American Horror Story Delicate Season 12 Ending Explained: Is Anna Dead?

American Horror Story Delicate Season 12 mid-season finale is here. It’s safe to say that this final episode most definitely gave us some of the answers that we were looking for around the identity of Miss Preacher, whilst also setting up some more mystery with the cliffhanger that it was left on.

I think Siobhan is involved with the Ashleys. We saw that there were 4 Raven heads down the street when Dex’s mother walked there to account for the Ashleys, and then that leaves two other spots. I think it’s either going to be filled with Nicolette, Siobhan, or Sonya. So there’s definitely room for two more.

We previously saw a conspiracy from Preacher that says that there was a cable of witches that won Hollywood, and Siobhan could be their leader.

So with that, let’s do American Horror Story Delicate Season 12 Ending Explained, recap, and break down everything that was important in this episode.

Here is American Horror Story Delicate Season 12 Ending Explained:

Miss Preacher’s Origin Revealed

Mrs. Preacher is actually on the side of good and not evil. The opening part of American Horror Story Delicate Season 12 Episode 5 took us back to 1987 in Manhattan, which would have probably been the time of the last season of the show.

New York wasn’t a place to be in the 80s with all of this going on. We saw that Miss Preacher was in a similar position to what Anna was in, on the cusp of wanting the world, but also being pregnant with a child. However, Miss Preacher didn’t actually want her child as it wasn’t part of her plan.
Her becoming pregnant was the result of a one-night stand.

American Horror Story Delicate Season 12 Explained
Miss Preacher becomes pregnant (Credits: FX)

We found out that Miss Preacher essentially signed a deal, a deal that was similar to what we saw Queen Mary make in the 1500s. Miss Preacher was promised guaranteed success in the world, but in return, it meant that she had to give birth to the baby, that she didn’t want, and then give it away.

What was interesting about this was that Doctor Hill was there in the 80s. The same doctor that had been seeing Anna and helping her with her pregnancy. So it showed that just like the Ashleys, he hasn’t aged a day since then. This means that he’s most likely a part of this group that makes deals and then in return takes the demonic babies.

Miss Preacher was in the fashion industry and seen as a protege, so her taking this deal was something that aligned with her viewpoints of wanting to have a large amount of success. And with the money that she made, she mentioned that it wasn’t enough.

So I wonder if this means that there are long-term effects that end up taking place, meaning that maybe she could no longer have children after it was done when she may have eventually wanted them. Something that I could see being a consequence of part of this deal, especially seeing how much Anna wanted a child.

How Hoes All Tie Into Anna?

Well, as far as we know, Anna hasn’t actually made a deal where she’d give up her baby in return for a large amount of success. However, there have been moments in the show where we’ve seen her sign things such as the doll of herself, which I believe is now some kind of voodoo doll due to seeing the same damage on the doll as to what was on Anna.

But the most ominous thing that she signed was in this American Horror Story Delicate Season 12 Episode 5, where Cora, the individual who works for Doctor Hill at the clinic. The Doctor who’s connected to these dark entities and is involved in the plan, gave her what looked like a consent form. Anna didn’t read through it at all before signing it, as she seemed to trust Cora, something which was broken only moments later when Cora was inappropriate with Anna.

American Horror Story Delicate Season 12 Ending
Anna with Cora (Credits: FX)

So I think this consent form could be one of two things. It can actually be a contract where Anna has agreed to give up her baby, almost like signing a deal with them. Or it could be a consent form for what is eventually going to happen to her when she ends up in that red room like Miss Preacher was all of those years ago.

I think it’s clear to see that Anna is definitely going to be giving birth to one of those demonic babies that we saw Queen Mary have, and the ones that we’ve seen in the title sequence.

Anna’s pregnancy seems to be speeding up day by day, and she’s further ahead of the schedule than she should be. So it shows that it’s abnormal, she’s in a severe amount of pain. And we also saw her coughing up what looked like those long nails that we’ve seen the baby have. So the Raven heads are most definitely going to be there alongside Anna when the time comes.

Adeline’s Identity Revealed

Within this episode, there was a moment where we found out the true identity of Adeline, Dex’s ex-wife who was dead. So it turned out that she was actually a powerful player in the cable and due to her falling in love with Dex, she ended up defecting from the group and not wanting anything to do with it anymore.

This makes me think that the mysterious kitchen fire that killed her was probably caused by the individuals that she defected from. We also heard how they wanted to make Dex pay for causing one of their largest players to defect. It turns out that is the reason why Anna is actually being targeted, to make him pay for them being without a member.

What is most interesting about this is the character Sonya. The fact that she seems to look exactly like Adeline. I think this individual is most definitely involved in what the Raven heads are involved in. She wears a black tie just like what the Ashleys do, and she has this mysterious aura around her.

American Horror Story Delicate Season 12 Ending Explained
Adeline with Anna (Credits: FX)

The way that Nicolette looked at Sonya, makes me think that Nicolette is also involved and was taken aback due to the fact that Sonya looked exactly like Adeline, as she probably knew her once upon a time.

I think one of the Raven heads is taking the form of Adeline. Nicolette went on to open up the gift that Anna received and the gift that she got was an owl. Owls are said to be good and bad omens, but I feel in this instance it’s probably a bad omen.

In that case, Elsa is said to represent a tragedy that’s soon to be arriving. So I think it’s most definitely telling Anna that there’s not that much time left until she’s on the table and all of those nightmares that she’s been having will become her reality.

Siobhan’s Identity Is Slipping

Siobhan has been sussed from day one and there’s no getting around that. She seems to be connected to a lot of the bad things that Tantika wants with Anna. For example, she was there at the award ceremony when Anna was hallucinating.

The voodoo dolls always pop up when she’s around the mirror, cracked in her presence, and she’s been handing out more of those B12 shots to Anna. Something which is definitely not what it seems.

Within this episode, we saw that Hamish confronted Siobhan, where we found out the origin of the movie Anna has been nominated for a ton of awards. Hamish was told that he had to do nothing but put his name on the movie to not ask any questions about the script because it was so poor and just directed.

Anna was even considered to be an actress who would contribute to the fact that it would go nowhere. Showing that prior to the point where we met her, she couldn’t have been that good of an actress.

American Horror Story Delicate Season 12 Ending Explained
Siobhan (Credits: FX)

So this shows that there’s a higher power and a being that’s there that’s also able to call all of the shots, whether it be Siobhan who’s made a deal to be successful, or if it’s Anna. That’s something that I think we may find out more of as time goes on.

It would be a twist if it were Siobhan who made this deal to be this successful agent but offered up one of her clients to be the person who held on to the baby that they desired. But it’s a pretty thin theory at the moment.

American Horror Story Delicate Season 12 Ending Explained

At the end of American Horror Story Delicate Season 12 Ending Explained. We saw that Siobhan asked Anna if she wanted an Oscar as much as she wanted a baby, and Anna responded yes. This very much seems like Anna confirming an indirect deal.

With the Babette the actress who won the Golden Globe and Anna waking up in the morning and finding out that she’d been killed, it seems as though a deadly game is at play. Prior to this happening, we saw that Anna had a hand around her, and then the next thing we saw was that she woke up and had no clue.

What was interesting about this was that it was a Red Glove, a glove that we’ve seen in the doctor’s clinic and also when Cora was in her apartment.

So I think her waking up in bed in the morning in completely different clothes is going to have something to do with them and maybe even be connected to what happened to Babette.

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