Best Horror TV Shows To Watch On Prime Video

Every now and then, a horror show is just what the doctor ordered. From jump scares to psychological thrills, they can be fun and terrifying at the same time. There are plenty of horror shows on Amazon Prime Video. The best about watching a horror show versus a movie is that you can watch bits at a time versus taking it all in, in one sitting. Plus, the stories are usually much slower, deeper, and more involved.

Some of the best horror TV shows on Amazon Prime Video are delivered in an anthology format, others are episodic with an overarching story to enjoy from one season to the next. There’s so much choice but the best horror shows on Amazon Prime Video are all worth watching.

Updated on 12/20/2023 by Christine Persaud: There are always new TV shows being added to Amazon Prime Video, including those that fall into the horror genre. This list is refreshed consistently to keep it fresh and current. It’s also verified that no titles require an add-on subscription and they can be watched with just base Amazon Prime.

15 Dead Ringers (2023)

Dead Ringers TV Series Poster

Dead Ringers

Release Date
April 21, 2023

Kitty Hawthorne , Rachel Weisz , Emily Meade , Britne Oldford



Dead Ringers is a gender-reversed re-telling of the psychological thriller movie by David Cronenberg. Dead Ringers stars Rachel Weisz as both Beverly and Elliot, twin gynecologists with their own ideas of the proper treatment for pregnant women.

The sisters might look identical, but they have very different mindsets, one of whom is far more dangerous than the other. Dead Ringers received praise for Weisz’s performance, the show’s chilling story, and the beautiful handling of the good and evil twin trope. Amazon Prime’s Dead Ringers might draw comparisons to the original movie, but it does well as a haunting miniseries that can appeal to both new and familiar audiences.

14 Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace (2004)

Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace is a horror parody, which means it takes a more comedic look at dark and disturbing topics. The British series is about a fictional horror author named Garth Marenghi and his publisher. Its story acts like the release of a series called Darkplace. However, Darkplace was actually released decades prior but was never broadcast and thus became lost. Marenghi aims to republish the creepy TV show and find a new audience with it.

Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace pokes fun at many common horror tropes, including the overly violent nature of slashers, the bad special effects, and low-budget productions. The Prime Video series is hilarious fun for horror fans.

13 Them (2021-)

Deborah Ayarinde in Them

Them (2021)

A black family moves to an all-white Los Angeles neighborhood where malevolent forces, next door and otherworldly, threaten to taunt, ravage and destroy them.

Release Date
April 9, 2021

Deborah Ayorinde , Ashley Thomas , Shahadi Wright Joseph , Melody Hurd , Alison Pill , Ryan Kwanten , Christopher Heyerdahl


Them is a controversial Prime Video series set in the early ‘50s that centers around a Black family during the Second Great Migration. They move from North Carolina to a predominantly white neighborhood in Los Angeles. All seems well until evil forces appear.

Lucky, Henry, and their family live in fear as they are haunted by otherworldly forces that threaten to destroy them. Audiences criticized Them for being too graphic and bloody. For others, however, these are appealing elements in a horror TV show. Them touches on deep themes like racial integration, racism, and insidious horrors but packages it all together in a haunting and terrifying story.

12 American Horror Story (2011-)


10 Most Consistently Good Horror Shows Of The Last Decade

Horror TV series, like Stranger Things and Evil, offer a fresh take on a popular genre that makes them consistently good from beginning to end.

American Horror Story is an anthology series by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. Each season’s story is more disturbing and unsettling than the last. Every season has a new mix of horrifying characters played by A-list actors, including Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Macaulay Culkin, and Lady Gaga.

Some of American Horror Story’s well-written plots are loosely inspired by true events, which makes the series even more terrifying. From murderous hotel owners to creepy asylums and unsettling carnivals, American Horror Story has something for every horror fan.

11 13 Nights of Elvira (2014)

Perfect for Halloween celebrations or anytime thereafter, the Mistress of Darkness is back in this exciting series where the character takes fans on a journey through some of the horror movie classics. She doesn’t just touch on the most popular ones, though; Elvira also delves into awful B movies, some of which have become cult classics.

Watch Elvira in 13 Nights of Elvira as she roasts movies about everything from twisted puppets to a female cannibal, all delivered in her signature style and her iconic outfit and big hair. This is the perfect series for fans of horror and glam.

10 Dark/Web (2019)

When a programmer named Molly mysteriously goes missing, a group of old friends comes together to try to rescue her. They discover that Molly left behind a series of strange stories and try to follow the trail to learn what might have happened. In doing so, however, they may have uncovered a technological crisis that puts them all in imminent danger.

Dark/Web, which is set in a near future, didn’t get much publicity when it was released. Nevertheless, thanks to its quick pacing, compelling mystery, and well-written storyline, Dark/Web is an easily binge-able horror miniseries.

9 True Horror (2018)

Two men in a tent looking terrified, dark blue light around them in a scene from True Horror.


10 Horror Movies That Would Make Great TV Series

Like The Thing and Halloween, there are some successful horror movies that have the potential to be complex, well-developed TV shows.

