All Pal Status Ailments in Palworld & How to Cure Them

Hoarding Pals and having them work overtime at your base sounds fun until you realize they all need to be cared for and cured when they get all these status ailments in Palworld.

I love being able to go out on adventures while my Pals keep the mining, lumbering, cooking, and breeding under control. However, sometimes, having 16 children at home alone is more trouble than what I actually bargained for. In this guide, I’ll show you how to care for your Pals and treat all their status ailments in Palworld.

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Pal Maintenance & Care Tips for Palworld

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Pals will work and fight for you as long as they’ve got food, a hot spring, and a bed in Palworld.

  • Build either Straw or Fluffy beds for them from the Infrastructure section in the build menu.
  • Build a Hot Spring (or two) for them from the Infrastructure section in the build menu.
  • Build a Feeder Box for them from the Food section in the build menu. Keep it stocked by either filling it manually or keeping the best farming Pals in Palworld at your base.

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However, even if you’ve got all these buildings in your base, your Pals can still get stressed out due to “poor working conditions“. To get better working conditions in Palworld, make sure they have all the buildings outlined above and that they’re all accessible.

If your Pal can’t reach their bed, they will sleep on the floor. A stocked Feeder Box means nothing to a Pal who can’t reach it either. If your base isn’t strategically placed in one of the best spots, Pals are likely to get stuck on cliffs or rivers, meaning they won’t get to their destination.

To treat an ill or injured Palworld, build a Medicine Workbench. This is part of the tutorial quests and will set you up for better Pal maintenance in the game.

All Status Ailments & How to Cure Them in Palworld

Pal Status Illnesses and How to Cure Them in Palworld
Screenshot by Gamepur

To treat an ill or injured Palworld, build a Medicine Workbench. This is part of the tutorial quests and will set you up for better Pal maintenance in the game.

Sadly, Pals won’t be treating themselves. This means you’ll have to identify their status ailments and cure them. Below, you’ll find a list of every issue your Pal can have and how to fix it in Palworld:

How to Get Medical Supplies in Palworld

There are different ways to acquire medical supplies in Palworld, but the easiest option is to buy them from The Wandering Merchant directly, as long as you have enough Gold Coins. Wandering Merchant offers three different types of Medical Supplies, ranging from a couple of hundred up to a couple of thousand Gold Coins. While certainly not inexpensive, it’s worth considering if you require Medical Supplies urgently. Why don’t you take this solution as an option?

Another method is to Loot fallen enemies or capture certain types of Pals. The drop chance isn’t 100% granted, but it is pretty high. Below, you can find a list of Pals and humans that have a chance of dropping Medical Supplies.

Explaining Each Pal Status Effect in Palworld

In Palworld, your Pals may suffer from one of nine different status effects, which will require you to utilize a Medieval Medicine Workbench at the bare minimum to create medicine for them.

Medieval Medicine Workbench Palworld

The Medieval Medicine Workbench can be crafted at Level 12 of the Technology Tree using 30 Wood, 10 Palladium Fragments, and 5 Nails.


Some Pals have a tendency to become famished when their food runs out, while others forget to eat altogether. Despite having multiple Feed Boxes around my base, some Pals still become hungry or starved because they refuse to take a break from their work. Should this occur, pick up the Pal and toss them towards a nearby Feed Box. Alternatively, you can take a more composed approach and feed them yourself.


At times, your companions may have a more enormous appetite than they can handle, and they may consume more than their stomachs can hold, causing them to become “Overfull.” While this condition is not a cause for concern, you can quickly restore your Overfull Pals to their normal state by providing them with Low-Grade Medical Supplies.


Working tirelessly at your base, logging, or mining all day can be physically demanding, leaving your Pals with sprains. However, you can quickly treat these injuries as you would a common cold by using low-grade medical supplies.


It’s likely that your Pals will catch a cold, but don’t worry; curing them is a simple task. All you need is Low-Grade Medical Supplies. These supplies can be produced at a Medieval Medicine Workbench by combining 2x Horns and 5x Red Berries. Alternatively, you can hunt down Flopie or Lifmunk, as they may drop these supplies when killed in the wild.


To address ulcers, you can follow the same protocol as you would for fractures, which involves administering your furry companion with standard medical supplies.


Fractures are more severe than sprains, so you’ll need more advanced medical supplies to treat them effectively. More than low-grade medical supplies will be required in this case. Instead, you can craft medical supplies at a Medieval Medicine Workbench by using 1 bone, 3 ingots, and 3 horns.


Your Pals in Palworld can sometimes feel down and unwell due to the long hours they work without proper facilities to maintain their mental health. To help them feel better, you can use High-Grade Medical Supplies to treat their Depression.

You can also provide them with a Hot Springs facility to relax and unwind in the future.


When your Pals are feeling weakened, their productivity levels and speed can take a hit. They’ll work until they’re incapacitated, but the results won’t be great. To treat them, you’ll need to provide them with high-grade medical supplies.

You can make these at a Medieval Medicine Workbench using 5x Ingots, 2x Bones, and 5x Horns. It’s also a good idea to ease up on the workload a bit so they don’t end up weakened again.

“Its eyes are bloodshot! Something is wrong”

If you notice that your Pal’s eyes are suddenly bloodshot and tired, it’s a sign that something is not right with them, either mentally or physically. To ensure that your Pals stay healthy, it’s crucial to keep track of their Sanity and Hunger levels and provide them with a comfortable base to work in. Luckily, there are some ways you can help alleviate those bloodshot eyes.

To keep your Pal happy, provide them with food, a bed, and breaks. Taking care of their essential needs will help with their Sanity. Placing a Hot Spring in the base can also boost their mental health.

“Upset and not willing to do any tasks”

In Palworld, there may be times when your Pals feel they need to be more motivated and productive. By providing them with a special type of food, you can revitalize their energy and help them get back on track. Remember, your encouragement can go a long way in helping your Pals reach their full potential!


If your Pal is Incapacitated, it’s likely they fell during battle. There is no Phoenix Down or Revivify spell in Palworld. Instead, you’ll have to take your incapacitated Pal back to the base and wait until the countdown is over before dragging them back to life.

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