A New Powerful Cosmic Character Will Join Marvel’s Infinity Watch

The following contains major spoilers for Warlock: Rebirth #5, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

Over the past few months, readers have seen the emergence of Eve Warlock lead to some of the most epic cosmic encounters in Marvel Comics history, and they are far from over. Not only has Eve finally come into her own as a hero, she is prepared to take on anything the cosmos has to throw at her if it means catching up to her malevolent creator. Better yet, she might also be on track to become the next member of Infinity Watch along the way, and just when the world needs them most.

Warlock: Rebirth #5 (by Ron Marz, Ron Lim, Don Ho, Romulo Fajardo Jr., and VC’s Joe Sabino) opens to find both Adam and Eve Warlock now firmly in the clutches of the High Evolutionary. Following their last encounter, Adam took back the Soul Gem which was stolen by the High Evolutionary’s latest creation, though that alone wasn’t enough for him to overcome the villain outright. Even worse, the High Evolutionary drains Adam of nearly all his power, reducing him to a husk of his former self while supercharging Eve in the process. As would be expected of someone imbued with Adam Warlock’s essence, and much to the chagrin of the High Evolutionary, Eve quickly chooses to use her newfound power for good rather than to carry out her maker’s evil whims. In doing so, Eve not only restores Adam’s power and helps to defeat the High Evolutionary, she earns herself a place among one of the Marvel Universe’s most important super teams, although she is far from ready to take it just yet.

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How Infinity Watch Shaped Adam Warlock’s Place in the Marvel Universe

eve warlock recalling how adam warlock reached out to her and being belittled by the high evolutionary

First assembled in the pages of 1992’s Warlock and the Infinity Watch #2 (by Jim Starlin, Angel Medina, Terry Austin, and Ian Laughlin), the eponymous team was brought together by Adam Warlock at the behest of the Living Tribunal. Following Thanos’ genocidal crusade wielding the Infinity Gauntlet, the Living Tribunal decreed that the Infinity Gems were too potent to ever be used in conjunction with one another again. To ensure that they weren’t, the Infinity Watch was born with Adam at the lead wielding the same Soul Gem that he has become so synonymous with today.

Alongside Adam, Gamora, Pip the Troll, Drax, and Moondragon were entrusted with the Time, Space, Power, and Mind Gems respectively, all while Thanos was given the Reality Gem in secret to keep watch over in spite of his crimes. Although the original Infinity Watch would eventually be disbanded after the threat posed by the Ego Gem and its resurgence in the Ultraverse, another generation of the team would be brought together to deal with the aftermath of the Gems’ destruction and rebirth as the Infinity Stones. In the years since, further iterations of Infinity Watch have emerged when necessary, and while they haven’t always maintained control over the Infinity Stones, they have consistently been among the best at safeguarding them in general.

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How Eve Warlock Could Bring Infinity Watch Back into the Spotlight

adam and eve warlock standing at each others' side preparing to battle the high evolutionary

In spite of Infinity Watch’s efforts, the Infinity Stones now all reside within various champions, ranging from the villainous Star to the would be hero Prince of Power. This development came about as a result of Adam granting the Stones sentience at the culmination of 2018’s Infinity Wars (by Gerry Duggan and Mike Deodato Jr.). Today, the Soul Stone itself resides within the synthetic humanoid known as Ward, aka Multitude, who has set out to reunite with his fellow Infinity Stones just to see what will happen next. More importantly, with the events of Warlock: Rebirth taking place around three decades prior to the current present of the primary Marvel Universe, there is plenty to explore regarding what happened to her in the relative past.

Depending on what trajectory Eve Warlock’s life took after turning down the initial offer to join Infinity Watch, she could easily come to play a role in whatever is next for the Infinity Stones and their current owners. Assuming the likes of Adam and other former members of Infinity Watch are bound to get caught up in the same proceedings, it would only make sense for Eve to make an appearance as well. Then again, the Marvel Universe of today might not even have to wait that long for Eve to return to the spotlight, especially since the threat of yet another long-lost Infinity Stone is already threatening to turn the entire world upside down.

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Why Infinity Watch is So Important to the Marvel Universe – And Need a Comeback

eve warlock declining a place on the infinity watch in favor of finding her own place in the universe alone

From the moment the Black Winter showed Thor his purported future, the God of Thunder and current All-Father of Asgard has been waiting for the impending arrival of the fabled Black Infinity Stone. Presumably and apparently imbued with the power to control death itself, if not Death herself, the Black Infinity Stone has been at the center of an ages spanning mystery that has also attracted the likes of Doctor Doom. Worse still, it seems as if there is neither any chance of averting nor avoiding the horror to come, though that doesn’t mean there isn’t going to be any pushing back against it once it makes its presence known.

If another Infinity Stone truly is set to terrorize the Marvel Universe, there is almost no chance that the Infinity Watch won’t show up to try and do something about it. While Eve Warlock might not be an official member of the team right now, it is hard to imagine she wouldn’t make an appearance of her own given the circumstances the heroes are likely to be facing when that time comes. On the other hand, without knowing where Eve went or where she has been all these years, it is just as hard to imagine how she could have any idea of what is happening in the first place, let alone whether she has survived long enough to lend a hand in stopping it.

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