Best Episodes Of Suits, Ranked

Suits follows Mike Ross, a college dropout with a photographic memory that lands a job as a law associate for Harvey Specter. Despite not having a law degree, the pair hide Mike’s secret as they work together to “close” cases for the law firm Pearson Hardman.

The series ran for nine seasons, wrapping up in 2019. As of late, the series has been massively popular on streaming and has recently accumulated almost 18 billion minutes in its first month of being acquired by Netflix and Peacock. Many great episodes have aired over the series’ long run, but some of them stand out from the pack for fans of the series.

10 “Self-Defense” Began The Unraveling Of Mike’s Trial

Season 5, Episode 14

Mike Ross and Benjamin in Suits


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As Mike gears up for his trial in season 5, he wishes to represent himself in the case. This concerns Harvey and Jessica, who do not want him to represent himself. To decide this, Harvey challenges Mike to a mock trial, with the winner getting to make the decision for the real trial.

This was the second episode of the series to be directed by series star Patrick J., Adams, who plays Mike Ross. The slow unraveling of Mike’s case provided viewers with tension and speculation as to what would happen to the character in the actual trial in the next few episodes.

9 “Tick Tock” Plants The Seeds For A Game-Changing Finale

Season 5, Episode 15

Mike Ross in Suits

“Tick Tock” has Mike’s case finally goes to the jury, and he becomes distracted by another case. Louis Litt mulls the offer from Anita Gibbs that grants him immunity as long as he turns on his coworkers at the firm. In the end, Mike ends up taking one of Anita’s deals himself.

The episode featured many twists and turns that kept viewers in suspense regarding Mike’s fate in the case. Harvey also races to stop Mike from taking Anita’s deal but does not get there in time, leading into the season 6 finale “25th Hour” which eventually ends with Mike going to prison.

8 “High Noon” Highlights Struggle Among The Characters

Season 2, Episode 10

Mike Ross and Harvey Specter in Suits


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“High Noon” finds Daniel Hardman winning the partner’s vote to become the managing partner of the firm, which makes Harvey and Mike’s work lives miserable. Elsewhere, Mike reels from a devastating loss after he learned that his grandmother died in the previous episode.

This episode featured each of the main characters dealing with their issues, Mike with personal issues and Harvey with work-related problems, that find them struggling to figure out what is next. “High Noon” also introduced the important side character Tess, Mike’s childhood friend, who would recur for the rest of season 2.

7 “One Last Con” Ended The Series On A High Note

Season 9, Episode 10

Harvey Specter and Donna Paulsen in Suits

“One Last Con” was the series finale for Suits, ending the series’ nine-season run. The episode focuses on each of the characters’ futures as the fate of the firm hangs in the balance. Harvey and Donna get married, as well as Louis and Shelia in addition to having their first child.

The series finale brought a satisfying end to the long-running series, as well as bringing back Patrick J. Adams one last time as Mike Ross. Seeing each of the main characters move on to the next phase of their lives, most with happy endings, makes it one of the more memorable series finales to date.

6 “This Is Rome” Has Louis Going Through The Motions After Finding Out About Mike

Season 4, Episode 10

Mike Ross and Louis Litt in Suits


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“This is Rome” finds Louis Litt trying to get his affairs in order after resigning from Pearson Specter. Harvey, Mike, and Donna do the best they can to help Louis out after his resignation. However, Louis does not remain away from the firm for long.

This episode is notable as it is when Louis finally learns the truth about Mike after he has a slip-up regarding Harvard, where he supposedly went to law school. This leads to Louis leveraging this against Jessica to not only get his job back but become a name partner as well. Thus, the firm is changed to Pearson Specter Litt.

5 “Character And Fitness” Has Jessica Return To Help Mike

Season 6, Episode 16

Mike Ross, Harvey Specter, Donna Paulsen and Louis Litt in Suits

“Character and Fitness” finds Mike trying to overcome one last obstacle to become a real lawyer: Anita Gibbs, the attorney who prosecuted him in the previous season. The episode was the season six finale that ended with several lasting changes to the series.

Jessica returned for the finale after Gina Torres left as a series regular midway through season 6. The fact that Jessica took the fall for being the “only one” who knew of Mike’s fraud and subsequently getting disbarred showed how much she valued Mike’s work.

4 “P.S.L.” Marks The End For A Fan-Favorite Character

Season 6, Episode 10

Jessica Pearson and Harvey Specter in Suits


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In “P.S.L.”, Mike is finally released from prison. Harvey offers him a job at the firm while dealing with the revelation that some of the firm’s oldest clients are planning on leaving for other firms. The firm also deals with the shocker that Jessica Pearson is leaving the firm for Chicago.

This was Gina Torres’ final appearance as a series regular on the show, as she left to join AMC’s The Catch. She would return to the series for various guest spots, and even landed her own spin-off series, Pearson, in 2019. However, the series was short-lived and only ran for one season. Regardless, viewers were sad to see Torres leave the series after six seasons as Jessica had become a fan-favorite.

3 “25th Hour” Gets Mike To The Prison Gates

Season 5, Episode 16

Mike Ross and Harvey Specter in Suits

“25th Hour” was the season 5 finale, which finds Mike taking the prison deal that Anita Gibbs had offered him. Before surrendering to the authorities, he hopes to marry Rachel as Harvey does what he can to help keep Mike out of prison for practicing without a law degree.

This episode brought a conclusion to the half-season-long storyline of Mike’s trial, ending with him showing up at the prison gates. Viewers knew that Mike would not be locked up for long, but seeing his con that ran for five seasons finally get its comeuppance was still a sad sight.

2 “Pilot” Features An Iconic Scene

Season 1, Episode 1


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The pilot episodes of Suits will forever remain iconic and began the great series that is still thriving nearly 5 years after it ended. Mike Ross, a college dropout, inadvertently lands in an interview with lawyer Harvey Spector to be an associate at Pearson Hardman.

What followed was the iconic scene when Mike impresses Harvey with his photographic memory and nearly encyclopedic knowledge of law. Harvey hires him, despite him never going to Harvard nor having a law degree, and begins the con that Mike Ross held for nearly the rest of the show. This was the beginning of the wild ride that the series took viewers on for eight seasons.

1 “Faith” Brings Everything To A Head For Mike Ross

Season 5, Episode 10

Mike Ross in Suits

“Faith” has Mike and Harvey facing the demons of their pasts while Daniel Hardman plots another takeover of the firm. As both Harvey and Mike plan to resign from the firm, the episode shockingly ends with Mike being arrested by federal agents for fraud.

The midseason finale has all the elements of a great Suits episode, so it should come as no surprise that it is considered one of the best episodes of the series. Mike coming to terms with his fraud and hoping to marry Rachel with a clean slate marks a great character arc, but his arrest kicks off his journey to trial that would dominate the rest of season 5.

Suits TV Show Poster


Release Date
June 23, 2011

Aaron Korsh

Gabriel Macht , Patrick J. Adams , Meghan Markle , Sarah Rafferty


9 seasons

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