Akademiks Picks Apart SZA’s ‘Botched BBL’: ‘You’re A Fat Mini Lizzo’

Akademiks has gone on yet another disrespectful rant about a leading woman in the music industry, this time aimed at SZA.

During a Rumble stream on Wednesday (August 9), the controversial podcaster admitted he was “on some liquor” before launching into an offensive tirade about SZA’s body shape and enhancement surgery for several minutes, scrutinizing every aspect of her appearance.

“The titties is not looking tiddying,” he said while examining a photo of the TDE songstress. “Right now, I can’t distinguish the titty from the stomach. You look like you just got a whole muthafucking bulletproof vest on. Your whole shit is flat.”

Turning his attention to the singer’s weight, he said: “You love to eat, you are an eater. It’s cool, I love to eat too … But y’all be fat just like me, looking like a linebacker, your neck thick as a 32-pack of franks, and now y’all acting like y’all bad. You fat as fuck, let’s keep it a bean.

“You know you’ve been under the knife mad times. We don’t care how much you show that little botched BBL; you need to get back to the doctor one more time, and I’ma stand on it!”

The Off the Record host didn’t stop there as he went on to pick apart SZA’s hairline before calling her “a fat mini Lizzo.”

“Second of all, I don’t know what’s going on with your head. Ain’t no way you catch a tan on this part of your hairline, and this part is like another color, so I gotta imagine this is a lacefront,” he continued.

“But SZA, let me give you the truth — this is the ether that’s gonna make your fucking soul burn: I don’t care how many albums you sell, you double-chin chick, you are just as fat as me. The doctors, the surgeons can’t fix you.

“The lip gloss, the fake teeth — it doesn’t matter. You’re just a fat mini Lizzo. You make great music, we love you because you make great music, but you will never be one of those bitches that we’re looking at and our dicks get really naturally hard for.”

This isn’t the first time that Akademiks has been rude towards SZA. Back in 2017, he referred to the S.O.S. hitmaker as “one of them Amazon bitches” during a gaming livestream and said she wasn’t a “top vote” to appear on his now-defunct Complex show Everyday Struggle.

TDE president Punch reacted to Ak’s comments on Twitter at the time, writing: “This n-gga weird bruh lol. Kind of a clown. I’m not sure yet though.”

Then, in February of this year, SZA reportedly blocked Akademiks on social media after he shared an image of her in a pink bikini on a Twitch livestream while discussing her BBL.

His latest comments about the TDE star come shortly after he made similarly derogatory remarks about fellow singer Erykah Badu on Rumble, who famously likened him to the mouse from Tom & Jerry on Everyday Struggle back in 2017.

“Erykah Badu, let me tell you this: you keep my name out your mouth too,” he said. “Listen, that little Everyday Struggle shit, that was another era, my n-gga. I’m down to violate all you n-ggas these days. Fuck what y’all got going on. You don’t mention my name, please. I don’t fuck with you neither.”

He continued: “I never fucked with Erykah Badu after she was tryna come on my show and be funny. Bitch, I don’t fuck with you after that. N-gga, wassup now? What we finna do? Bitch, you a old-ass hoe, just keep getting fucked by all these young n-ggas.”

SZA Says ‘I Treat My Butt Like A Purse’ To Explain Getting BBL

SZA Says ‘I Treat My Butt Like A Purse’ To Explain Getting BBL

Akademiks then asked: “How many rappers done ran through you?,” referring to Badu’s past relationships with André 3000CommonJay Electronica and The D.O.C.

Badu issued a hilarious response days later, selling a limited edition of her Badu Pussy incense featuring an image of Jerry the mouse on the cover. The cartoon character even wore a chain that said, “Livingston,” a nod to Akademiks’ forename.

“In honor of the biggest pussy in our culture, we’re introducing this limited edition premium incense — cause he deserves it!” read the product description on her website.

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