All Hunter Blind Locations in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Kraven has set up a number of Hunter Blind outposts throughout New York as he continues to tighten his grip over the city in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. You’ll have to take down each Hunter Blind in a district with Miles or Peter to obtain intel that will reveal where the Hunter Base is located in that specific region.

Clearing these out is an optional task, but you’ll be rewarded with XP, Rare Tech Parts, and Tech Parts that can be used to help you level up your Gadgets or put points into new skills. If you also manage to complete all of them in the game, you’ll also receive a new suit for both Miles and Peter to swing around in. Here is where you can find the Hunter Blinds in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

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All Hunter Blinds in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

In total, there are 11 Hunter Blinds scattered over rooftops across the entire map of New York in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. These are spread throughout four districts, and once you clear out an entire district, the final Hunter Base will be revealed to you.

Each Hunter Blind provides 1000 XP, 5x Rare Tech Parts, and 150x Tech Parts, which can be used for upgrading your gear or acquiring new skills. Either Miles or Peter can do these missions, and after all the Hunter activities have been completed you’ll receive the Most Dangerous Game Suit and Last Hunt Suit. Here is where you can find all the Hunter Blinds.

Downtown Brooklyn Hunter Blinds

Image by Gamepur

Downtown Brooklyn has two Hunter Blinds for the Aviary Blind task. One is located on the northeast, while the other is slightly northwest of the district center.

Financial District Hunter Blinds

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are three Hunter Blinds in the Financial District for the Garden Blind. There is one Hunter Blind in the south side near the water, another to the southeast just a few blocks back from the piers, and the last is on the east near the bridge.

Harlem Hunter Blinds

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can find three Hunter Blinds in Harlem for the Motorpool Blind. One Hunter Blind is located to the northwest and just slightly south of the cemetery, another is also on the west, and the final one is located in the center of Harlem.

Upper West Side Hunter Blinds

Image by Gamepur

Upper West Side has three Hunter Blinds to clear for the Arsenal Blind. You can find one Hunter Blind on the east just slightly from the middle of the district, while there is also another to the west along the same plane. The last Hunter Blind you can find is in the northeast corner.

Best Tips For Clearing Hunter Blinds in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Each Hunter Blind will have a variety of enemies patrolling the rooftops where these small installations are located. Your tasks will be to clear the area by eliminating all of the enemies, and then you will be able to gather the intel from the electronic devices nearby to slowly reveal the Hunter Base. If you feel comfortable with taking on large groups of enemies then the quickest way to get this done is to jump in and start swinging, doing this means you’ll also have to deal with more baddies as reinforcements will be called in. But if combat is not your forte then stealth will be a much better approach to these activities.

Every Hunter Blind may have an assortment of enemies you’ll need to deal with, so not every strategy will be the same. You will want to focus first on snipers and drones, as these two enemies can put a quick end to your plan. Make certain that when performing takedowns on an enemy they are marked as ‘Safe‘, as this will ensure you won’t be detected by others in the vicinity.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Use walls, lights, or other high structures that you can perch on as your starting point to initiate takedowns. I highly recommend using the Web Line to create surface-to-surface webs that you can traverse along. This will allow you to set up your vantage points for more takedowns that can’t be done from other surfaces. There should be plenty of items around the Hunter Blind that you can use as a distraction by aiming and using your Web Shooters to make noise. This will lure enemies away from others and let you perform a discrete takedown.

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