Baldur’s Gate 3: Should Shadowheart Lie to Ferg Drogher About Shar in BG3?

Shadowheart has been on a long journey with your party, but her personal quest isn’t over yet. In Rivington, you may come across a man named Ferg Drogher in Balgur’s Gate 3, and he has some revealing info for Shadowheart, but can he be trusted?

Can anyone be trusted with the truth of Shadowheart’s faith in Baldur’s Gate 3? Baldur’s Gate is a town bursting with noise. It’s a big city, and you’re just hoping to squeeze your way in when someone calls Shadowheart’s name. The fact that Sharran devotees lurk in Baldur’s Gate isn’t strictly hush-hush, which means we might be headed for a storm. So should you lie to Ferg Drogher about Shadowheart’s identity?

Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Reveal Shar Has Forsaken Shadowheart?

Ferg vs Shadowheart in Baldur's Gate 3
Screenshot by Gamepur

It doesn’t matter whether you lie to Ferg Drogher or not in Baldur’s Gate 3. Ultimately, however you choose to handle Ferg Drogher in BG3, you’ll end up with the same outcome: learning about the House of Grief, Shadowheart’s next step in Daughter of Darkness.

But the stuff that has been shared about Sharran devotees is enough to scare me. These people deceive, torture, and murder others to please their goddess. Worried about Shadowheart’s safety, I urged her to lie about her beliefs to Ferg Drogher and say that she still worshipped Lady Shar. However, I was also conflicted about stepping into a situation that, much like Lae’zel in Mountain Pass, Shadowheart may be able to resolve on her own.

If Shadowheart Lies to Ferg Drogher

If Shadowheart lies about stepping away from Shar’s beliefs, Ferg Drogher won’t believe her. It doesn’t matter if you use a personal bond or the parasite to interfere with Shadowheart’s matters; Ferg won’t buy the lie. Apparently, being a Shar worshipper gives him a third eye to spot liars. Before walking away, he’ll report Shadowheart’s reappearance to his superiors in the House of Grief in the Lower City.

If Shadowheart Doesn’t Lie to Ferg Drogher

If Shadowheart is left to her own devices, she’ll have a better strategy. Shadowheart will tell Ferg Drogher that she repents straying away from Lady Shar and plans to ask Mother Superior for forgiveness in the House of Grief.

In any case, whether you lie to Ferg Drogher or not, it sets the stage for a future visit to the Sharran worshipper’s nest. Fingers crossed Shadowheart can talk her way out of trouble then.

If Shadowheart Follows the Path of Darkness

Of course, Shadowheart may not be a Selunite by the time she gets to Ferg Drogher. Shadowheart’s path is a branching one, and if you decided to have her kill the Nightsong at the end of BG3‘s Act 2, she’ll be on an alternate, darker path where she is still a Sharran worshipper. If this is the case, there’s no need to lie to Ferg Drogher; he’s a comrade in darkness. Instead, Ferg will have some wares for purchase:

Regular stock:

  • Dwarven Thrower: a Very Rare warhammer that will return to the wielder when thrown.
  • Cold Snap: a Rare dagger that deals an extra 1d4 Cold damage.
  • Hellrider Longbow: an uncommon longbow with +1 enchantment.

Special stock:

  • Nymph Cloak: a Very Rare Cloak that gives the wearer access to Dominate Person once per long rest.
  • Robe of Supreme Defences: a Very Rare robe the buffs the wearer while Concentrating.
  • Sethan: a Very Rare greataxe that gives the wielder access to Sethan: Spiritual Greataxe and Sethan: Reduce once per long rest.

If Shadowheart is a Selunite, you can still access Ferg Drogher’s shop by first approaching him without Shadowheart in your party. But if you want access to his special stock, you’ll need to pass a Persuasion check.

Who is Ferg Drogher in BG3?

Ferg Drogher BG3
Screenshot by Gamepur

Ferg Drogher is a Sharran worshipper who will be standing under a shabby tent-like stall in east Rivington (coordinates X:45, Y: -102) not too far from the Dilapidated Barn and just southeast of Arfur’s Mansion in the third act of BG3. Believe it or not, the unassuming Ferg Drogher is actually the Sharran Lookout that you’ve been wanting to keep an eye out for as a part of Shadowheart’s Daughter of Darkness companion quest.

Ferg is described as a peddler of mementos, but he’s also a part of Shadowheart’s cloister. If Shadowheart is in your party, he’ll recognize her and beckon you over once you’re near enough.

Who is Shadowheart in BG3?

Shadowheart Speaking BG3
Image via Larian Studios

Shadowheart is a half-elf cleric of Shar, the goddess of Darkness and Loss. As a servant of Selûne’s evil twin, Shadowheart often praises and instigates morally reprehensible actions. However, considering that she lost her memories and isn’t as evil as she wants to be, one can tell there’s a lot more to her story than meets the eye. You can see her true personality take over from time to time, like when the Emerald Grove is destroyed or when following Auntie Ethel’s questline.

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