A Town Called Love Filming Locations: Where Is The Adorable Love Story Shot?

What if you fall in love with a mayor’s son? What if your only chance to prove your boss wrong is snatched by the spoiled brat or, as everyone knows him, the mayor’s kid? Directed by Jason James, the adorable love story titled “A Town Called Love” takes place between Emma, who impersonates her boss to teach the mayor’s son a lesson and, as you guessed it, is the mayor’s son.

The film does not offer anything unique for viewers to enjoy, as it is just an ordinary love story between a spoiled rich brat and a woman trying to prove herself. The series female lead of the romantic comedy has overacted throughout the film, while the male lead has done an okayish job.

The film focuses on a budding romance between an ordinary woman and an elite man living in his father’s shadow.

The film is a cliche because once Emma starts bonding with the major’s son, she realizes that he is someone she wants to spend her life with, even with existing differences in their class.

a town called love
Still From A Town Called Love [Credits -Hallmark Channel]

The movie’s end also fails to offer a new perspective as Emma falls completely in love with the major’s son, and the two end up together with their happily ever after. Released on June 8, 2023, by Hallmark Channel, A Town Called Love” stars Emma Johnson playing Emma’s role, the film’s protagonist.

Marshall William plays Riley’s role, the movie’s male protagonist, Peter Louis Chouinard plays the role of a tour guide, Nika Low plays Kay’s role, Marnie Mahannah plays Molly’s role, Terry O’Sullivan plays Mima’s role, John Prowse playing Mitch Taylor’s role, Sarah Christine playing Jenna Ashcroft’s role, Kate Twa playing Alice’s role, and Christopher Wardrop playing AI’s role.

Produced by Tom Berry and Imogen Cooper, the film might interest you if you like a light-hearted romantic comedy.

A Town Called Love – Premise

The movie focuses on the love story between Emma and the major’s son after the pair meet when Emma is trying to prove herself to her boss, who is the owner of a travel book series. Emma decides to impersonate her boss to teach the mayor’s son a lesson after she encounters him on a mission to scout for A Town Called Love.

The film starts with Emma discussing her plans and blogs with Jenna, her boss, who tells her to make her blogs personal to make her blogs popular.

Jenna instructs Emma to find a way to make her writing stand out because several other writers write similar stuff before propositioning her with an opportunity to write a chapter in her new travel guide if Emma successfully finds the location for her next book.

Emma giddily continues to discuss her plans with her best friend while the pair has coffee. Emma’s friend is excited for Emma as she believes she is the best and deserves the success and appreciation after everything she suffered with Andrew, her fiance, abandoning her at the alter.

Emma discusses her desire to be like Emma because she finds her work endearing to Molly, her friend, before the pair gets drunk and discuss their life plans.

a twon calle dlove
Marnie Mahannah Playing Molly [Credits – Hallmark Channel]

Molly desires to be a mother, but things don’t work out for her, and she continues to discuss her struggles with Emma over a flute of champagne.

The following day, Emma leaves to find the perfect location for Jenna to write her book before her car breaks down in front of an office building promoting the building town’s love. Riley was watering when Emma decided to ask for his help by throwing blueberries at him, which ended with Riley watering her down.

Even though Riley initially apologizes to Emma, he soon becomes infuriated at her after learning about her throwing his blueberries at him.

After seeking help from Riley to repair her car and refusing, Emma continues to wait for someone to show up while Riley goes to deliver blueberries to his Memaw. Luke returns to his father’s office, and the pair discuss the upcoming election, as Riley’s dad wants him to become the next mayor.

Riley warns his dad to avoid Emma due to him finding her strange, while Emma finally gets help from a mechanic who tells her that her car would require a day of work and it would be best if she stays in a hotel for the day before telling her to visit the mayor’s office for further detail about local hotels.

Once at the mayor’s office, Emma encounters Riley and expresses shock at finding him at the mayor’s office before she requests him to guide her to the nearest hotel.

Riley pranks Emma and gives her the address to his Memaw’s place, unbeknownst to her, asks Riley to feed the chicken. An angry Emma decides to confront Luke for his prank, where she learns about him not being a mayor but the mayor’s son.

After being shamed by his friends, Riley decides to help Emma find a hotel, which she refuses as she no longer trusts him.

Emma discusses her crazy day with Molly, who informs her about the Love Town being known for the hospitality of people. Riley and his dad discuss his future campaign for the elections, and he suggests Riley ask Emma for her help after he mistakes her for Jenna, her boss.

The mayor is shocked to know that the woman his son encountered was Jenna herself and asks his son to request Emma to write a blog on their town to help them secure the award for being the most hospitable town.

This leads Riley to track Emma down and request her to meet his dad because he is excited to meet her. The mayor instructs Riley to show Emma around the town so she can write about their small town.

Riley takes Emma around the town before the day ends, and she discusses her day with Molly before going to sleep. Emma starts to develop a soft corner for Riley while spending time with her.

The following day, Emma offers to help the mayor’s son in making the report to secure the award for being the most hospitable town. Emma starts to bully Riley by asking him to take her places to explore in the town. The more time the pair spend together, the closer they come together. The mayor organizes a book signing event for Emma as he thinks she is the world-known author, Jenna.

The mayor wants his son to move on in life with Emma as he feels she is perfect to be Riley’s partner. After several beautiful moments spent with Riley, Emma decides to leave the town while Riley discovers Emma’s truth behind her pretending to be Jenna.

Riley confronts Emma for lying to his father and breaking his heart because he wrote a mail to Jenna asking her for the favor of writing about their town in her upcoming travel guide.

Emma decides to leave the town after the confrontation and meets with her friend Molly, who informs her about her pregnancy. Molly makes Emma realize that she is in love with Riley while Jenna, praises her for her chapter on the love town. The film ends with Riley and Jenna, reuniting and confessing their love as expected.

A Town Called Love: Filming Locations

The entire romantic comedy was filmed in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Kelowna, British Columbia

Known for its wineries, vineyards, and landscaped beauty, a captivating city in the southern region of British Columbia, Kelowna, was used for the filming of the entire movie titled A Town Called Love.

a town called love
Filming Location – Kelowna, British Columbia [Credits- Hallmark Channel]

It is suspected that the scenes, including the one with Emma meeting Riley for the first time or the part with her book signing event, are to be filmed at this location. Castanet Block was used to film the part with City Hall, while the coffee house Emma frequented was filmed on Pandosy Street.

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