Andor Season 2 Should Take a Cue from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

When Andor Season 1 debuted on Disney+ last year, critics and fans hailed it as some of the best Star Wars action in recent years. Most of them liked Andor simply because it diverted from typical tropes in Star Wars, presenting fan service subtly rather than forcefully. This accolade appeared as a proper acknowledgment of the Original Trilogy, displaying the galaxy in all of its original, dirty atmosphere. It effectively reeled fans in, showcasing original characters, locations, and storylines while tying to what they already loved.

Andor‘s pacing holds its highest acclaim, creating a gritty spy-thriller to explore social and political strife in the galaxy. Season 1 saw Cassian Andor as he begrudgingly faced his ultimate calling, joining the Rebel Alliance at its earliest days. Luthan Rael, the Rebel Leader, ultimately recruits Andor to further the Rebellion’s cause, seeing great potential in him as a spy and operative. When Season 1 ended, the Rebellion was little more than a group of splintered leaders and underground points of operation, reluctantly working together while serving different causes. Fans look forward to the release of Season 2, with many wondering how the Rebellion will ultimately face the music and become a more unified cause. It is inevitable that leaders like Mon Mothma, Saw Gerera, and Luthan Rael will butt heads.

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (TFU) is a video game in the Star Wars universe that strikes many similarities to Andor. Though different in their narratives, TFU and Andor seek to achieve the same goal, showing the creation of the Rebel Alliance. TFU, released in 2008, has been heaped by fans as one of the best video games in the Star Wars universe, with a lot of their fondness centered on how the game introduces the Rebel Alliance. Andor Season 2 could flourish by introducing elements from The Force Unleashed, showing more of the political/organizational side of the Rebellion in its early days and taking a further look at the many connections Rebel leaders made to form the Rebels.

Sparking the Rebellion in Star Wars

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed promo art with Starkiller Force-pushing Stormtroopers.

TFU focused primarily on the exploits of Darth Vader’s apprentice Starkiller as he hunted down various Jedi. The game effortlessly blended the expansive Star Wars experience with exhilarating gameplay mechanics, creating a captivating narrative that made players feel like they wielded the force. As the story progressed, Starkiller became increasingly disillusioned with his role as an assassin and a Sith, inevitably resenting the Empire. Rahm Kota, one of Starkiller’s Jedi targets, survived Starkiller’s attempt on his life, meeting back up with the would-be assassin and mentoring him on the light side of the force. Through Kota’s mentorship, Starkiller gathered various political figures like Leia Organa to initiate what would become the Rebel Alliance. In a final confrontation with Darth Vader and the Emperor, Starkiller sacrifices himself to ensure the future of the Rebellion against the Empire.

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Andor could take multiple cues from TFU. If there is one thing that should translate from The Force Unleashed to Andor, it should be a heartbreaking death. Rebellions and insurrections are known for the overwhelmingly pure events that cause their happening, and it was a great choice to kill Starkiller in TFU to bring about the Rebellion. His willingness to give his life for the cause becomes a symbol of resistance against the oppressive rule of the Empire. The memory of his actions spreads, motivating others to stand up against the Empire’s tyranny. This awareness helps galvanize more individuals and planets to join the Rebellion, seeking to end the Empire’s reign. Though Cassian Andor cannot die because he is alive for Rogue One, another crucial Rebel like Luthan Rael could die to give importance to the Rebellion’s cause.

As of Andor Season 1, Luthan Rael stands to be the mentor figure to guide Cassian Andor through his involvement with the Rebellion. He leads paramount aspects in the early days of the Rebellion, sowing seeds that will eventually form the whole Rebel Alliance. If Rael were to die, his death would bear the same weight as Starkiller’s.

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The Morally Grey Areas of Star Wars


One of the things that made TFU so expansive was how it tackled morally grey areas in the Star Wars universe. By highlighting the challenges faced by characters torn between light and dark, Andor could continue to explore similar themes. One of the very first scenes in Andor Season 1 showcases Cassian Andor’s ability to kill, with him murdering a security officer while searching for his sister. This exploration of morally grey characters could show us the radicalization of other characters like Saw Gerera as they lead bloody skirmishes against the Empire.

Actions tend to have consequences in the Star Wars universe. Characters like Mon Mothma and the yet-to-be-shown Bail Organa serve as examples of the moral backbone of the Rebellion, leading the political side of the Alliance. As previously stated, these politicians will see the morally grey actions of characters like Saw Gerera and resent them to an extent. Andor Season 2 could further address the ethical complexities of pursuing a greater good while acknowledging the potential harm caused by their actions. Brutal moments meant for good could lead to debates within the Rebellion about the ethics of their methods.

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A Jedi to Help the Rebellion in Star Wars

Rebellion - Garm Bel Iblis, Rahm Kota, & Mon Mothma

Though most Jedi faced assassination after Order 66, it is plausible to assume that a good few Jedi survived in the galaxy at the time of Andor. These Jedi, living in fear, could begrudgingly work with Rebel operation cells against the Empire. A Starkiller-type character could present themselves, acting as a guiding figure in the early days of the Rebel Alliance. While Andor primarily focuses on ordinary individuals within the Rebel Alliance, introducing characters with unique Force-related abilities could add an exciting layer to the show, propelling the myth of Jedi in the galaxy after Order 66.

A Jedi character, however, would cause great attention and trouble to the Rebel Alliance. With Darth Vader and bands of Inquisitors scouring the galaxy for any trace of the Jedi, a great conflict would emerge. A confrontation with Darth Vader could lead to a visually-dazzling scene involving some of the best effects in Star Wars history.

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Andor‘s pace sets a possible standard for future Star Wars movies and TV shows. So far, Andor appears to take its time in setting up the Rebel Alliance and its origins. This same pace will work into Andor Season 2, with a thrilleresque buildup that achieves heartwrenching moments. With Season 2 being the last for Andor, the Rebellion should be at its point of completion by the end. By implementing elements from TFU, Andor could flourish, exploring morally grey areas in the Rebellion and setting up Rogue One.

Andor Season 1 is currently streaming on Disney+.

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