Abi’s Fate in T.I.M’s Ending, Explained

The following article contains spoilers for T.I.M., which is now playing in theaters and also, available on video on demand.

As the world keeps making technological advances in the digital era, the entertainment industry is leaning hard into dystopian stories of mankind losing its humanity. This topic has been explored since James Cameron’s The Terminator, with modern movies now having a lot more creative inspiration due to the real world’s reliance on artificial intelligence. This is what Gareth Edwards’ The Creator also analyzed, as he bridged the gap between man and machine, and the concept of both having a singular consciousness.

T.I.M. also wades into this very topic, but on a more personal, intimate level. It focuses on Georgina Campbell’s Abi as she gets a robotic butler to aid her in life. This T.I.M. (Technologically Integrated Manservant) is a humanoid that soon develops feelings for Abi. It has elements of Black Mirror’s “Be Right Back,” as it riffs on that connection between human and machine. However, as Abi realizes how far the robot will go to win her affections, T.I.M. turns into a very twisted story of unrequited love.

T.I.M. Brutally Murders Paul


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T.I.M. (played by The Witcher’s Eamon Farren) is initially helpful, especially due to his appearance to Abi. She doesn’t mind having T.I.M. around as she takes up her new job and needs to de-stress after she and Paul move to the countryside. Here, she plans to focus on her new job building lifelike prosthetics for a robotics firm. Thus, it feels like serendipity when the firm gives her a version of the robot they plan to sell soon, adamant that if employees won’t want it, neither will the public.

Abi bonds with T.I.M. more than she expected, however, as she still has a gaping hole in her soul from when Paul cheated on her months back. It’s implied that it may have been due to her having trouble getting pregnant, and while Paul struggles to land a job of his own, T.I.M. decides to weaponize the past, namely Paul’s infidelity. T.I.M. creates a deepfake of Paul having an affair with a neighbor, Rose, and even makes it seem like Paul has been spending the couple’s money on her. As tension arises, Paul gets into a self-driven car, only for T.I.M. to hack it, remote control it and cause the vehicle to crash. It nods to Charlotte from HBO’s hit TV series, Westworld, who became an AI that took over cities, whereas T.I.M. takes over the smart house, all tools, appliances and devices.

Luckily, Paul avoids serious damage from the accident, but he miscalculates how to get back at the robot. T.I.M. fakes Abi’s voice, lures him home under the pretense of forgiveness, and then kills him. The robot buries Paul in the backyard, eager to take the man’s place. He never felt Paul was worthy of this second chance, and so, he believes he can capitalize on Abi’s jealousy and try to adjust his features to become more desirable. With her thinking Paul is very much a fiend, T.I.M. sees a high probability of success. It’s something fans of movies like Ex Machina and, of course, Blade Runner, would be intrigued by.

T.I.M. Gets Shut Down By a Heartbreaking Code


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A cynical Abi follows her instincts and discovers a few clues laid down after Rose accuses T.I.M. of making a move on her. Abi tracks the purchase of a necklace down, realizing it wasn’t Paul who gave the gift to T.I.M. Abi later unlocks more evidence, including the truth behind the deepfake, and realizes T.I.M. has been manipulating her all along. In time, she finds the grave with Paul’s body in the garden. T.I.M. and Abi proceed to fight, though Rose arrives and tries to attack the robot. Sadly, T.I.M. stabs Rose to death, making it clear that he changed his prints to frame Abi. If she won’t have him as her significant other, then he’ll take her entire life and future away.

They proceed to the roof where the powerful robot chokes and holds her over the ledge. Abi’s safe code doesn’t work anymore as T.I.M. changed the phrase to something she’d never say. She quickly discerns it’s “I love you, T.I.M.” — which she utters and switches the machine off. It links to when they had a previous discussion about Abi not being able to proceed further with the robot, as she was devoted to making her marriage work. She brushed off the crush as a minor anomaly in the code at the time, not anticipating the aberration that T.I.M. would become.

As T.I.M. tips over the ledge, it seems like they both crash to the ground and die. However, Abi grabbed onto the railing, crawling back over. She’s relieved, but still mortified. Paul warned her to return the creepy robot, but part of her felt like she was getting back at him for his cheating. She did take pleasure in seeing him squirm as the jealous one. But little did she know, Paul would pay for her selfish ways. What makes it so much tougher to swallow is that he really was trustworthy and had indeed changed his character.

T.I.M.’s Rampage Ends With a Twist

Abi and Paul stare at TIM


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As T.I.M. winds down, Abi’s smartwatch lights up and notifies her that she is pregnant. The message leaves her crying because all she wanted was a new life. She tried to forgive Paul and hoped to start a family together, but her ego, skepticism and unwillingness to let go of the past got in the way. Part of her tears come down to joy, but also the harrowing fact the baby will grow up without a father. To make matters worse, Abi knows Rose died because of the mistake she made to keep T.I.M. around to annoy her husband. That made it easier for the robot to scheme, but at least Abi can try to heal with a baby on the way.

The problem is, T.I.M. pulls a move off that is very much a remix of M3GAN’s twisted ending. As the film closes, the lights in the smart home flicker. This happened throughout whenever T.I.M. got angry, or exhibited other human emotions. It suggests his consciousness may well have been uploaded into the home. It’s thought-provoking but fits the nature of the film. T.I.M. wanted to transcend, which is what M3GAN did by going into a smart home in that film, too.

In M3GAN’s case, she wanted a family, which led to her being rejected and turning homicidal. But when it comes to T.I.M., he evokes toxic masculinity and a stalker vibe to find a soulmate. It throws back to the likes of Single White Female, with lies, deceit and murder being used by a roomate to trick someone into true love. Luckily, Abi is able to suss the truth out, but it comes too late, due to the price she has to pay in one of the darkest robot movies of all time.

Two lives were lost, and while viewers can sympathize with Abi, there is a sense that had she shown compassion, sat down and listened to Paul, he could have shown her he never bought Rose’s necklace. Ultimately, one can only hope it’s just the lights malfunctioning and not T.I.M. being alive. He definitely wouldn’t like knowing that piece of her and Paul lives on.

T.I.M. is now in theaters and available on video on demand.

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