Are Jibri and Miona Still Together? 90 Day Fiancé Explained

One of the major couples featured on Season 9 of 90 Day Fiancé are the iconic Jibri and Miona. The couple lives in two different countries, which are Serbia and the U.S., and the fact that they are five years apart in age. These facts alone play a major role in their relationship and create many obstacles.

Out of a lot of things that people didn’t like about Jibril and Miona’s relationship, they couldn’t stand how fake they seemed at times. In fact, a lot of people thought that they had already been married before the last season was even filmed, and therefore it became a waste of time.

Still, Jibri and Miona completed the season finale with a dashing on-screen wedding ceremony. Now the question is: are Jibri and Miona still together? Or have they broken up?

Are Jibri and Miona Still Together?
Jibri and Miona on 90 Day Fiance Season 9 Cover Photo (Credits: Distractify)

How Did the ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Jibri and Miona Meet? 

Jibri Bell, frontman for the band Black Serbs, met Miona, a makeup artist, when he was touring in Serbia with his band.

Are Jibri and Miona Still Together?

No, the couple seems to have broken up. Jibri and Miona, at first, used to display a lot of pictures of themselves together on their Instagram page. But recently, fans have noticed that Miona, in particular, has deleted several pictures of Jibri on her Instagram.

No one needs a mind reader to say this is a red flag and that the couple may have called their relationship quits. To make matters even worse than it is, Miona seems to be enjoying and having fun by herself in California, while Jibri’s photos seem to be in Thailand.

Now for the finale: In all of Miona’s recent posts, she hasn’t worn the beautiful wedding ring that was given to her by Jibri. Have the couple finally divorced, or are they just having some time off?

When Did Miona and Jibri Get Engaged?

Jibril and Miona got engaged in December 2019 in Thailand. This is according to their IG profiles.

Jibril posted a photo on his IG account of him and Miona together, happy and smiling at the camera, and he wrote under it, “She said YES!”

When Did Miona and Jibri Get Engaged?
Jibri and Miona on the street (Credits: Diply)

What Jibri Has to Say about the Breakup Rumors

Jibri posted a video on his Instagram page on Oct. 2023. The video was of himself lying on a bed, and Miona was nowhere to be seen. This was followed after several of his pictures were deleted from his wife’s (Miona) IG account. 

When a fan wrote to him asking if Jibril was still together with Miona, praying that they both remain together, Jibri answered back with just a single word: “Yes,” and didn’t even bother to elaborate more on the subject.

He also didn’t even provide an answer to the fact that Miona had earlier deleted several of his pics and that they seem to be pictures lacking on both their IG accounts. In fact, what his brief answer did was to reassure fans that there was something going on.

Jibri and Miona aren’t Wearing their Wedding Bands

Jibri and Miona’s recent posts do nothing but show that the couple is indeed broken up. This is because neither one seems to be wearing their wedding rings; they both seem to have lost it.

In a recent video, Miona posted on IG she doesn’t have any ring on her finger, which is so obvious, and Jibrihas also joined the trend with no ring, just bare fingers in sight.

If it were just one of them that wanted with a ring on, then maybe fans would assume it was lost, but for both of them to appear with no ring, that is a breakup confirmation. Right there.

Jibri and Miona Aren’t Wearing their Wedding Bands
90 Day Fiance Jibri and Miona on a Safari (Credits: In Touch Weekly)

Jibri and Miona Might be Faking their Breakup

During the season 9 finale, Jibril and Miona have a bad reputation for seeking attention at any cost. As far-fetched as it may be, fans seem to think that the couple is faking their break up to get people and the tabloid to talk about them again, therefore promoting their worth on social media. 

Because, when you think about it, if your business is failing in Miona’s case, and your hubby, Jibril, is lacking the likes, tweets and followup he gets on social media, it is very easy to fake a breakup.

So, taking off their wedding rings and deleting each other pictures on their IG accounts is a surefire way to get fans and people talking about them again. So, therefore, it’s safe to say that since they are still following each other on social media, they haven’t cut all ties or broken up completely.

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