A Mental Health Nightmare: Milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk

Yes, you read that title correctly. This game is titled “Milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk“, and it’s currently on sale until September 27th, 2023 to celebrate the release of a sequel.

DEVELOPER: Nikita Kryukov
PUBLISHER: Missing Calm

a mental health nightmare milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk 0003 thumbnail
Thumbnail, a-la the steam page

It’s an extremely well-paced, creepy, Visual-Novel esque horror game following a protagonist with some sort of severe mental health issue that goes purposefully unnamed in the game. I bought it for 49 cents, and let me tell you, it’s definitely worth that 49 cents.

There are 3 achievements that are quite easy to get and pretty intuitive. Nonetheless, let’s go through the gameplay and story.


Our protagonist is unnamed. Our opening screen just looks like this, with her begging us to help her buy a bag of milk:

a mental health nightmare milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk 0002 title screen
Title Screen

Throughout this game, you’ll really only be pressing the “Enter” or “Space” key (they do the same thing) and moving your mouse/clicking on the option you want to select. What’s fascinating is that you don’t play as the protagonist. You play as a figment of her imagination, in her own head.

a mental health nightmare milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk 0004 protagonist
Our Protagonist

Well, she hypes herself up to go to the store to buy milk. Through talking to her, you can be quite rude, calling her a loser and useless, or you can try to be kinder. There are a few times, though, that the options are limited; the first notion that something is wrong occurs when the voice in her head (aka, you) tell her that because she’s been walking with one foot in the grass and one on the pavement, she has to walk backwards for all the steps to “undo” them before she can proceed forward.

She does this, and barely makes it to the store before it closes.

a mental health nightmare milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk 0000 o man

In the store, we see two “monsters”, the “O-man” (who only says “O”, a letter that scares the protagonist) and the Cashier. The words that come from these two monsters, the protagonist (and us, by proxy, since we’re in her head) can’t fully understand.

a mental health nightmare milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk 0001 cashier
The Cashier

Regardless, we’re able to get the milk and are on our way home. This is where the paths begin to branch. You tell the protagonist that the world is a dangerous place when she’s almost hit by a car, and we learn quickly that she doesn’t “live” in a dangerous world. She’s made up a world in her head that she lives in.

You can either try to snap her out of it (by repeating “You have to accept the truth” over and over again), or respond simply with “…” at her obviously nonsensical ramblings.

If you try too hard to snap her out of it, she rejects you entirely and the game force-resets.

If you respond with “…” after subtly confronting her about it, we get a lot more lore about her life, which paints a clearer picture of what she’s going through, giving us a bit of extra story. Both of these options have 1 achievement attached.

Extra Story

Our protagonist is suffering from an unnamed condition, or more likely, a combination of conditions. We learn that her father took his own life by jumping out of a window, because her family is “difficult” — we see hinted at later that he likely took his own life because of the protagonist’s mother.

After the incident, her mind went mostly blank, and she has a lot of difficulty remembering things. Despite that, she’s quite coherent in this moment, as she sits on a bench and talks to us. She tells us that the only reason she’s successful in getting the milk that day is because she decided to pretend she’s a protagonist in a Visual Novel Game, and she thanks us for playing along.

When she arrives home, we see a horribly creepy representation of her mother, likely what the protagonist sees. This, coupled with the eerie noise generated by her words, tells us that the protagonist does not have a good view of her mother. I have my own theory about this I’ll get into later.

a mental health nightmare milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk 0005 mother
The Protagonist’s Mother

Regardless, the mother asks if the protagonist’s medicine helped her go get the milk. The protagonist says yes, and is told to go to bed. Our game ends here.


I believe that the mother is responsible for the father’s death. This is because when the protagonist is in the store to buy milk, she panics to herself, thinking “Mother will through me out the window if I don’t get the milk.” This is probably what happened to her father.

Overall this game is deliciously creepy and scratches my brain just right for lore.

Stay tuned for our coverage of Part 2!

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