Best ‘Beverly Hills, 90210′ Characters, Ranked by Likability

The characters of Beverly Hills: 90210 face various challenges in their high society lives, but some become likable due to the experiences they go through. In Beverly Hills, they face challenges like popularity and social status, but they grow and become more likable as they navigate through these experiences and develop relationships.

The students of West Beverly learn to navigate the ups and downs of their lives, dealing with both high and low social statuses. The characters in the series grow and develop throughout the show, becoming more likable as they face and overcome the challenges thrown their way.

10 David Silver

Brian Austin Green as David Silver
Image via FOX

David (Brian Austin Green) starts off as an ambitious freshman with an optimistic attitude towards life. Life throws him for a loop when he is faced with several different challenges that come his way. He is motivated by music and dating the most popular girl at school. He dates Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth) who helps navigate through West Beverly.

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After high school, he is faced with several challenges and makes several mistakes. He becomes a drug user, and he cheats on his girlfriend, Donna Martin (Tori Spelling) because he wants to have sex with her. He faces various challenges and makes mistakes throughout the series, he struggles to stay on the right path and find his moral compass.

9 Claire Arnold

Kathleen Robertson as Claire Arnold
Image via FOX

Claire Arnold (Kathleen Robertson) was first introduced in season 4. She is privileged, cultured, intelligent, and bold. She uses her privileges to her advantage. She grew up in a fictional country in Europe, and she is described as a “spoiled rich pain in the butt.” Her mother passed away when she was young.

She learned how to take care of herself after her distraught father leaves town. After high school, she began dating David. They have a fun and light relationship, solely based on sex. She is last seen on the beach with Steve Sanders, and ensures him he will never be alone.

8 Donna Martin

Donna Martin portrayed by Tori Spelling
Image via FOX

Donna Martin is easy-going, good-spirited, with a rational occasionally bold personality. Once she becomes close to Kelly, she begins growing her popularity status within West Beverly. Donna finds out during the SATs that she has a learning disability, dyslexia. She tried to keep her learning disability a secret as well as focusing on popularity and fashion to mask her insecurities.

During her rebellious stage, she begins smoking cigarettes, skipping class, and hangs out with the wrong crowd. Brenda confronted her and helped her realize she was not stupid because she had a learning disability. Brenda and her support each other through their challenges. At the end of the series, she and Kelly run a fashion business.

7 Nat Bussichio

Joe E. Tata as Nat Bussichio
Image by FOX

Nat (Joe E. Tata) is the friendly owner of Peach Pit, a popular diner in Beverly Hills. He spent most of his childhood at the Pit, due to it being owned by his late father, Sal. He is a kind-hearted soul who cares about the people within Beverly Hills. He helps out the underprivileged by setting up his diner for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Due to his friendly stature when he suffers a heart attack, his neighborhood helps with open arms. He attempts to help guide the kids of West Beverly through the right path. This backfires on him in several cases, but many of the kids do not seek his guidance. He becomes a father figure to the kids of West Beverly; he walks Donna Martin down the aisle at her wedding to David Silver.

6 Kelly Taylor

Kelly Taylor portrayed by Jennie Garth
Image via FOX

Kelly is self-absorbed with a jaded soul. She had an absent father for the duration of her childhood. She remains optimistic and positive despite being a survivor of personal challenges and rumors, using her constant challenges to become a strong and independent woman.

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She and Steve Sanders (Ian Ziering) begin a romantic relationship, and through several incidents of people attempting to break up her and Steve, they continue to stay together. At the end of the summer, she ends things with Steve, and she begins dating Dylan McKay (Luke Perry).

5 Brandon Walsh

Jason Priestley as Brandon Walsh
Image by FOX

Brandon is humorous, charming, and determined. He faces many challenges, but he faces them with every ounce of his being to change for his friends. He has a love for ice hockey due to his Minnesota roots. He is a natural-born athlete. In Beverly Hills, he loves beach volleyball.

He is the new kid at West Beverly, and all he has is his sister. He begins to have a friendship with the other students of West Beverly which results in his higher status of popularity. He is a leader and people follow him because of his charming nature. In the later seasons, he develops a gambling problem which affects his relationships.

4 Valerie Malone

Tiffani Thiessen as Val Malone
Image via FOX

Val (Tiffani Thiessen) is cunning, smart, and daring. She faced several challenges in her life which led to trust issues and her trauma. After her repulsive father dies, she lives with her old family friends in Beverly Hills. She deals with her trauma by manipulating situations and her friends.

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She and Brandon become friends, but she does not trust him knowing her troubled past. She alienates herself losing the people who want to help her most. She trusts Steve Sanders with all of her heart, and she was able to open up about her past. She looks for security and comfort because her past did not allow her to feel comforted or secure.

3 Brenda Walsh

Shannen Doherty as Brenda Walsh
Image by FOX

Brenda (Shannen Doherty) is strong-willed, rebellious, and fun. She is the fraternal twin of Brandon. At the beginning of the series, she is homesick in the winters of Minnesota. She does not acclimate well to the heat of Beverly Hills. She learns to love the Beverly Hills air when she realizes she loves to wear designer clothes.

She struggles to fit in because of the preexisting cliques. She has several insecurities because she believes she is not as pretty as the other girls in Beverly Hills due to her pale skin and black hair. She begins a friendship with Kelly, and she becomes one of the most popular girls in all of West Beverly. She has dealt with many challenges, and she has faced them head-on as she becomes a strong and independent woman.

2 Steve Sanders


Steve did not have a supportive family, so he had to learn how to ground himself. He is light-hearted and a brash rich kid. Like most of the West Beverly, he faces many challenges which make him who he is. He enjoys practical jokes, and he may not be the greatest influence on Brandon.

In some moments, he can be shallow but through his experiences, he has learned to become a better man for himself and his friends. He rarely shows compassion towards others, and he has difficulty becoming vulnerable to his friends. Through his flaws, he is trusted by Valerie, and he begins to show vulnerability towards each other.

1 Dylan McKay

Luke Perry as Dylan McKay
Image via FOX

Dylan is a rebel, and he does not care about what people think of him. He is not as bad as people think he is. He is deep and thoughtful to his friends. He believes he is the reason his parents are getting divorced. His father is a shady businessman; therefore, he has the luxury of not caring about his grades. Due to not caring about his grades, he is intellectual, and he dabbles in poetry.

He does not want to get close to anyone because he believes when people get close to him bad things happen. His James Dean stature makes him easy on the eyes. He develops several romantic relationships in West Beverly including Kelly and Brenda. This creates issues between their friendships, but ultimately Kelly is the better choice for Dylan because they make each other better.

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