Best Ben 10 Aliens From Whampire to Alien X

The Big Picture

  • Whampire: A vampire-like alien with hypnotic powers, mind control creatures, and the ability to suck energy and transform into a bat.
  • Blitzwolfer: Ben’s werewolf-like alien with heightened senses, agility, prehensile tail, ultrasonic howl, and sharp fangs and claws.
  • Juryrigg: An alien with a knack for disassembling and reassembling technology, creating gadgets in seconds, but they usually break over time.

One of the staples behind the 2005 cartoon show Ben 10 was the premise that 10-year-old hero Ben Tennyson possessed the ability to transform into one of ten different aliens to save the day via the usage of alien technology known as the Omnitrix. This device, which resembles that of a wristwatch, contains the DNA of countless alien species that Ben can infuse within himself to temporarily become that species and use their unique powers to stop evildoers. Since the original show’s release, the series has developed well beyond the classic ten aliens that the show began with, having more aliens added and even in rare cases removed from the Omnitrix’s database. With five different shows cataloguing a plethora of aliens that Ben has used throughout his villain fighting career, some were bound to stand out, whether that be for their powers or for their memorability. Here are ten of the best aliens that Ben Tennyson has accessed utilizing the Omnitrix.

Ben 10 poster

Ben 10

Ben Tennyson, a 10-year-old boy, discovers a magical device that can turn him into 10 different alien heroes, each with its own unique abilities. With this newfound power, Ben, Grandpa Max and cousin Gwen help others and stop evildoers – but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t cause some superpowered kid mischief once and a while.

Release Date
January 14, 2006


10. Whampire


Whampire from Ben 10
Image via Cartoon Network

Starting off the list is an alien that resembles that of vampire fiction popularized by Bram Stoker all the way back in 1897. Whampire comes from the Vladat species, and their abilities fall in line with what one might expect from a vampire alien. He can hypnotize enemies and control others using Corrupturas, which are little mind control creatures that the Vladat creates and places onto the enemies of those they want to control. Whampire can also harness the energy of living beings by sucking on them, much like the tales of vampires drinking the blood of their victims to maintain their vitality. Add in the ability to fly and transform into a bat, and you have this universe’s science-fiction version of the classic Gothic creature of the night.

9. Blitzwolfer

Original Series

Image via Cartoon Network

Continuing with the trend of classic horror monsters, Blitzwolfer is the Ben 10 universe equivalent to werewolves. With supernatural levels of smell and hearing along with superior night vision, he is a natural tracker and hunter. This pairs well with his enhanced agility to catch up to prey in addition to having a prehensile tail. Blitzwolfer also has the ability to emit an ultrasonic howl that can be used defensively to reflect projectiles or offensively to cripple enemies, or he can use the howl to propel himself upwards like a rocket, adding even more to his mobility kit. Continuing his offensive kit is his sharp fangs and claws, which can tear through even strong metals with ease.

8. Juryrigg

Ultimate Alien

Juryrigg from Ben 10
Image via Cartoon Network

Utilizing the DNA of aliens doesn’t just alter Ben’s physical traits, but it can alter mental traits as well! One interesting case of this is through his use of the alien Juryrigg. This alien resembles what we may call Gremlins. His powers are sourced from his intense craving to disassemble and reassemble technology into all sorts of various trinkets and tech. With this habit comes the intellect to perform such actions, and he will take any opportunity to meddle with machinery. While he much prefers to take things apart, he is just as capable of creating things as well, though they are usually “jury-rigged” and will usually break after some time. He does this in mere seconds as well, meaning that no machinery is safe from potentially devastating deconstruction.

7. Humungousaur

Alien Force

Humungousaur from Ben 10
Image via Cartoon Network

Humungousaur makes a plethora of appearances throughout Ben 10: Alien Force, as it is a tried and true example that sometimes you just need more muscle to overpower your enemies. Powers that Humungousaur has includes the ability to grow in size from ten feet all the way up to sixty feet, which also increases his strength accordingly. His hide is also armored, meaning that he can take more punches than some other aliens at Ben’s disposal. His strength is so powerful that he can even create shock waves by clapping his hands together. The strengths that Humungousaur has is proof that a simple design can sometimes go a long way.

