All 25 Songs Glee & Pitch Perfect Both Covered

Both Pitch Perfect and Glee contributed greatly to the rise of musical comedies. First airing in 2009, Glee followed the lives of a high school glee club while navigating social hierarchy. Meanwhile, the first Pitch Perfect movie came out in 2012 about a college a cappella group. While they had their differences, Glee and Pitch Perfect were both ultimately about a group of students aiming to win their respective musical championships.

With the number of performances done over the six seasons of Glee and the three Pitch Perfect films, the two covered a wide category of songs in their respective styles. From up-to-date pop songs to retro classics, the two had some overlap when it came to their covers. Here’s every song covered by both Glee and Pitch Perfect.

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“Mickey” By Toni Basil

The Treblemakers in Pitch Perfect Riff-Off

Pitch Perfect was unique because of its a cappella arrangements, but its riff-offs made the franchise beloved. When Beca first joins The Barden Bellas, she gets her first taste of competition in a riff-off against The Treblemakers and other a cappella groups. With the first category being ‘Ladies Of The ‘80s,’ The Treblemakers opened the competition with “Mickey” by Toni Basil. In season 6 of Glee, the song is performed by Vocal Adrenaline at the 2014 Sectionals. While The Treblemakers’ cover was simple, Vocal Adrenaline’s flashy “Mickey” cover featured springs, cannons and plenty of acrobatics.

“Like A Virgin” By Madonna

Emma Pillsbury in Glee

Following The Treblemakers, co-ed a cappella group The BU Harmonics joined the riff-off with “Like A Virgin.” While Pitch Perfect was known for their riff-offs, Glee was known for their tribute episodes to a dedicated artist. The first of the series was “The Power of Madonna” in season 1, featuring various Madonna covers. Covered by three of the show’s couples, the song followed Finn, Rachel and Emma debating on losing their virginity to their respective partners. However, the sequence ended up being a dream, with only Finn and Santana going through with their plans.

“Hit Me With Your Best Shot” By Pat Benatar

Santana Brittany Mercedes in Glee

The 80’s classic was The Barden Bellas’ first contribution to the riff-off. The Bellas started the film being known for their old-school performances, so it made sense that co-leader Aubrey would bring the song up. The Glee cover of “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” came in season 3 at the height of New Directions’ internal conflicts. When Mercedes, Santana and Brittany left the club to join McKinley’s other show choir, The Troubletones, the two clubs battled it out in a dodgeball game. “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” was part of a Glee mash-up with “One Way Or Another” by Blondie.

“It Must Have Been Love” By Roxette

Kitty and Spencer in Glee

The Bellas are interrupted in the riff-off by a cappella group, The High Notes’ first and last contribution. Known as a group that’s always high, The High Notes were disqualified after they tried and failed to sing “It Must Have Been Love.” In Glee, the New Directions performed the song in season 6 with Kitty and Spencer leading.

“Just The Way You Are” By Bruno Mars

Pitch Perfect Pool Mashup

Finn and Kurt may have had a rocky start, but they learned to come together for the sake of their parents’ relationship. Carole and Burt eventually get married in season 2 with all of the New Directions in attendance. With their help, Finn shows his growth by singing “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars to Kurt as a promise that he’ll always be there for him. The Pitch Perfect cover also served as an epiphany moment. With the Bellas butting heads and struggling to find their sound for the movie’s first half, they finally come together harmoniously in a mash-up of this song and “Just A Dream” by Nelly.

“The Final Countdown” By Europe

Will and Sue Final Countdown Glee

In a show full of rivalries, the most consistent and vicious Glee rivalry has always been between Will and Sue. While they did have their moments of kindness to each other, their constant antics made them one of Glee’s most iconic duos. In season 6, the two performed “The Final Countdown,” complete with rockstar hair, fire and electric guitars. However, as the New Directions catch Will and Sue playing air guitars on stage, it’s revealed to be in the duo’s imagination. Pitch Perfect’s “The Final Countdown” cover is sung by a cappella group, The Hullabahoos, and played in the background as the ICCA Finals are introduced.

