AARON LEWIS: ‘We’re Not Blind DONALD TRUMP Followers.  We Are Wide-Awake Americans That See It All’

STAIND frontman Aaron Lewis has once again railed against the government, saying that our representatives have failed to properly carry out the most basic and important tasks.

The 51-year-old Lewis, an outspoken conservative rocker who reinvented himself as a solo country artist in the last decade and a half, voiced his views on the current political situation in the U.S. before performing his single called “Am I The Only One” during his February 11 concert at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

He told the crowd (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “As Americans, we have never been so united as we were just fucking 10 years ago. Just effing 10 years ago.

“What we’re witnessing is craziness. What we’re watching is the absolute fringe of our society has been flip flopped and put right in the center of attention. For every one of their voices, there is a thousand of ours. Just remember that.

“Florida, stand up for your state,” he continued. “Stand up for your great nation. Because, really, if you look around, we are so lucky. We are so blessed for all of us to call the United States Of America our home. We take that for granted every day. We shouldn’t.

“The Constitution clearly says that this is our country; it’s not the government’s country. They don’t rule us. They don’t have power over us. What’s amazing in this country is that we hold all the power. We, the people. The only country in existence that it is created with the power on the bottom, the regular person. We have all that. We are still asleep. Until we stand up for what is God given to us, we’ll keep suffering. It’s up to us. It says it in the Constitution, in the Bible. It’s up to us.

“No one’s coming,” Lewis added. “Donald Trump can’t save you. He’s just willing to stand at the tip of the spear.

“What they don’t get is that we’re not blind Donald Trump followers. We are wide-awake Americans that see it all. We see the evil, we see the corruption. We see everything that they’re trying to do to divide us, because they know that we’re one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. And if they can break that, they win.

“I don’t think they win,” Aaron concluded. “I think that this amazing country is ours. It’s ours to keep. It’s ours to pass on to our children. It’s ours to protect. And until we stand up and protect it, this shit’s gonna keep going on.”

In the summer of 2021, Lewis‘s solo single “Am I The Only One” debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Country chart. The song takes aim at liberals and touches on American flags burning and statues that have been removed in the country. The track, which Lewis wrote with Ira Dean and  Jeffrey Steele, was released in July 2021 and topped the Hot Country Songs chart on  Billboard.

Lewis sings in the song’s chorus: “I’m not the only one, willin’ to fight / For my love of the red and white / And the blue, burnin’ on the ground / Another statue comin’ down in a town near you.”  Lewis also criticizes Bruce Springsteen at the end of the track, singing: “Am I the only one who quits singin’ along every time they play a  Springsteen song.”

Springsteen can best be described as Lewis‘s political polar opposite, having been a vocal opponent to former U.S. president Donald Trump on many occasions.

When Lewis first performed “Am I The Only One” in June 2021 for a crowd in Virginia, he described himself as a then-“49-year-old father of three” who has been “watching a very small handful of people destroy the country.”  Lewis then ripped President Joe Biden and blamed “every racist law that’s ever been put into place” on “Democrats.”

Aaron will release his new country album, “The Hill”, on March 29 via The Valory Music Co.. The lyrics for the LP’s opening track, “Let’s Go Fishing”, find the now-51-year-old Lewis singing about “making America great again”, “turning off CNN” and using the “Let’s Go, Brandon!” catchphrase, which was coined by American conservatives to criticize President Joe Biden.

In November 2021, Lewis claimed that he beat COVID-19 by taking ivermectin, a drug with no evidence of being a safe or effective treatment for the novel coronavirus. He said he also used Z-Pak, an antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections by inhibiting the growth of bacteria in the body.

Lewis made headlines in September 2021 when he urged his fans to chant “Fuck Joe Biden” during a STAIND concert in Pennsylvania.

In March 2022, Lewis seemingly embraced the popular belief among conspiracy theorists that Russian president Vladimir Putin is attacking Ukraine to destroy the Deep State, a secret part of government they believe is on a mission undermine Trump. Lewis voiced his views on the war in Ukraine before performing “Am I The Only One” during his concert at Vern Riffe Center in Portsmouth, Ohio. He told the crowd: “We have no order. We have no president. Every single day that goes by, we lose standing in the world. Everyone’s laughing at us. Everyone is positioning themselves against us. And it’s not us — it’s the government that we put in power. These are the people that are making us look bad throughout the entire world — the same people that have you convinced that we all need to support Ukraine even though all of their money laundering systems, all of their everything, the way that they get all their kickbacks and they wash everything is all through the Ukraine.”

Aaron then repeated the conspiracy theory that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is somehow tied to billionaire philanthropist George Soros and Klaus Schwab, who is the founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF) that holds a yearly economic symposium in Davos, Switzerland.

“You know, as fucked up as it sounds, maybe we should listen to what Vladimir Putin is saying,” Lewis said. “Maybe, just maybe, when Klaus Schwab and George Soros and every other dirty fucking earth-destroying motherfucker all jumps on the same bandwagon, maybe, just maybe we should fucking take a good look at that. Why are they trying to protect Ukraine so much? What do they all have to lose?”

Also in March 2022, Lewis told the Los Angeles Times that he doesn’t blindly listen to information that is delivered by the mainstream media.

“I’m not uneducated; I’m actually really smart, and I look for myself. I seek other options of information,” he said. “I refuse to believe that a huge, gigantic corporation has our best interest in mind.”

Asked where he gets his news, Lewis said: “I have news feeds and people that I follow on Telegram. Dan Ball. Andrew Wilkow. Mark Levin. If I’m gonna watch any sort of news source on television, it’s Tucker Carlson.”

At some of his solo concerts, Lewis has been taking the stage while wearing a black hat with white mesh and white lettering on the front clearly stating “FUJOE,” an expletive directed toward Biden.

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