A Guide To Dead By Daylights Newest Map, The Nostromo Wreckage

Behaviour Interactive’s classic asymmetrical horror multiplayer game Dead by Daylight has had a very successful tenure, with its most recent release being Chapter 29: Alien, introducing the Xenomorph and Ellen Ripley to the game. This paid release came with a new map as well, specifically the Nostromo Wreckage. The Alien franchise is known for its dark, atmospheric setting, and the crashed remains of its iconic ship set the tone for some truly terrifying gameplay.

Placed in the Dvarka Deepwoods realm, the Nostromo Wreckage is located on what appears to be the surface of LV-426, a barren field of wreckage strewn across the dead surface of an alien moon. There players can explore several crashed spacecraft, including the Nostromo, as well as a large, maze-like area filled with ship wreckage.

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The Basics of the Nostromo Wreckage Map

Nostromo Wreckage Dead By Daylight Cryo Room in the ship wreckage of the nostromo Alien Dead By Daylight Chapter 29 DLC

Dead by Daylight’s Nostromo Wreckage map consists of several Points of Interest scattered across the barren surface of a dead, alien moon known as LV-426, the planet on which the original Alien movie takes place. The game justifies this non-canon map as the Entity that captured Ripley pulling shards of her memories together to create the perfect Trial grounds for her.

As a result, the Nostromo Wreckage map is filled with a variety of iconic scenes and moments from the Alien movie. The map consists of two crashed spacecraft and the wide, barren, wreckage-strewn space between them. The wreckage of the titular USCSS Nostromo dominates the map, with the main chunk of the craft taking up one end of the map and forming a tight, difficult-to-maneuver network of corridors and wrecked rooms. Within it, players can find several easter eggs, making the map an interesting space for any Alien fan. More important, however, are the vents that players will encounter within the crashed spacecraft.

The Nostromo is filled with burst pipes, many of which can be forcefully vented with the flip of a switch. The resulting distraction can stun a Killer and block their field of vision, giving a Survivor the chance they need to escape. There are two guaranteed Generator spawns within the ship — in the mess hall and the far left wing of the ship — but also the chance for a third to spawn in the right-wing hallway. Players can also find a chest and totem. Furthermore, the entrance to the Basement can commonly spawn underneath the Nostromo wreckage.

The second crashed spacecraft is the space shuttle Ripley uses to escape the Nostromo at the end of the movie, showing the licensed Dead by Daylight Chapter’s commitment to accuracy. Players can find a locker, a hook, and a pallet around the wreck sometimes, making it an essential point of interest. The Basement can be found directly opposite on the map across from the Nostromo Wreckage, with a wide, open space between them. The wreckage provides a variety of hiding places, acting nearly like a maze. Players will find the majority of generators and hooks in this area.

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Tricks and Secrets On The Nostromo Wreckage Map

The Nostromo spaceship from the movie Alien

As mentioned before, throughout the Nostromo’s wreckage there is a system of pipes under a great deal of pressure. Even the most amateur Dead by Daylight Survivor should be cautious of the big lever with a glowing red button on it next to these pipes, as when flipped, the pipes are primed. When the trap is primed, it will trigger shortly after a Player crosses through, firing off bouts of steam several seconds afterward.

Ideally, an escaping Survivor would lead a chasing Killer into this trap, because the Killer will be caught straight in the blast. This allows any player the chance to escape a Killer quickly, sneaking away while the Killer is blinded. The pipes must be primed again afterward and can be done so twice a match, indicated by red lights next to the lever. These lights also turn green when the trap is primed and activated.

RELATED: REVIEW: Titan Comics’ Dead by Daylight #1Players can find a variety of smaller easter eggs can be found on the map as well. Jonesy, the orange cat from Alien, can sometimes emerge from a locker when it is activated by a Survivor. If players approach a window leading into a closed-off room towards the back of the wreckage, they can trigger a face-hugger in the right wing of the Nostromo, too.

Players can also find the remnants of Ash, the android from Alien, in the mess hall on the table, and a MU/TH/UR 6000 computer in the back of the shuttle. They can access the computer by finding a randomly-spawned Cosmonaut on the map, finding a key on their body, and using that key to access a hidden room in the back of the shuttle.

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