All Secrets & Easter Eggs in Lethal Company

Lethal Company is a hit indie horror multiplayer game on Steam, which quickly surpassed Phasmophobia in terms of peak concurrent players within its first month. The whole game is full off mysteries, and here are all of the secrets and easter eggs we’ve found in Lethal Company so far.

The Mysterious Submarine

Image Source: Zeekerss

Let’s start with the biggest one. The submarine is easily the most intriguing mystery of Lethal Company right now, as no one can figure out what it does or if it’s even possible to interact with it.

When you land at the company building, go down the hatch in the floor and jump down to the catwalk off the side of the railing. Make your way through the small area and hit a switch, and you’ll see a submarine hooked up to a battery with some cables on the ground.

So far, no one’s been able to figure out whether it’s possible to power up the submarine, but it sure does have a lot of potential for future updates to the game. An underwater expedition, perhaps?

The Mansion

Image Source: Zeekerss

This is a fun one that you could potentially stumble upon very early on in the game. The Mansion is a guaranteed spawn on Dine and Rend, but there’s also a small chance of it spawning on lower level Moons like Vow or Experimentation.

Usually, you’ll get some industrial facility to explore when you land on a Moon, but if you’re lucky enough to get the Mansion early on, you’ll have the chance to grab tons of valuable loot. Just be careful, as the monster spawns are a little more dangerous there. Once you rack up enough Credits to start farming Dine or Rend, you’ll be able to tackle much higher quotas in Lethal Company.

The Sky View

Image Source: Zeekerss via Steam Community

The environs of Lethal Company are all very dreary and industrial, but if you climb up high enough, you might actually get a glimpse of the world outside the horror.

As the player base has quickly discovered, all of the Moons share the same skybox, and if you climb up high enough on any Moon, you’ll be able to see a vague city skyline with some cranes. The cranes themselves are visible on Experimentation, but they’re just a small piece of a larger puzzle.

It’s not actually possible to venture out to the city of course, but this does feel like a neat little bit of lore that the developers have included in the game.

Escape the Backrooms

Image Source: Zeekerss

While you’re exploring a facility in Lethal Company, you may come across a curious-looking room that looks a lot like the creepy maze from Escape the Backrooms. This room is full of walls and doors that are meant to misdirect and mislead you, and we’re pretty sure it doesn’t actually serve any sort of functional purpose in the game. It’s simply a reference to Escape the Backrooms, which is another horror puzzle game with multiplayer components.

There’s been some theorizing that the Backrooms are where the Bracken spawns, but this seems to be untrue. The Bracken’s spawn is completely up to RNG and unrelated to the Backrooms, as it can also spawn in the Mansion, where you won’t see the Backrooms at all.

Sigurd’s Log Entries

Image Source: Zeekerss

Finally, this is more of a lore dump than anything else, but Lethal Company actually comes with collectibles in the forms of logs and journal entries you can pick up in the game. These are Sigurd’s logs, which you can then read on the Terminal by typing “Sigurd” once you’ve collected them.

The lore entries are meant to give you more insight into the world of Lethal Company, and how the monsters, Moons, and the company itself came to be. No further insight on what that weird submarine actually does, though.

And those are all of the secrets and easter eggs we’ve found in Lethal Company so far. Did we miss out on anything? Let us know in the comments down below.

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