All Fusions & How to Get Them

There’s so much for players to do in Palworld that it can feel completely overwhelming at times. The game has dozens of creatures to capture and a massive skill tree filled with automation to build in order to create an efficient base. It becomes deeper when players discover Fusion Pals.

In Palworld, players are eased into the colossal scale of what they’ll eventually need to do by careful constructing a few items in their base. Then, they must capture several Pals. After that, though, the game opens and became one of the largest open-world titles we’ve seen in a long time. But the true depth of the game isn’t revealed until players discover Fusion Pals, which is a task that’s taken hours from our lives.

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How to Breed Fusion Pals in Palworld

breeding a fusion pal egg palworld
Screenshot by Gamepur

To breed Fusion Pals in Palworld, players must build a Breeding Farm and assign a male and female Pal to it. They must also add at least one Cake into the box to the right of the Breeding Farm’s opening so the Pals have something to eat. After the breeding meter has built up to full, the Pals will eat the cake and produce an Egg that players can hatch for a chance at getting a Fusion Pal.

Note that the Eggs that Pals produce isn’t guaranteed to be a Fusion Pal. Players will need to breed the specific combination of Pals required for their Fusion Pal a few times before they get the result they’re after. While figuring this mechanic out, we went through a lot of Cakes. With this in mind, it’s worth farming a lot of Honey when possible to avoid multiple trips since it’s the toughest part of a Cake to find.

It’s also worth players double checking they have one male and one female Pal in the Breeding Farm is to look at its indicator, which will show whether players have two males or two females. This also shows if players have a Cake for the current breeding pair, which is essential.

All Fusion Pals & How to Get Them in Palworld

In the table below, we’ve listed every Fusion Pal in Palworld that we’re sure exists. We’ve also listed which Pal must be placed in the Breeding Farm first as the main parent, with the type of Pal they need to be bred with alongside them.

This list will be added to as we discover new Fusion Pals. We’re testing each combination a few times to ensure we’re not missing a Pal Fusion before moving on to ensure the list is comprehensive.

Main Parent Pal Secondary Parent Pal Fusion Pal
Kelpsea Jolthog jolthog cryst hatching in palworld
Jolthog Cryst

How to Farm Cake in Palworld

making cake in palworld
Screenshot by Gamepur

To farm Cake in Palworld, players need to build a Ranch and assign a Mozzarina and Chikipi to their base who each have the farming skill. This will ensure a steady supply of Milk and Eggs, which other Pals in the base will likely move into their Feed Box, so it’s important to check for them regularly and put them into the player character’s inventory.

Players will also need to set up a Wheat Plantation and assign a Pal or a few Pals to it to build up a stock of Wheat. This Wheat can then be ground into Flour using the Mill with a Pal with the watering skill assigned to it.

The final ingredient for Cake is Honey. Players can find this by hunting and defeating or capturing Cinnamoths in the Cinnamoth Forest location. Cinnamoth can then be farmed using a Ranch back at the player’s base.

Lastly, players must set up a Berry Plantation so they have a continuous supply of Red Berries. With all these farming methods established, players can now use the Cooking Pot to craft a Cake with five Flour, eight Red Berries, seven Milk, eight Eggs, and two Honey.

verdant egg in palworld
Screenshot by Gamepur

While we were building up our supply of cake for Fusion Pal breeding, we realized it takes roughly fifteen minutes of real time for one Pal with the kindling skill to craft a single Cake. This isn’t a fast process by any means, so players should try to automate it as much as possible to avoid losing too much of their time to baking.

Any player who wants to learn more about the mechanics and Pals of Palworld should read our complete guide. This is where we’ve collected together everything we’ve written about the game to help players understand better and master it.

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