“Wrecking Ball” By Miley Cyrus

Fat Amy Wrecking Ball Pitch Perfect 2

After becoming the first all-female group to win a national title in the first movie, Pitch Perfect 2 opened with The Bellas performing “Wrecking Ball” as part of a medley for then-president Barack Obama. Unfortunately, the performance doesn’t end after Fat Amy accidentally exposes herself when her pants rip, leading the Barden Bellas to be suspended from the ICCA. Things don’t go well for Glee’s cover either, as Marley sings the song after finding out that Jake cheated on her.

“Here Comes Santa Claus” By Gene Autry

Snoop Dogg in Pitch Perfect 2

While the Bellas are focused on getting reinstated in the ICCA, Beca pursues an internship at the recording studio Residual Heat. When she comes across a recording session with Snoop Dogg, she offers her suggestions on how to make his “Winter Wonderland” cover more exciting. After remixing his cover with her modern rendition of “Here Comes Santa Claus,” Beca’s talent is shown on a higher level. On the contrary, Glee’s season 5 cover of the Christmas classic is a more traditional take, complete with doo-wop harmonies and jingle bells.

“Thong Song” By Sisqó

Das Sound Machine in Pitch Perfect 2 Riff Off

With higher stakes than the first movie, the Bellas are invited to an exclusive riff-off in Pitch Perfect 2 featuring several experienced a cappella groups. One of them is the German group Das Sound Machine, which opens the “songs about butts” section with “Thong Song.” Mr. Schue does a cover that is more true to the original in season 1 of Glee, boasting an R&B sound. Emma’s fiancé wants the “Thong Song” to be their first dance at their wedding, so Will performs the song for her as an example.

“Bootylicious” By Destiny’s Child

Hairography in Glee

In a celebrity cameo, football team the Green Bay Packers joined Pitch Perfect 2’s riff-off with their successful rendition of “Bootylicious.” Back in Glee season 1, the rival glee club from Jane Addams Academy performed the song when invited by Mr. Schue to McKinley. Complete with choreography and a ton of hair flipping or hairography. This lively performance initially intimidates the New Directions.

“Baby Got Back” By Sir-Mix-A-Lot

The Treblemakers Pitch Perfect 2 Riff-Off

Along with the Barden Bellas, the Treblemakers were also invited to Pitch Perfect 2’s exclusive riff-off. Ben Platt’s character Benji starts off strong with his contribution of “Baby Got Back,” but becomes sidetracked after being smitten by Hailee Steinfeld’s Emily. In a huge difference from the original song, the Glee cover uses Jonathan Coulton’s acoustic arrangement of the hip-hop classic. Sung by the group Adam’s Apples, Kurt almost joins the group until he sees their performance.

“This Is How We Do It” By Montell Jordan

Flula in Pitch Perfect 2 Riff Off

In the battle of the riff-off’s final two groups, Das Sound Machine started the ‘90s hip-hop jams section with “This Is How We Do It,” led by Flula’s Pieter. Will leads his own cover of the song in Glee season 1. After forming the Acafellas, his own a cappella group, the guys practice the song in Will’s living room.

“Poison” By Bell Biv DeVoe

Acafellas in Glee

“Poison” is another of Das Sound Machine’s arrangements in the ‘90s hip-hop battle at the riff-off. Meanwhile, the Acafellas performed their version of the song at a local sports bar in their first and last performance with the original members of Howard and Henri. With Glee not doing acapella covers often, the Acafellas offered a taste of what a Pitch Perfect and Glee crossover could’ve sounded like.

“Doo Wop (That Thing)” By Lauryn Hill

Santana Mercedes Glee season 5

The Barden Bellas’ first contribution to the riff-off’s hip-hop battle is a short snippet of “Doo Wop (That Thing)” before they’re quickly interrupted by Das Sound Machine. On Glee, Mercedes is one of the seniors who graduate from McKinley to quick success. After a recording of her singing gains traction online, she gets a recording deal. While struggling to find her groove for her debut album, Mercedes and Santana perform a cover of this song as inspiration.

