Best Co-Op Game of 2023

Sometimes there’s nothing better than playing a game with friends. While we all love huge, expansive single-player adventures like Spider-Man 2 or Starfield, co-op games add a social element to gameplay that players can really treasure.

With the year coming to a close, join us as we count down the best co-op games released in 2023. These are the games that don’t only stand up as quality titles in their own right, but are made even better thanks to those memory-making co-op sessions that always end up going long into the night!

Joint Runner-Up: Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Characters running away from a boulder in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Image Source: Nintendo

Associate Editor Luke Hinton: Slotting into joint second place is everyone’s favorite plumber, Mario. It’s been a spectacular year for Nintendo’s marquee franchise, with a billion-dollar movie followed up by Super Mario Bros. Wonder, a stellar reminder of just why Mario’s 2D platforming is so industry-defining.

While you can play the game solo and have a fantastic time, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is one of those games that excels when you dive in with a friend. The entire roster of recognizable faces can be used as you blitz through levels, and while none of them are too tough, having an extra pair of hands around will always help you bag the trickier Wonder Seeds across the colorful board game map.

Unlike other co-op Nintendo games like Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Super Mario Bros. Wonder gives all co-op players the same abilities as one another. That means all of you can go into the heavily memed Elephant Mode, harnessing Wonder powers to bypass obstacles with flair.

Rather than pushing forward co-op gameplay mechanics or revolutionizing the way you play with friends, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is just sheer, unfettered fun. You’ll know exactly what to expect going in, but Nintendo always manages to deliver the most polished and refined experiences in gaming. If you’re looking for something chilled for a laidback gaming session with friends, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is perfect.

Joint Runner-Up: Lethal Company

Two characters stood together in Lethal Company.
Image Source: Zeekerss

Review Editor Zhiqing Wan: Without fail, there’s always that one random indie hit that seemingly comes out of nowhere to just take the internet by storm each year. In 2023, that game was Lethal Company. Comparable to the likes of Phasmophobia and Among Us, Zeekerss’ new title is a horror multiplayer game phenomenon that’s started off really strong, and has the potential to go even further in the years to come.

The premise is simple: you play as a grunt for an austere space company that tasks you with exploring facilities on various strange alien moons to find scrap and loot. You must then sell your scrap for Credits to meet a company quota that resets every three days or so. Fail to do so, and you’ll get fired, AKA killed via getting blasted out of an airlock.

Along the way, you’ll encounter horrifying aliens that stalk you, maul you, and just straight up stomp on you – even when you’re inside your own ship. Add other players into the mix, and you’ve got one hell of a fun multiplayer game. The various tools and gadgets you have at your disposal make it easier for you to communicate with your crew, while also identifying where the other threats are at each corner.

The gameplay loop is simple yet compelling, and we’re excited to see how it evolves as Zeekerss continue to add to it.

Winner: Baldur’s Gate 3

Four characters stood at the edge of a cliff in Baldur's Gate 3.
Image Source: Larian Studios

Staff Writer Aleksa Stojković: Baldur’s Gate 3 rightfully captures first place on this list. Larian Studios topped all their previous titles, shoving the co-op RPG genre onto every gamer’s plate. And boy, they loved it.

It’s set in the mystical world of Faerûn where you, together with your group of companions, fight the forces of chaos to try and save the world. However, you can side with basically anyone in the game, so destroying or conquering it for yourself are completely viable options for those lacking any moral compass. Although, whatever you decide will change Faerûn forever. So, choose carefully.

The game’s rules and mechanics are very much the same as in Dungeons and Dragons. Though with a few minor tweaks. If you haven’t had any experience with D&D, it involves rolling dice to determine the outcome of everything happening in the game.

But luck is not the only thing that rules the world of Baldur’s Gate. Your character’s background, skills, physical abilities, knowledge, and even looks influence your every action. You will discover this as soon as you enter the character creation menu (PSA: don’t be surprised if you are still picking the perfect race and haircut combo seven hours in).

Anything I write about the story is a potential spoiler, so here’s my take: you will remember every character in BG3 because they all have grit, spunk, and incredible charm. Moreover, every house, tomb, and cellar is unique and will have you coming back 15 times just to check whether you missed some secret piece of lore.

A testament to this is that my brother, our friend, and I started the campaign the day the game launched. Then, we racked up over 200 hours of playtime in just two weeks. We were playing day and night and even took time off work. Despite all that, we still felt we weren’t playing enough and would miss out on stuff.

TLDR: If there is one co-op game in the world you shouldn’t be sleeping on, it’s Baldur’s Gate 3. And I’m not the only person that’s walking around like a brainwashed puppet and repeating this. The whole world is. It’s THE game of the year, after all. So, stop delaying. Go, get your friends, and play Baldur’s Gate 3.

There you have it: our picks of the three best co-op games released in 2023. Huge congratulations to Baldur’s Gate 3 for taking the title! For even more of our GOTY articles, go ahead and check out the best indie game of 2023, as well as our overall picks for Game of the Year.

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Luke Hinton is a video games journalist currently working as Senior Guides Writer and Associate Editor at Twinfinite. He has undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Journalism, Media, and Culture, and previously specialised in entertainment writing.

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