All Pokemon Games You Can Play For Free in 2024

Let’s be honest: Between the cards, the games, and the merchandise, Pokemon can be an expensive hobby. Lucky for those on a budget, several Pokemon games are free.

While mainstream titles like Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will always cost a pretty penny, some of the franchise’s mobile games and offshoots are free to download and play. Some offer in-game purchases, and you can technically jump in and enjoy some Pokemon fun without spending a single PokeDollar.

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Pokemon Sleep

Pokemon Sleep Free Pokemon game
Image via the Pokemon Company

Platform: Mobile

Genre: Casual / Sleep Tracking

Pokemon Sleep is a casual game, and sleep-tracking app rolled into one. Track your sleep using the app at night and conduct Pokemon research by day, studying the sleep styles of various adorable creatures. You can recruit Pokemon to your research team to help collect berries and ingredients to feed your Snorlax pal.

This game is soothing and casual, with only so much to do each day. Personally, I like that I can’t get super lost in this game and enjoy having it as a little touchpoint that doesn’t become all-consuming. There are paid options, such as the Premium Sleep Store, but you can play the game in full without making any of these purchases.

Pokemon Smile

Pokemon Smile Free Pokemon Game
Image via The Pokemon Company

Platform: Mobile

Genre: Casual/Educational

Similar to Pokemon Sleep, Pokemon Smile mixes health-related education with Pokemon cuteness. This mobile game is geared towards helping kids learn to brush their teeth, though adults could certainly use it to brush up on their habits as well.

The concept is a little gross if you think about it too hard, with Pokemon being captured by cavity-causing bacteria from, well, your mouth. Brushing helps set the Pokemon free, and the game also includes other collectibles you can use to decorate images in the app. This app doesn’t offer any in-game purchases and is 100% free to use.

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Free Pokemon Game Logo
Image via Niantic

Platform: Mobile

Genre: Casual RPG

Who can forget the Pokemon GO summer of 2016, when this popular mobile app was released? Pokemon GO uses AR to map Pokemon onto the real world, and trainers can catch Pokemon as they explore local points of interest.

Pokemon GO has quite a robust system of in-app purchases and paid features, making some players argue it’s barely a free Pokemon game anymore. Still, you can play and enjoy the game without spending any money in 2024. I know I do.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Live

Pokemon Trading Card Game Live Free Pokemon Game
Image via The Pokemon Company

Platform: Mobile, PC & Mac

Genre: Trading Card Game

If you enjoy the Pokemon Trading Card Game but don’t have anywhere local to play, the virtual experience of Pokemon Trading Card Game Live might be the fix you need. This free Pokemon game is an online recreation of the trading card game. Players can battle against AI opponents or enter live online matches using the cards they collect in the game.

While the game is indeed free to download and play, gamers who really want to build a robust competitive deck or recreate one from their IRL collection will likely wind up spending money on this one. Pokemon Trading Card Game Live uses an in-game currency to unlock cards and bonuses. You earn this currency through completing in-game tasks, but it’s also for sale for cold hard ash.

Pokemon Cafe Remix

Pokemon Cafe Remix free Pokemon Game
Image via The Pokemon Company

Platform: Nintendo Switch, Mobile

Genre: Puzzle / Time Management

Formerly Pokemon Cafe Mix, Pokemon Cafe Remix is an updated version of the puzzle game with a cafe management twist. This free-to-play Pokemon game combines two staples of the cozy genre, featuring puzzles and restaurant management gameplay. Players solve pattern-matching puzzles to learn new recipes and unlock features for their cafe, where they’ll serve up delicious drinks to recruit more Pokemon pals.

This game is listed as “free to start” on the Pokemon website, meaning that while the game itself is free to download and play, certain items and features are behind a paywall. Many fans enjoy this game without spending money on it, however, making it a great option to get your Pokemon fix for free.

Pokemon Masters EX

Pokemon Masters EX Free Pokemon Game
Image via The Pokemon Company

Platform: Mobile

Genre: Strategy / Battle Game

Pokemon Battle fans, rejoice! In Pokemon Masters EX, you can team up with famous trainers from throughout the franchise to progress through the game’s story and take on triple battles. That’s right, Pokemon battles in this free Pokemon game are 3-on-3. And you thought Blueberry Academy’s double battles required strategy!

Pokemon Masters EX is a fun way to learn more about gym leaders and other side characters from the franchise while also leveling up your Pokemon team and engaging in battles. Like many free Pokemon games, there are plenty of in-app purchases to tempt you, but you can enjoy basic gameplay at no cost.

Pokemon Unite

Pokémon Unite Free Pokemon Game
Image via The Pokémon Company

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, Mobile

Genre: Strategy / Battle Game

Another battle-centric free Pokemon game is Pokemon Unite, which brings some new and different elements to Pokemon battles. In addition to setting different battle styles for your team members, Pokemon Unite also introduces the Aeos energy system, where Pokemon “evolve” during battle. You can enjoy the fun of leveling up your Pokemon team and bringing them into battle while also engaging in competitive play.

The added fun of this free Pokemon game is that you go into battle as your Pokemon rather than just issuing commands from the sideline. Pokemon Unite is “free-to-start” but includes in-app purchases such as items for your avatar.

Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Quest free Pokemon game
Image via The Pokemon Company

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, Mobile

Genre: Action RPG

If you wish Pokemon had more of a Minecraft aesthetic, weirdly, there’s a free mobile game for that. Pokemon Quest takes place on the island of Tumblecube, where you’ll meet tons of cute, cube-shaped Pokemon. This game combines Pokemon hunting with a survival RPG, and you’ll send your Pokemon pals out to collect supplies to help you build and upgrade your home base camp.

Pokemon Quest is free to play but offers in-app purchases, including useful items and exclusives.

Pokemon Playhouse

Pokemon Playhouse Free Pokemon Game
Image via The Pokemon Company

Platforms: Mobile

Genre: Children’s Entertainment

Pokemon Playhouse is designed for young children and is truly 100% free to play, with no in-app purchases offered. This game guides kids through different activities, all with the goal of hatching Pokemon eggs to collect new adorable friends in the game. Once unlocked, these Pokemon pals feature in stories that can be accessed through the game’s Playhouse.

This is definitely a casual entertainment game for younger audiences and would likely not be suited for older players. Still, it’s truly a free way to introduce your young ones to the world of Pokemon.

Pokemon Shuffle

Pokemon Shuffle Free Pokemon Game
Image via The Pokemon Company

Platform: Mobile

Genre: Puzzle

If you’re looking for Pokemon-themed puzzles without the added complexities of running a cafe, Pokemon Shuffle just might be the free Pokemon game for you. This mobile game features a variety of puzzles where you clear wild Pokemon from the puzzle, then battle them to try and add them to your team.

This game is free to download and play, but you will hit a time limit for free play each day. You can pay for more play time and other game bonuses if you choose.

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