Are ‘Single’s Inferno 3’s’ Couple Park Min Kyu And Kim Gyu Ri; Gwan Hee & Hye Seon Still Together? Explained

Single’s Inferno 3 has been a hit Korean reality dating show on Netflix. The finale was released recently, showing four of the couples escaping the inferno. One of these couples is Park Min Kyu and Kim Gyu Ri.

Up until the very last minute, viewers were unsure if they would be in the endgame. As Min Kyu stayed devoted to Gyu Ri, she developed feelings for Choi Min Woo, who had feelings for Yu Si Eun as well. Viewers reacted differently to Gyu Ri’s criticism of Min Woo for being unsure, even though she hadn’t made up her mind about the two guys. Some felt that Gyu Ri was acting hypocritically.

As a result, much expressed dissatisfaction with Min Kyu and Gyu Ri’s pairing at the conclusion, labeling him a “green flag” and her a “red flag.”

Given that it didn’t appear that Min Kyu had fully reciprocated his affections, others would have rather for Gyu Ri to reject her than to follow him.

Fans are looking forward

Viewers are interested in knowing if the couples continued dating after the filming of the finale. Thus, they look for explanations for the participants’ online behavior. It appears from Min Kyu that he and Gyu Ri are not friendly. The only co-star he does not currently follow on Instagram is Gyu Ri, despite her current following.

Kim Gyu Ri and Park Min Kyu
Single’s Inferno 3’s Kim Gyu Ri and Park Min Kyu (Credits: Netflix)

In the same vein, although she has uploaded photos of herself with Min Kyu, he hasn’t shared any. Rather, he has only shared pictures of the entire cast. The audience feels that this shows how they are related.

Which couples are together after the show?

Since this is a dating show, it should come as no surprise that there is very little information available online about the couples. Korean reality stars are renowned for sharing little personal information about themselves online.

It is really difficult to find out where the couples are at this moment, whether it is due to Netflix’s stringent no-spoiler policy or their desire to keep their lives secret (which is understandable).

Since season 3 has given us some fascinating participants, most people would have found the final couples of Single’s Inferno 3 to be amusing. The contestants this season are Yun Ha-jeong, Choi Hye-seon, Kim Gyu-ri, Choi Min-woo, An Min-young, Lee Jin-seok, Lee Gwan-hee, Son Won-ik, Park Min-kyu, Yun Ha-bin, and Yu Si-eun. The most recent addition, Cho Min-ji, debuted in episode five of the show.

Will There Be a Season 3 reunion?

A reunion for Single’s Inferno season three has not been announced by Netflix. Following the conclusion of season 2.

Single’s Inferno 3
Single’s Inferno 3 (Credits: Netflix)

Single’s Inferno 2 reunion films featuring the cast of that season reacting to the show’s content were released on YouTube by Netflix K-Content. We can only hope that Netflix will carry on the tradition, even though that is unknown!

Are Gwan Hee & Hye Seon Still Together?

Early in 2024, it appears that Lee Gwan Hee & Choi Hye Seon from “Single’s Inferno 3” are still single and have not made their relationship public. Choi Hye Seon and the rest of the actors are getting along well, according to Lee Gwan Hee in an interview.

But he held back on discussing too many specifics about their connection. This reply implies that although they could be in communication and amicable, their precise nature after the show is still unknown.

Gwan-hee & Hye-seon
Single’s Inferno 3’s Gwan-hee & Hye-seon (Credits: Netflix)

It appears that other Single’s Inferno 3 participants shared feelings of secrecy & uncertainty over their relationship situations. Many of the couples on the show have chosen to keep their relationship statuses private by not disclosing them to the public.

This includes Kim Gyu-ri and Park Min-Kyu, An Min-young and Lee Jin-Seok, and Yu Si-eun and Choi Min-woo, among other well-liked show pairs. Following the airing of the finale, Gwan-hee thanked his followers on Instagram.

What Are the Ages and Jobs of Hye-seon & Gwan-hee?

From the start of the season, the two grew close and were among the first to reach Paradise. It was discovered that they were 10 years apart in age, with Hye-Seon being 26 and Gwan-hee being 36 in Korean years.

Gwan-hee loves basketball and has been in the KBL (Korean Basketball League) since 2020. On the other hand, Hye Son is at Ewha Women’s University in Seoul studying bioinformatics.

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