Astral Ascent update out now (version 1.1.0), patch notes

Astral Ascent update 1.1.0

Astral Ascent players can now pick up the latest update with version 1.1.0.

The update includes a new damage meter system, new rooms to find in each world, Japanese voice-over, and more. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though as there’s also a bunch of balance adjustments, fixes, and more.

Find the full details below.

Major Features

  • Damage Meter System: See each element dealing damage in real time for current room and for your whole escape attempt

  • New Exploration Rooms: 10 new Rooms to find in each world

  • New Zim-Zim ability: Small Astral Dragon: You will be able to interact with the Small Astral Dragon in first room and start your run with one of 2 auras (rarity increases with each tier at Zim-Zim)

  • Telluric Yalee: If you defeated the Master the first time, you will be able to interact with the Telluric Yalee in the Telluric Ruins, you can reset your starting spells choices if you want to with sun pieces

  • Japanese Voices: Full implementation of Japanese Voice Over

  • Implementation of Backup system to prevent losing saves if game quits at a very bad moment
  • New Translation: Game translated in Brazilian/Portuguese

Small Features

  • Merchants now have 4 gambits altar instead of 3 to make finding your build easier
  • Ayla’s signature spell now deals instant damage to avoid canceling by mistake if the player moves


  • Balanced Armor Stones/Drinks drop chances
  • Echoes: Increased cooldown of multiple Echoes:

    • Sova feather tornado

    • Ikki Regeneration Pack
    • Oloon Secret Recipe
    • Yalee’s Warm Aura
  • Poetic Pedler’s chance: Increased required quartz
  • Auras: Reduced armor on certain auras:

    • Igneous Shield II-III
    • Scale Armor I-II-III
    • Iron Armor I-II-III
    • Cetus Secret
    • Pink Pulsar
  • Seal of the Storm Lord: Reduced damage for all nimbus active by 20% to 10%
  • Effects: Nimbus: Slight damage reduction

  • Spells:

    • Kiran:
      • Twin Dragon Uppercut: Increased damage
    • Ayla:
      • Unrelenting Tornado: Increased damage and increased movespeed during the spell
      • Astral Powder: Mana now costs 2 instead of 1 but damage is significantly increased
    • Calie:
      • Topaz Gladius – Onslaught: Increased movespeed during the spell
  • Void Catalyst: Zodiac’s Embleme: Reduced % of charge per tier

  • Prowess: Weakening symbol: reduced damage on the Ayla mark

  • Bapy Achievements: Guardian Angel: The number of encounters with the chosen sign has been reduced

  • Increased the spawn rate for encounter the chosen sign

Level Design

  • You fall from less high in the Elite Rooms

Music & SFX

  • Fire Geysers in the Red Barrens volumes is a bit lower now


  • Increased width of many titles (for example it was too small in French for Pavo’s title)
  • Added a new settings choice under gameplay option to disable damage texts
  • In Destiny Levels 1 or more, you now have a display of current Destiny Level on interface
  • New launch screen asking you to choose the voice-over language you want – can always be changed in options


  • Reduced brightness when hitting enemies and reduced opacity of visual FX when hitting enemies for better lisibility
  • Death visual FX on enemies is now behind everything for better lisibility and has some random colors
  • Reduced some spells/ visuals to make them more visible
  • Gambits altars at merchants now show their elemental affinity instead of their rarity to make finding the right elements to build easier and faster
  • Reduced visuals intensity of Ignition on enemies for better lisibility
  • Kiran Spells:
    • Lightspeed Fist: Visuals have been reduced for better lisibility
  • Common spells:
    • Quicksiler: Visuals have been reduced for better lisibility
    • Zodiacs summons:
      • Virgo: Visuals have been reduced and improved for better lisibility on players basic attacks
    • Effects:
      • Thunder dash: Visuals have been reduced for better lisibility
  • Combustions explosion visuals have been reduced for better lisibility
  • Poison ticks on enemies visuals have been improved and are better for lisibility
  • Particles on spells for : lifesteal / burn / poison / electrify / pacification and vulnerability have been visually improved and are now always behind everything for better lisibility
  • Color of critical drink on Andromeda’s bar color has been improved
  • Increased transparency for the all Hit Fx to improve lisibility
  • Visuals change in the background of “”outline choice”” layout

Narrative Design

  • Many differences between text and dialogs fixed
  • Many typos fixed
  • Improvement of Simplified and Traditional Chinese translations

Bug Fixes

The Astral Ascent version 1.1.0 update is now available on Switch. 


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