Best Devil Fruits to Make Sanji Stronger

Sanji Vinsmoke is the chef of the Straw Hat Pirates, and he has become one of the strongest melee fighters in One Piece. He believes that chefs need to protect their hands—so he has learned to fight with just his legs. As a result, he can land very powerful kicks, and his kicks have gotten even stronger now that he can use Haki and his genetic enhancements. Sanji has become quite strong despite not having a Devil Fruit power of his own, but there are Devil Fruits that would make him stronger.

The majority of these Devil Fruits belong to the Paramecia class, which provide a wide variety of superhuman abilities. He would also benefit from a few Logia, which grant elemental powers. Sanji has fought several Zoan users who can turn into animals, and he could use some of those powers as well.

10 The Twinkle-Twinkle Fruit Would Boost Sanji’s Offensive & Defensive Capabilities

Jozu using the Twinkle-Twinkle Fruit during the Summit War in One Piece

  • First Used In Episode 463 Of The Anime
  • “Diamond” Jozu Is The Only Known User

The Twinkle-Twinkle Fruit debuted during the Marineford Arc, and it protected Whitebeard from Dracule Mihawk’s strongest slash. It is a Paramecia which gives its user the ability to transform any part of their body into diamond. If Sanji had this ability, no swordsman would be able to even scratch him.

This diamond skin is great for defense, but it has offensive potential as well. Sanji can further enhance the strength of his Haki-infused kicks by giving himself a diamond leg at the moment of impact. He would become a bit slower, but the strength of his kicks would definitely increase.

9 The Clear-Clear Fruit Would Allow Sanji To Turn Invisible

Shiryu Attacking Gecko Moria With The Clear-Clear Fruit In One Piece

  • First Used In Episode 339 Of The Anime
  • Has Been Used By Absalom & Shiryu


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Roronoa Zoro hasn’t eaten any Devil Fruit, but if he did, he should consider the best fruits for his skills—such as Onigumo’s or the More-More Fruit.

The Clear-Clear Fruit currently belongs to the Blackbeard Pirates, and Sanji would definitely use it outside of battle. This Paramecia would allow him to become completely invisible, and he can turn other living or non-living things invisible as long as he touches them. When he first encountered this Devil Fruit, he wanted it because it would allow him to spy on women.

When it comes to combat, Sanji can use invisibility to deliver an incredibly powerful kick in the form of a sneak attack. As long as he does not lose concentration, Sanji should be able to maintain his invisibility throughout the fight. Unless his opponent has top-tier Observation Haki, they won’t be able to block or dodge his kicks in time.

8 The Love-Love Fruit Would Allow Sanji To Petrify Others With Kicks

Boa Hancock using her Devil Fruit Power in One Piece.

  • First Used In Episode 410 Of The Anime
  • Has Been Used By Boa Hancock & S-Snake

The Love-Love Fruit’s full power can be seen when it is possessed by a very attractive or cute character. If someone feels love, lust, or adoration for the user, the Love-Love Fruit can turn them into stone. These petrified people have no consciousness and their bodies can still be damaged. The user is the only person who can de-petrify the victims.

The Love-Love Fruit user can also petrify their opponents by physically striking them. When Boa Hancock kicks someone, chunks of their body turn to stone. Sanji would be able to do the same thing with his kicks, and it would be highly effective because his kicks are typically aimed at an opponent’s head or upper body.

7 The Bomb-Bomb Fruit Would Give Sanji Explosive Kicks

Gem Turning His Booger Into A Bomb In One Piece

  • First Used In Episode 65 Of The Anime
  • Gem Is The Only Known User


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Admiral Garp is one of the powerful characters in One Piece, and Devil Fruits like the Press-Press and Twinkle-Twinkle would make him even stronger.

The Bomb-Bomb Fruit is a Paramecia that gives its user the ability to explode any part of their body. This power extends to the user’s hair, mucus, breath, and spit. This Devil Fruit is perfect for a sniper like Usopp, but Sanji would make good use of it too.

As Sanji kicks someone, he can cause his feet or legs to explode as soon as they make contact. These explosive kicks would deal even more damage to Sanji’s opponent, and Sanji would not sustain any damage from his exploding limbs. Best of all, his body would be immune to every other type of explosion.

6 The Flame-Flame Fruit Would Give Sanji Flaming Kicks

  • First Used In Episode 94 Of The Anime
  • Has Been Used By Portgas D. Ace & Sabo

The Flame-Flame Fruit is a Logia-type Devil Fruit, and it would give Sanji the power to create and transform into fire. Like other Logia, it would grant Sanji intangibility, which means that most non-Haki attacks will phase through his body. He would also be immune to most heat-based attacks.

