Best Hiding Spots for Day of Memories in My Time at Sandrock

My Time of Sandrock goes big when it comes to seasonal events. The Day of Memories Mini Game in My Time at Sandrock is a thrilling and fun way to earn tokens for your base decorations and gear. 

In Day of Memories, there’s a Ghost Hunt game that pits two teams against each other: the Ghosts and the Ghost Hunter. As a Ghost, players have to stay hidden, whereas as a Ghost Hunter, players have to spot the NPCs disguised as Ghosts. It’s a really fun game that will have you yelling at NPCs to turn around before they blow your cover, if you let it take over you. Nothing to see here, Mr. Burgess, just look the other way. In this guide, I’ll explore how the game works, including the concept of Ghost Badges, and provide tips on how to win as both a Ghost and a Ghost Hunter.

Day of Memories: How Ghost Hunt Works & Ghost Badges in My Time at Sandrock

Leaderbaord Day of Memory
Screenshot by Gamepur

The Day of Memories takes place on the 27th of summer. The event includes the Ghost Hunt mini-game and a cute celebration at midnight.

The Ghost Hunt is divided into four rounds, with the teams switching roles every two rounds. This means you’ll get to play twice as a Ghost, and twice as a Ghost Hunter. Whoever tops the leaderboard wins. 

The main goal for the Ghosts is to hide effectively, while the Ghost Hunters aim to find and scan these hidden spirits. Regardless of role, the goal is to collect Ghost Badges all over the arena or snatch them from caught Ghosts. These can later be used to purchase event-exclusive items, which, by the way, are really cute and halloweeny.

How to Win as a Ghost in My Time at Sandrock

Best Hiding Spots My Time at Sandrock.
Screenshot by Gamepur

As a Ghost, your objective during the preparation phase is twofold: gather as many tokens as possible and hide effectively. Look for spots illuminated with white flame effects. 

You have access to three different, random disguises each round. Experiment with different disguises during the preparation phase to find the best fit. You can shift through them the way you would shift through tools on any other day. Choose hiding spots that make sense for the environment. If you’re near barrels, you won’t want to choose the scarecrow disguise.

Best Hiding Spots for Ghost Hunt in Day of Memories

The hiding spots in Day of Memories are ranked as follows:

  • Great Spot: The best disguise and spot choice. Ghost Hunters are less likely to spot you.
  • So-So Spot: You are relatively well-disguised. You could survive, but it’s not granted. 
  • Bad Spot: The riskiest disguise. Ghost Hunters might spot you quickly.

The best hiding spots are usually behind barrels and crates or in dark corners or alleys. Make sure to always blend in with objects that are part of the scenery.

How to Win as a Ghost Hunter in My Time at Sandrock

How to Hide as a Ghost Day of Memories
Screenshot by Gamepur

As a Ghostbuster, your task is to find and scan hidden Ghosts with Ghost Detectors. When caught, Ghost will drop more Ghost Badges for you.

However, if you run into a suspicious disguise and don’t have any Ghost Detectors, you have no way to prove they are actually a Ghost.

How to Get More Ghost Detectors in Day of Memories

To get more Ghost Detectors in My Time at Sandrock, do your best at the preparation phase arcade game. Hitting the pegs with the scanner inside is key. Try to match three of the same color pegs to explode them. Scanning a scanner peg grants you more Ghost Detectors, which in turn give you more scanning opportunities.

How to Spot Ghosts in Day of Memories

If you’ve played the first two rounds as a Ghost, try to remember the layout. Any changes to what you originally saw may reveal the presence of a hidden Ghost. 

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If you haven’t memorized the layout, keep an eye out for objects that seem out of place. Ghosts can move slightly, so watch for objects that shake or shift. Also, NPCs tend to flock together for some reason, so if you found one, look nearby to uncover more hidden Ghosts.

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