“My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)” By En Vogue

Barden Bellas Retreat Montage Pitch Perfect 2-1

To regain their cohesiveness, Chloe takes the Bellas to a retreat led by former Bellas leader Aubrey. The girls are shown practicing this cover while it plays in the background of their summer camp training montage. For New Directions, a little competition for a solo is a common occurrence. In season 5, Artie and Tina do a sing-off of “My Lovin’” to determine who gets a solo at Nationals. The cover culminates in neither of them getting the solo, as Tina accidentally throws Artie off his wheelchair and he angrily leaves.

“Run The World (Girls)” By Beyoncé

Barden Bellas World Championship Pitch Perfect 2

The Bellas opened their World Championship set with a cover of “Run The World (Girls),” leading into the performance of Emily’s original song, “Flashlight.” In Glee, Brittany’s solos became more frequent as the seasons went on. Her cover of “Run The World (Girls)” is one of the best at showing Brittany’s dance talent and, ironically, a callback to Heather Morris’ time as one of Beyoncé’s backup dancers.

“All Of Me” By John Legend

Blaine and Kurt NYADA Glee

Fans of Pitch Perfect character Bumper can get more of him in the spin-off series Bumper In Paris, but one of his biggest solo moments comes in the end credits. In his audition for The Voice with judges Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Pharrell present, he gets four chair turns with his ballad-to-electronic cover of “All Of Me.” In contrast, Blaine sings the song in a more intimate piano cover while preparing for his showcase. However, when Kurt comes in halfway through his rehearsal, Blaine dedicates the song to him.

“Any Way You Want It” By Journey

Rachel Berry Glee Regionals season 1

The World Championship saw talented a cappella groups from across the world. Real-life Grammy award-winning a cappella group Pentatonix played Team Canada and performed their cover of “Any Way You Want It” over a montage of the various global groups. For the New Directions, they performed the song as part of a Journey mash-up at the 2010 Midwest Regionals.

“Toxic” By Britney Spears

Barden Bellas Toxic Boat Scene Pitch Perfect 3

Both Glee and Pitch Perfect’s “Toxic” covers are some of their strongest. After the Bellas are abducted by Fat Amy’s estranged father, Beca leads them in the “Toxic” cover to distract their captors. An already raunchy song, the New Directions performing this song with Mr. Schue understandably didn’t land well with the McKinley audience, but it remains one of Glee’s most famous covers.

“If I Were A Boy” By Beyoncé

Unique Adams in the choir room Glee

In the final riff-off of the Pitch Perfect franchise, “If I Were A Boy” is covered by a group of soldiers who Chloe points out “aren’t even in a group.” In one of Glee’s most vulnerable and powerful moments, the show’s first openly trans character, Unique, performs the song to New Directions after being harassed for using the boys’ restroom. The group was so moved that they to her defense afterward.

“Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” By Kelly Clarkson

Santana Mercedes Brittany Sugar in Glee

The Bellas get intimidated as the other groups they’re competing against on the USO tour come together to play a few songs, including country group Saddle Up’s cover of “Stronger.” Glee’s cover was sung by The Troubletones, lead by Mercedes, Santana and Brittany, as part of New Directions. The cover was part of the group’s winning 2012 Regionals set.

“Wake Me Up” By Avicii

USO Tour Pitch Perfect 3 Riff Off

Continuing in their zombie-themed riff-off, the other groups on the USO tour finish their joint performance with a folk rendition of the classic dance song. In another fresh take on the song, Rachel sings her ballad cover as she prepares for her role as Fanny Brice on Broadway.

“Silent Night”/“Baby, It’s Cold Outside”/“Feliz Navidad”

Blaine and Kurt Dalton holiday duet

These three holiday classics were covered by various Barden Bellas in Pitch Perfect soundtrack-exclusive tracks. Similarly, Glee’s “Silent Night” cover wasn’t featured in any episodes and only appeared on the show’s third Christmas album. “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” was sung by one of the show’s most popular couples, Blaine and Kurt. With their flirty duet, this cover made Kurt realize he was in love with Blaine. Finally, “Feliz Navidad” was covered by Artie in a dream sequence where he never had his accident. With the glee club never existing in this timeline, this is the song he performs for the former members to convince them to join up once again.

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