Sanji would be able to use devastating fire-based attacks, and the flames would enhance the force of his kicks. Sabo has shown how effective the Flame-Flame Fruit can be when it is combined with martial arts, so it would definitely strengthen Sanji’s Black Leg Style.

5 The Bird-Bird Fruit, Model: Phoenix Would Boost Sanji’s Strength & Healing

  • First Used In Episode 463 Of The Anime
  • Marco The Phoenix Is The Only Known User


One Piece: All 7 Types Of Devil Fruits In The Franchise, Ranked

Although there are only three main types of Devil Fruits, they can further be categorized into a bunch of subtypes, making a total of 7 classes.

The Bird-Bird Fruit, Model: Phoenix appeared during the Summit War, and it is a Mythical Zoan that allows its user to transform into a fiery blue phoenix. They can also assume a phoenix-human hybrid form. Like other Zoan-type Devil Fruits, it would further augment Sanji’s physical abilities.

Sanji tends to take a lot of damage when he fights, and the phoenix’s blue flames would be able to heal most of those injuries within seconds. This fruit would allow Sanji to deliver harder kicks with more speed. During the Onigashima Raid, Marco used this power to fight King and Queen at the same time, and Sanji could do the same thing now that he has awakened his genetic enhancements.

4 The Rumble-Rumble Fruit Would Allow Sanji To Make Lightning-Fast Kicks

Enel showing off lightning in One Piece

  • First Used In Episode 155 Of The Anime
  • Enel Is The Only Known User

Sanji dealt with the Rumble-Rumble Fruit when the Straw Hats visited Skypiea. If he were to gain the power of this Logia, he would be able to create lightning and transform into lightning at any time. At maximum power, Sanji could produce 200 million volts of electricity—which is fairly lethal.

The Rumble-Rumble Fruit would give Sanji a significant advantage during melee combat because he could electrocute his opponent with every kick. If he transforms into lighting, he can travel up to 270,000 mph to deliver devastating kicks that would be extremely difficult to dodge.

3 The Heat-Heat Fruit Would Enhance Sanji’s Jambe Attacks

Charlotte Oven using The Heat-Heat Fruit in One Piece

  • First Used In Episode 827 Of The Anime
  • Charlotte Oven The Only Known User

When Sanji uses Diable Jambe and Ifrit Jambe, he heats up his legs so he can burn his opponents. These attacks cause him a bit of pain because he is burning his own skin, but he wouldn’t need to deal with this side effect if he had the Heat-Heat Fruit.

This Paramecia would allow him to heat any part of his body to extreme temperatures. Most people cannot withstand this level of heat, so Sanji’s kicks would become far deadlier. If he were to combine the Heat-Heat Fruit with his Armament Haki, his kicks would do even more damage.

2 The Mochi-Mochi Fruit Would Allow Sanji To Kick With Multiple Legs

Charlotte Katakuri using the Mochi-Mochi fruit In One Piece

  • First Used In Episode 833 Of The Anime
  • Charlotte Katakuri Is The Only Known User


10 Most Violent One Piece Fights, Ranked

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The Mochi-Mochi Fruit is a special Paramecia that gives its user the ability to create, control, and transform into mochi. This may not sound like an impressive power, but it can be quite troublesome—especially when it is used with Armament Haki.

Sanji could create multiple mochi legs on his body, and with enough practice, he could coat them all with Haki. This would allow him to knock out multiple low-level pirates at once without having to move. If he is engaged in a tough one-on-one melee fight, he would be able to overwhelm his opponent with kicks from multiple angles.

1 The Glint-Glint Fruit Would Allow Sanji To Kick At The Speed Of Light

  • First Used In Episode 400 Of The Anime
  • Admiral Kizaru Is The Only Known User

The Glint-Glint Fruit is easily one of the most overpowered Devil Fruits in One Piece. Like other Logia, it would give Sanji intangibility, but he would also have the power to create light and transform into light at any time. Sanji could shoot deadly laser beams from his feet, but he would likely use the Glint-Glint Fruit’s melee application more often.

Sanji can move at the speed of light with this power, which means that his kicks would move at the speed of light as well. When Sanji lands one of these kicks, he would deal an immense amount of damage to his enemy—who would also be sent flying a great distance away.

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