Anime VS Manga: Top 7 Altered or Censored Scenes in Bleach

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As one of the “Big 3” series, the iconic masterpiece of Tite Kubo, Bleach, has been known for its incredibly intense fights and shocking brutalities. However, the transition from manga panels to animated sequences often requires modifications, especially when certain scenes might be deemed too intense for television.

In reflecting on these alterations, it’s essential to recognize that while the intent behind such changes is often to make content more palatable for a wider audience, it can sometimes inadvertently dilute the narrative’s original impact. Thus, these are the top seven scenes from the Bleach manga that lamentably are altered or omitted in the anime adaptation due to censorship:

Gin Cuts Hiyori in Half

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Arguably one of the most shocking gruesome moments in the series, Gin Ichimaru’s ruthlessness is on full display when he brutally cuts Hiyori Sarugaki in half. In the manga, it can be seen that the lower half of Hiyori’s body is clearly separated from her torso. This graphic scene is toned down in the anime, with the actual act of cutting being implied rather than explicitly shown, to make it less violent.

Ayon Rips Rangiku Apart

bleach censor 3

Ayon, the beastly fusion of Tres Bestias, shows multiple chilling scenes in the manga. His violent nature as a brainless chimera is evident when he grievously injures Rangiku by tearing apart her right abdomen which leaves a big hole. The anime adaptation, while capturing the essence of the moment, omits the gory details of the injury. Additionally, Ayon’s summoning, which involves the three Fraccions of Halibel casually ripping off their arms is also toned down in the anime.

Grimmjow Perforates Luppi’s Chest

bleach censor 4

Grimmjow Jeagerjaques’ return to the 6th Espada rank is marked by his brutal killing of Luppi Antenor. In the manga, his fist stabbing is explicitly shown as Luppi’s body is penetrated by Grimmjow’s bloody hand. The anime adaptation tones down the violence of this act, making it less explicit as the impale is shown out of frame.

Yammy Explodes Roka’s Head

bleach censor 5

In a particularly brutal scene in the manga, after Yammy’s arm is healed by a fellow Arrancar named Roka Paramia, he then tests his strength by swinging his fist to Roka which causes her head to explode in a gory fashion. This act showcases the 10th Espada’s volatile nature and dangers. However, the anime omits this bloody action by flinging Roka extremely hard into a wall.

Jidanbo’s Severed Arm

bleach censor 6

Another brutality is done by Gin Ichimaru. This time, in the early stage of the series, Jidanbo, the gatekeeper of the Seireitei, has his arm cut off by the former 3rd Squad Captain. In the manga, this scene is particularly graphic and showcases Gin’s cold-heartedness, while in the anime, the severity of the injury is toned down with Jidanbo’s arm being injured but not completely severed.

Gremmy’s Own Imagination Destroys His Body

bleach censor 7

The imagination of the Sternritter “V” is his strength and downfall. In the manga, Gremmy imagines himself to be the strongest to defeat Zaraki, which his body can’t handle, leading to a graphic scene where his body turns into a monster-like creature before beginning to crumble and rip apart from the inside. The anime adaptation, while capturing the essence of this self-destruction, omits the gruesome transformation and details.

Szayelapporo’s Eating Alive His Fraccion

bleach censor 8

Szayelapporo Granz’s twisted nature is highlighted in the manga when he literally consumes one of his Fraccions to heal and regain his strength. This act of cannibalism is portrayed in a disturbing manner in the manga. The anime aims to be less graphic as it alters his Fraccion to transform into a purple orb first before being bitten and swallowed by the mad scientist.

bleach censor 1

Adapting a manga for television requires consideration of a diverse audience. Content suitable for print might be deemed too graphic for TV, leading to alterations. These changes aim to make the series more accessible without compromising its essence, yet however, it can’t be denied that sometimes these changes decrease the whole point and implication of the moments.

The rawness and intensity of certain scenes in the manga contribute significantly to the story’s depth, character development, and emotional resonance with audiences. When these elements are toned down or omitted, the story can lose some of its original intrigue and potency. In the end, some differences, especially ones in this article, have potentially deprived viewers of the full depth that Kubo originally envisioned.

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