Best Healer Pals in Palworld & Where to Catch Them

Healing doesn’t come easy in PalworldBut in a game with combat encounters as tough as this one, you’ll want to carry some healing method in your pocket.

While you won’t be brewing potions or concocting weird alchemy recipes to heal yourself, there is a third, more Palworld-like alternative: healer pals. Healer pals have the potential to either replenish your health or keep you stacked as battles unfold. However, finding healer pals isn’t as easy as grabbing fire-type pals or water-type pals. Their healing skills aren’t obvious in their design or visible in the Paldeck. Instead, you have to do some reading and discover if their Partner Skill involves healing. However, that might take some time since Palworld has over 100 Pals. You’ll find the 5 best healer Pals in Palworld in this list.

5. Teafant

Screenshot by Gamepur

The earliest healer Pal you can get your hands on in Palworld is Teafant, that tiny cute water elephant. Teafant comes with the Soothing Shower partner skill, which prompts them to approach you and shower you with their healing water. 

Teafant can be found in the following locations in Palworld:

  • Near the Ice Wind Island waypoint.
  • On the shores north of the Fort Ruins waypoint.
  • In the forest south of the Fort Ruins waypoint.
  • On the island south of the Small Cove waypoint.
  • Near the Eastern Wild Island waypoint.

While Teafant isn’t by any means the stronger water pal or even the highest-level waterer, they do what they can when it comes to healing in Palworld. Bless them.

4. Felbat

Screenshot by Gamepur

A significant upgrade from Teafant is Felbat, a dark pal with surprisingly solid healer skills in Palworld.

Felbat has a Life Steal passive partner skill lets them absorb some of the received damage to restore your HP. The best part about this skill is that you don’t need to trigger it; it’ll always work in the background as long as Felbat is fighting alongside you. Besides healing, Felbat is also a great Pal to keep around for Pal fights or at the base for medicine production.

Felbat can only be found inside dungeons or hatched from Large Dark Eggs in Palworld. I found mine in a dungeon near the Desolate Church waypoint.

3. Lovander

Screenshot by Gamepur

Lovander, or as they’re called during raids, fangirl, is a neutral-type Pal and one of the best healers in Palworld.

They’ve got the Heart Drain passive partner skill, which absorbs some of the received damage and restores HP, just like Felbat’s. The reason Lovander is a bit higher on this list is that they’re not only easier to obtain but also slightly stronger in battle.

Lovander can be found in the following locations in Palworld:

  • All over the sand biome northeast of the Palapagos Islands.
  • On the shores north of the Investigator’s Fork waypoint.
  • Wait for a herd of “fangirls” to raid your base and catch Lovander during the raid.

Once you’ve snagged a Lovander, make sure to keep her active in your party to enjoy the Heart Drain passive skill and keep your health bar stocked up.

2. Petallia

Screenshot by Gamepur

Petallia is a grass-type and the second-best healer Pal in Palworld. With their Blessing of the Flower Spirit skill, they can heal half of your HP bar.

I won’t tell you they’re a strong Pal on her own; they’re a grass-type, after all. However, Petallia is definitely worth keeping in your party for when you’re in desperate need of healing.

Petallia can either be fought as a level 27 boss in the Sealed Realm of Spirits or on the island in the southwest corner of the Palapagos Islands in Palworld.

1. Lyleen

Screenshot by Gamepur

Lyleen looks just like Petallia, but they’re ten times a better healing Pal in Palworld. In fact, their Harvest Goddess partner skill is the strongest healing ability in the game.

They’re also a Jill of all trades. With Planting level 4, Handiwork level 3, Gathering level 2, and Medicine Production level 3, they can pretty much do it all. And while Grass-types aren’t my favorite, Petallia might just be the only exception.

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To find Lyleen in Palworld, look for her on the island in the northwest corner of the map. Don’t expect an easy battle, though. She’s level 44 and surrounded by even more deadly Pals that can be accidentally aggroed.

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