When it comes to horror, there’s nothing more terrifying than true stories. Delivered as a docudrama, True Horror features testimonies from various people about horrifying events they were either involved in or witnessed. Each one involves the paranormal in some fashion.

The season begins with a mother who moves into a troubling house with her baby son and shifts to other exciting but bone-chilling stories like when two boys are frightened to their core while camping in the woods and demonic activity on a secluded farm. For those who believe in paranormal experiences, this one will send shivers down the spine.

8 The Horror Of Dolores Roach (2023)

Based on the one-woman off-Broadway play Empanada Loca, The Horror of Dolores Roach is about a woman who finds herself in a precarious position after being released from prison following a 16-year sentence. Her neighborhood has completely changed, become gentrified, and her old life is behind her. Or is it?

She meets with an old friend who agrees to let her live in his business where she works as a massage therapist. But there’s something else interesting, and downright disgusting, about how she performs her job. Roach finds herself faced with a threat to her survival in this black comedy horror that critics say offers up a nice balance of both comedy and horror. While The Horror of Dolores Roach was canceled after just one season, it’s still worth checking out for a good combination of humor and horror.

7 The Witching Season (2015)


10 Best Sci-Fi Anthology Series Of All Time

Sci-fi anthology series like Black Mirror and The Outer Limits offer brief, startling doses of fantastic television.

The Witching Season is an anthology horror show that tells various scary stories, which are typically set during the creepy Halloween season. Each episode is a short horror movie that touches on a different fright, creepy creature, or ghost tale.

Horror fans will have no trouble sinking their teeth into the creepy tales at any time of the year. From an escaped killer to a strange stuffed animal in a new home and UFO sightings, The Witching Season covers plenty of classic horror stories and even feels reminiscent of the iconic Tales from the Crypt.

6 Truth Seekers (2020)

Truth Seekers puts a more comedic spin on the horror genre. The British supernatural comedy horror show was created by Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, who are well-versed in comedy horror after co-creating Shaun of the Dead, The World’s End, and Hot Fuzz. The series follows a group of ghost hunters who love investigating the paranormal in their spare time.

Truth Seekers focuses on an unlikely trio of ghost hunters: Gus, Elton, and Astrid. They each have different levels of passion for the paranormal but learn to work together. Each episode takes their investigation to a different location and is full of hilarious dialogue, eerie stories, and great performances.

5 Adhura (2023)

Delivered in the Hindi language with English subtitles, Adhura tells the story of strange occurrences at a middle school. They all seem to stem back to a new 10-year-old student named Vedant (Shrenik Arora) and a former student named Adhiraj (Ishwak Singh) who finds himself forced to revisit things he did 15 years ago.

It’s when the two meet, however, that terrifying things begin to happen, putting everyone else in danger. The horror thriller has just seven episodes that range from 39 to 58 minutes long, so it’s a quick binge.

4 Tokyo Vampire Hotel (2017)

The story of Dracula is combined with a Japanese horror miniseries in Tokyo Vampire Hotel, which tells the story of various vampire clans. Manami is at the center of the story, which features the Draculas and the Corvins vampire clans. All are invited to a party at a fancy hotel where they are told that the world is ending and only the people who are inside will survive.

As the only surviving member of the Dracula Clan, Manami’s power will be unleashed once she turns 22. The story follows Manami as she’s hunted by various vampires within the Corvin Clan who know of the power she will soon wield, even if she doesn’t.

3 Beyond Belief: Fact Or Fiction (1997-2002)

Want something a bit lighter that delves into true (or not) stories? Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction is presented by Josh Brolin for the first season, then Jonathan Frakes of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame for the later ones. Produced by Dick Clark Productions, the anthology series tackles a different story in every episode, some based on true events and claims.

With elements of the supernatural, ghosts, psychics, and destiny, the episodes bring chills. Even if there aren’t any monsters, goblins, or gore, Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction is an entertaining watch in the horror, sci-fi, and paranormal genre. The best part? It’s available as part of the Amazon Freevee service, which means it can be accessed even without a subscription but does include ads.

2 Romancero (2023)

Available in Spanish language, Romancero is a thrilling, nail-biting supernatural horror about young folks traveling through a deserted space, running from nightmares that chase them. That includes not only the long arm of the law but a variety of supernatural creatures as well and, as the show description indicates, also themselves.

There are six episodes in the first season, each one more exciting than the next. Along with the Spanish language original, English subtitles and audio dubbing are also available.

1 Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil (2010)

Hailing from Canada, the black comedy horror series Todd and the Book of Pure Evil is about a group of misfit high schoolers who come upon a demonic book and begin to experience its power. The effects are heightened considering that their small town was actually founded by Satanists, so there’s a lot of history.

Like a genie in a bottle, the book grants wishes to those who hold it, but always in a twisted, unintended way designed to harm. The kids are desperate to destroy the book once and for all, but it’s easier said than done. Critics have compared it to Buffy the Vampire Slayer with more foul language and edge.

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