A Thirteen Ghosts TV Adaptation Could Revolutionize Horror TV Shows

Thirteen Ghosts was not positively received upon its 2001 release but has since become a cult classic paranormal horror movie. Among hundreds of haunted house storylines with a similar premise, this film stands out for having a unique concept. The plot not only focuses on multiple ghosts but offers them more agency than just another spooky enemy causing chaos.

Fans of the horror movie were excited to hear from Dread Central that a Thirteen Ghosts TV adaptation is in early development with Dark Castle. Though the 2001 film is a remake of a 1960s movie, which also received poor reviews from critics, the property is best known for the reboot. From the great performances to the spooky imagery, there is a lot to appreciate in 2001’s Thirteen Ghosts. While TV adaptations of a standalone movie can be a hit or miss, especially considering the limited source material, this project has the potential to change horror television.

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Thirteen Ghosts Movie Plot

Kathy with a ghost behind her in Thirteen Ghosts

In the Thirteen Ghosts plot, Arthur Kriticos (Tony Shalhoub) inherits a house from his uncle Cyrus (F. Murray Abraham). When he goes with his teenage daughter, young son, and nanny to see the property, they soon learn the beautifully crafted glass house contains trapped ghosts. As the family evades the deadly spirits, along with Cryus’ psychic assistant Dennis (Matthew Lillard), they learn their seemingly deceased relative had sinister intentions for them and the oddly designed house. Arthur not only has to defend his family from vengeful spirits but the uncle who faked his death to use his relatives to control a machine created by “Satan Himself” to become the most powerful man on Earth.

Based on this plot, the Thirteen Ghost TV adaptation has a lot to work with. The thirteen ghosts themselves can be introduced and fleshed out in more detail through various episodes, creating a formulaic show that emphasizes the importance of each spirit. The Kriticos family also has a dark history which can make for an eerie, emotionally captivating backstory. The multiple villains in the storyline, from the evil spirits to Cyrus Kriticos himself, have the potential to add various conflicts to an expanded plot. Though the concise plot in the movie is not enough for a TV adaptation, the source material has great bones that have enough substance to be expanded while still honoring the heart of the story.

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Expanding the Concept of 13 Ghosts

An illustration and actual still of The Jackal in Thirteen Ghosts

All the Black Zodiac ghosts in Thirteen Ghosts are touched upon throughout the film, but the limited time doesn’t allow for the lore to be described in detail. In a TV adaptation, the show would have the opportunity to introduce the ghosts by giving them a fleshed-out backstory that explains how they came to be. Some of these fascinating spirits, such as The First Born Son and The Angry Princess, seem to have chilling origins that point toward tragedy or unimaginable horror. This show could dedicate an episode, or at least a few detailed scenes, to explaining these ghosts more so than they were simply touched upon in the film.

This TV adaptation is also going to have to grapple with the limitations of the source material. Though Thirteen Ghosts offers some room for expanding the storyline, there is only so far the creators can stretch the material before it gets tedious. However, a focus on various spirits offers the opportunity for the show to expand the concept to keep the ideas fresh and interesting. Nearly every culture worldwide has legends of ghosts with an abundance of lore and history to explore. Considering Thirteen Ghosts‘ focus on ghost hunting, the show could use this practice to flesh out different legendary spirits that can be woven into the main plot.

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Thirteen Ghosts Is Horror – But Could Be Much More

Matthew Lillard screaming as he is attacked by a ghost in Thirteen Ghosts.

Thirteen Ghosts is a unique horror movie that deserves credit for touching upon different subgenres. However, the concept has the potential to be more than just another typical horror TV show. With horror movies experiencing a lull in terms of capturing viewers with fresh or rejuvenated topics, TV has the opportunity to expand the concept of horror and entice fans of different interests. The show will no doubt be spooky and thrilling, but the source material has various topics that can expanded to appeal to a wider audience.

One genre close to horror that the Thirteen Ghosts film already explores is fantasy. The psychic character Dennis has the ability to sense ghosts, which makes him a valuable asset to the ghost hunters. While these supernatural themes are common in horror, they also spill over into fantasy and sci-fi. Expanding on this character and these abilities can appeal to the audience that is already entertained with various science fiction and supernatural TV shows. In addition, the tragedies the family endures in their backstory can appeal to viewers who enjoy an added layer of drama. The TV adaptation creators would be wise to play on these various subgenres, even by working with the subtle comedy in the movie that could also entertain fans of dark comedy.

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The horror genre has profited in recent years by embracing the trend of universes, such as The Conjuring franchise continuing to expand the lore established in each movie. However, fans of horror have also grown tired of the same concepts being repeated, resulting in many major titles receiving poor ratings. The horror TV genre has an even harder time impressing viewers with many additions being cancelled quickly upon their release. Thirteen Ghosts, however, has the potential to change the reputation of these TV shows.

Remakes are also an unpopular trend in horror, but few remakes have spilled over into TV shows. Thirteen Ghosts has rich source material that can alter the expectations of horror show viewers. The creators should embrace the original concept to appeal to dedicated fans of the cult classic, but they also need to revitalize the storyline to appeal to a TV audience. By expanding the various aspects of the film that stand out, the Thirteen Ghosts TV show has the potential to revolutionize the controversial genre.

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