6. Rath

Alien Force

Rath from Ben 10
Image via Cartoon Network

Rath is one of Ben’s more memorable aliens, perhaps in part to the voice for him being from the legendary voice actor John DiMaggio. Rath is the DNA sample of an Appoplexian, a species that resembles a buff, bipedal tiger. Aside from Rath having incredible amounts of strength and agility, he also has large retractable claws on each wrist. These claws are sharp and can grow in size at will. Rath has one aspect that is both his greatest weapon and biggest weakness, however: his unmatched aggression. Rath has very little fear for anything, and he is almost always willing to tackle a foe head-on, no matter how unlikely it seems victory will be for him. This can give him quite the edge psychologically, as many enemies will simply flee out of fear for what he will do to them.

5. Swampfire

Alien Force

Swampfire from Ben 10
Image via Cartoon Network

Something that happened a lot between the series’ shift from the original series to Ben 10: Alien Force was the introduction of aliens that were similar to those found within the original series but held their own abilities that made them unique as well. The best example of this comes from the introduction of Swampfire, who at first seems to resemble Heatblast from the original series in that they both are able to project fire out from themselves. Swampfire expands on abilities, however, as he also has powers that revolve around plant life. For one, Swampfire has the ability to reattach lost limbs, and he can control plants through what is called chlorokinesis. This allows him to control the rate at which plants grow as well as use plant vines to trap and ensnare enemies. Swampfire can also heal others with his plant powers and create a mud that sticks to almost anything. Overall, his kit takes a start from a previous alien and greatly expands the potential for powers.


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4. Ampfibian

Ultimate Alien

Ampfibian from Ben 10
Image via Cartoon Network

The best way to describe Ampfibian is to compare them to a jellyfish. He has the ability to absorb electrical energy which can then be shot back out through his extendable tentacles. Ampfibian is more than capable of producing energy himself too, so he isn’t reliant on just absorbing the attacks of his foes. He can also breathe underwater and has incredible swimming capabilities. In addition, Ampfibian can make himself intangible, which paired with the ability to fly can make him a difficult target to hit. He also has the ability to read the minds of humans by sensing the electrical pulses of their brains.

3. Diamondhead

Original Series

Diamondhead from Ben 10
Image via Cartoon Network

The original series was good at creating aliens that were simple, yet memorable, and Diamondhead was one of the ones that perhaps stood out the most. His body is entirely composed of pale green crystals that he can manipulate the form of at will. This allows him to shift his arms into a variety of weapons to attack with, as well as using them for protection. Diamondhead can also shoot crystal shards from his body, making for a lethal ranged option when he can’t get close. He can construct crystals as well, allowing for him to litter the battlefield with potential cover or large projectiles. His body is extremely durable and can absorb pure energy as well as refract lasers away from him. Despite his simple design, Diamondhead was another staple alien that Ben used because of the raw versatility that his kit offered him.

2. Atomix


Atomix from Ben 10
Image via Cartoon Network

When your powers revolve around the creation and manipulation of atomic energy, it shouldn’t be questioned how powerful you are. That is precisely the case for Ben 10‘s Atomix, who can use pure energy to obliterate enemies with ease. He also has the ability to generate gamma radiation and nuclear energy which can be harnessed into an orb projectile. He can also activate the cylinders along his body to melt nearby objects, making him dangerous to approach. Atomix has the ability to fly, and his strength is so vast that just one kick can send an object close to outside a planet’s atmosphere. With such raw power, however, comes a great stamina cost that can leave Atomix feeling drained. In addition, these powers are incredibly devastating, meaning that it’s difficult to contain the damage that they can do.

1. Alien X

Alien Force

Alien X from Ben 10
Image via Cartoon Network

Despite just speaking of an alien that harnesses atomic energy, it is Alien X which is the strongest of all aliens within the Omnitrix. It is the DNA sample of a Celestialsapien, a species of omnipotent beings with the abilities to do anything that they desire. This may seem overpowered, and to a degree it is, but there is a caveat to this immense power. Within every Celestialsapien is two personalities (or in Ben’s case, three) and all personalities must agree on a task before anything happens. This is true for even the most basic of tasks like moving, which can make for a difficult time when attempting to fight an enemy in fast combat. As such, it is rare for Ben to actually use Alien X, and his transformation into the alien is normally reserved for dire times when he needs an incredible edge against his opponents. Nevertheless, it has been shown to be his most powerful alien such as when he convinced the personalities to help him create a near-identical copy of the universe when the original one was destroyed.

Ben 10 is available to stream on Netflix in the U.S.

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