal Bell, Foul Play Synchronize Calm HP, Special Defense


Image by Marvel Studios

Hulk, or Banner, is a mixed bag when it comes to having a Pokemon team. On the one hand, you’d expect someone with Hulkish abilities to love brute force, but I think otherwise. Banner might be more interested in Pokemon that align with his goals and personal disposition. He strikes me as the kind of guy who would love cute, useful, but bulky Pokemon that can stand up to punishment in battle without looking too menacing. He would likely love beasts of burden that he can rely on and take care of or outright spoil, likely enjoying hanging out with them more than battling. He’d also likely be enamored by Pokemon such as Mewtwo, which were conceived through the power of science.

Pokemon Held Item Moveset Ability Nature EVs & IVs
Torterra Leftovers Stealth Rock, Wood Hammer, Earthquake, Synthesis Overgrow Impish HP, Special Defense
Corviknight Choice Band Iron Head, Drill Peck, Facade, Brave Bird Pressure Brave Attack, Defense
Azumarill Normalium Z Belly Drum, Aqua Jet, Play Rough, Knock Off Thick Fat Adamant Attack, Speed
Goodra Choice Scarf Draco Meteor, Thunderbolt, Fire Blast, Earthquake Sap Sipper Timid Special Attack, Speed
Mewtwo Mewtwonite Y Psystrike, Ice Beam, Fire Blast, Calm Mind Pressure Timid Special Attack, Speed
Quagsire Leftovers Scald, Earthquake, Recover, Toxic Damp Relaxed HP. Defense

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Black Widow

Image by Marvel Studios

Black Widow is an interesting case for a Pokemon team because while Hawkeye might use some of his for work, Black Widow almost certainly would. This would make Poison types great for their natural uses and Ghost types for infiltration and recon. Aside from just Pokemon for a profession, other types I could picture her using include Ice and Steel. Anything that can move quickly, pack a punch, incapacitate, intimidate, or make walls less inconvenient is surely a win in her book.

Pokemon Held Item Moveset Ability Nature EVs & IVs
Tinkaton Life Orb Brick Break, Fake Out, Gigaton Hammer, Ice Hammer Mold Breaker Adamant Attack, Speed
Froslass Focus Sash Spikes, Taunt, Icy Wind, Destiny Bond Cursed Body Timid Special Attack, Speed
Misdreavus Eviolite Foul Play, Will-O-Wisp, Taunt, Pain Split Levitate Timid HP, Speed
Breloom Toxic Orb Substitute, Spore, Leech Seed, Focus Punch Poison Heal Careful HP, Special Defense
Lucario Lucarionite Swords Dance, Meteor Mash, Close Combat, Bullet Punch Justified Jolly Attack, Speed
Staraptor Choice Scarf Brave Bird, Double Edge, U-Turn, Close Combat Reckless Jolly Attack, Speed

Iron Man

Image by Marvel Studios

Iron Man is all too easy to come up with a team for. Anything that could sync right in with his already amassed army of technology would fit right in with him in a Pokemon setting. Otherwise, Pokemon that make good pets, or those that can benefit him by providing air support, would benefit Stark. Psychic, Steel, and Electric types are the way to go for this one. I could picture him training his Jolteon to be a walk-along charger for his phone, should the need ever arise.

Pokemon Held Item Moveset Ability Nature EVs & IVs
Bronzong Leftovers Stealth Rock, Toxic, Psywave, Gyro Ball Levitate Sassy HP, Special Defense
Magnezone Steelium Z Substitute, Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon, Hidden Power Magnet Pull Modest Special Attack, Speed
Beheeyem Colbur Berry Trick Room, Psychic, Nasty Plot, Signal Beam Analytic Quiet HP, Special Attack
Jolteon Life Orb Yawn, Volt Switch, Thunderbolt, Hidden Power Quick Feet Timid Special Attack, Speed
Rotom Iapapa Berry Defog, Volt Switch, Will-O-Wisp, Hex Levitate Timid HP, Speed
Scizor Scizorite Swords Dance, Bullet Punch, Roost, Superpower Light Metal Impish HP, Special Defense

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Image by Marvel Studios

Thor is an interesting case because, if you were to transport him to the Pokemon world as a trainer or a player, you know he’s the kind to use nothing but legendaries. Because he’s essentially a myth and legend himself, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume that he’d be out there seeking out the legendary birds and beasts of the world and either fighting them or capturing them for sport. As for any number of normal Pokemon on his team that aren’t mythical or legendary, Pokemon that use brute force to end fights would fit his aesthetic best. Dragon types, Fire types, and Electric types, of course, almost certainly fit the bill for this character.

Pokemon Held Item Moveset Ability Nature EVs & IVs
Moltres Flyinium Z Hurricane, Fire Blast, Roost, U-Turn Pressure Timid Special Attack, Speed
Zapdos Leftovers Discharge, Heat Wave, Hidden Power Ice, Roost Pressure Bold HP, Defense
Articuno Flyinium Z Hurricane, Freeze-Dry, Hidden Power Fighting, Roost Pressure Timid Special Attack, Speed
Donphan Leftovers Rapid Spin, Earthquake, Knock Off, Ice Shard Sturdy Adamant HP, Defense
Salamence Salamencite Dragon Dance, Double-Edge, Roost, Facade Intimidate Adamant Attack, Speed
Samurott Life Orb Hydro Pump, Grass Knot, Ice Beam, Aqua Jet Torrent Timid Special Attack, Speed

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