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The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered is finally here and alongside a number of smaller additions, Naughty Dog has added a new roguelike mode called No Return. And, to keep players hooked on the new content, the studio has included a dozen ‘No Return’ trophies in The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered‘s trophy list.

Platinum hunters, don’t have to worry though as the trophies have been included as a downloadable content (DLC) list and won’t affect your save data transfer from popping the Platinum Trophy right away if you do carry your data over from the PS4.

Overall, the No Return trophies aren’t too tricky. However, they will require a lot of runs through the mode with each mod, defeating each boss, and managing to squeeze through an encounter with an S rank. You will need to complete a Daily Run of the mode on Grounded, however, which will be your biggest challenge.

Mel can be seen torching some Infected with a flamethrower in No Return

The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered trophy list

The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered trophy list is as follows:

  • Every Last One of Them – Collect all trophies (Platinum)
  • What I Had to Do – Complete the story (Gold)
  • Survival Expert – Learn all player upgrades (Gold)
  • Arms Master – Fully upgrade all weapons (Gold)
  • Archivist – Find all artifacts and journal entries (Gold)
  • Master Set – Find all trading cards (Gold)
  • Numismatist – Find all coins (Gold)
  • Prepared For the Worst – Find all workbenches (Gold)
  • Mechanist – Fully upgrade a weapon (Silver)
  • Specialist – Learn all player upgrades in one branch (Silver)
  • Safecracker – Unlock every safe (Silver)
  • Sightseer – Visit every location in downtown Seattle (Silver)
  • Journeyman – Find all training manuals (Silver)
  • Survival Training – Learn 25 player upgrades (Silver)
  • High Caliber – Find all weapons (Silver)
  • In the Field – Find 12 workbenches (Silver)
  • Tools of the Trade – Craft every item (Bronze)
  • Tinkerer – Upgrade a weapon (Bronze)
  • Apprentice – Learn a player upgrade (Bronze)
  • Starter Set – Find 5 trading cards (Bronze)
  • Mint Condition – Find 5 coins (Bronze)
  • Looks Good On You – Put a hat on your companion (Bronze)
  • Sharpshooter – Win the marksmanship competition (Bronze)
  • Put My Name Up – Earn the high score in the archery game (Bronze)
  • Relic of the Sages – Find the Strange Artifact (Bronze)
  • So Great and Small – Find the Engraved Ring (Bronze)
  • Dig Two Graves – Complete the story on Grounded. (Silver) [Grounded DLC List]
  • You Can’t Stop This – Complete the story with any Permadeath setting (Bronze) [Grounded DLC List]
  • Mixed Bag – Get kills with 5 different weapons in an Assault encounter in No Return (Bronze) [No Return DLC List]
  • Become The Hunter – Kill 12 enemies in a Hunted encounter in No Return (Bronze) [No Return DLC List]
  • Got Your Back – Win a round of Holdout without your ally falling below 70% health in No Return (Bronze) [No Return DLC List]
  • Burglar – Open the safe in Capture without killing any enemies in No Return (Bronze) [No Return DLC List]
  • Roll Call – Win a run with every character in No Return (Bronze) [No Return DLC List]
  • Modded – Complete an encounter with each Mod in No Return (Bronze) [No Return DLC List]
  • Risk Taker – Complete five gambits in one run of No Return (Bronze) [No Return DLC List]
  • Good Riddance – Beat all bosses (Bronze) [No Return DLC List]
  • Team Ellie – Complete all Ellie faction challenge tracks (Bronze) [No Return DLC List]
  • Team Abby – Complete all Abby faction challenge tracks (Bronze) [No Return DLC List]
  • True Strength – Get an S rank on an encounter (Bronze) [No Return DLC List]
  • May Your Survival Be Long – Win a Daily Run of No Return (Bronze) [No Return DLC List]
  • May Your Death Be Swift – Win a Daily Run of No Return on Grounded difficulty (Gold) [No Return DLC List]

Like the original game on PS4, you will still need to find practically everything in the core campaign to snag that Platinum Trophy, so if you fancy a replay, don’t transfer your save data over, so you can collect the trophies again.

If you are looking to spend some additional time in the No Return mode, or the new Lost Levels, why not read up on how the former was inspired by Vampire Survivors and Hades during the remaster’s development?

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