BanG Dream! It’s MyGO!!!!! Episode 6 Review

The episode commences in a school practice room, where Anon is earnestly trying her hand at the guitar. Her beginner status is evident, with her fingers bearing the brunt of her efforts. Engrossed in her lyric-writing, Tomori remains oblivious to Anon’s struggles.

bang dream its mygo episode 6 review 0007 anon guitar
Anon practicing her guitar, showing how bad she really is at first

The scene transitions to RiNG, where Anon eagerly showcases her newfound guitar skills. Tomori introduces a new song she’s penned, suggesting it as a potential piece for their upcoming competition. Taki takes the initiative to compose the music to accompany Tomori’s lyrics.

bang dream its mygo episode 6 review 0006 taki stare
Taki saying she’ll compose the instrumental

Elsewhere, Soyo confides in Mutsumi about her plans to meet Saki after school. Mutsumi, however, declines Soyo’s invitation to join the rendezvous. The narrative then shifts to Taki, who grapples with an online music composition software. As she struggles, Saki spots Soyo waiting outside her school. In a bid to save face, Soyo pretends she’s awaiting Anon and Tomori.

bang dream its mygo episode 6 review 0005 outside of the school
Soyo waiting for Saki, but running into Tomori and Anon

During their practice session, Taki reveals she skipped school to perfect the composition. The band members are enamored with her creation. Raana Kaname, in her signature style, effortlessly adds her flair to the music after a mere glance at the sheet, impressing everyone, especially Taki.

bang dream its mygo episode 6 review 0004 raana shredding
Raana absolutely shredding

At their respective homes, the band members engage in individual practice. Tomori sings muffled into her pillow, Anon seeks guidance from YouTube tutorials, while Taki, exhausted from incorporating Raana’s input, dozes off in class the next day. Taki’s growing frustration with Raana’s tardiness culminates in her seeking Raana’s contact details to ensure punctuality.

bang dream its mygo episode 6 review 0003 taki stressed
Taki, starting to get nervous

Anon’s apprehensions about her guitar skills resurface during their practice. Taki’s mounting stress leads her to criticize both Anon and Soyo’s guitar skills, particularly targeting Anon, in a manner that really hurts Anon’s feelings. Taki’s internal conflict about incorporating Raana’s part, coupled with her insecurities about her composing skills compared to Saki’s, intensifies.

bang dream its mygo episode 6 review 0002 taki upset
Taki, starting to cave under the pressure

A tea session between Saki and Mitsumi provides hints about Saki’s emotional departure from her previous school. Upon learning Soyo is in a new band, she asks flippantly if Soyo is doing this to spite her. Taki’s frustrations boil over during a band meeting, leading to a heated exchange with Anon about the constant changes in practice. When Taki becomes unreachable, Anon, driven by concern, sets out to find her. The evening sees Taki, Anon, and Tomori in a dramatic chase sequence, filled with humorous banter. The chase culminates in a comical collision between Anon and Taki.

bang dream its mygo episode 6 review 0001 anon chihaya running
Anon chasing after Taki

The episode takes another twist when Kaname appears, revealing that she actually goes to the same school as Taki. The episode concludes on an anxiety-filled note, with Soyo in solitude and the looming concert, for which the band is woefully unprepared.

bang dream its mygo episode 6 review 0000 kaname raana cat
Raana discovery!

Opinions / Analysis

This episode’s ending made me super nervous! I mean, the performance is so, so close, and yet in Taki’s words, they haven’t had “a single decent rehearsal.” I’m actually a little upset about this ending, because if the group is able to pull this together with this close of a deadline, it almost feels like a cop-out.

I’m absolutely in awe about how well this story is, between all these girls. Everybody has complex emotions that’s beautifully on display.

Honestly, this show is criminally underrated because of how it looks…. But Soyo’s voice is so painful to listen to.

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