A Complete Guide To Carrot In One Piece


  • Carrot is a rabbit mink and an ally of the Straw Hat Pirates, known for her combat abilities and protective nature.
  • Carrot played a crucial role in the Whole Cake Island Arc, helping to defeat Big Mom’s forces and save Sanji’s family.
  • After the Onigashima Raid, Carrot was named the new ruler of the Mink Tribe, continuing the will of her late mentor, Pedro.


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  • Carrot is part of the Mink Tribe – a race of humanoids that look like bipedal mammals who live on the island of Zou
  • Carrot helped to rescue Sanji, and she saved the Thousand Sunny by using her ultinate Sulong transformation
  • Following the Onigashima Raid, Carrot was named the new ruler of the Mink Tribe

After more than two decades, One Piece has solidified itself as the most successful manga and anime of all time. As the story has progressed, fans have met hundreds of unique characters – including Carrot. She is not a pirate, and she is not affiliated with the Marines or the World Government, but she is an ally of the Straw Hat Pirates. Carrot looks like a human-sized bipedal rabbit with white fur and short blonde hair. She even has a round fluffy tail. Based on her size and clothing, Carrot can easily be mistaken for an adolescent human girl, which is fitting since she is fifteen years old.

Carrot is a very kind person, and she is extremely protective of her home. She will also do anything to protect the people she cares about. Like a real rabbit, Carrot likes to gnaw on things, but there are times when she bites other people. She can become feral, but she can be calmed down if someone pats her on the head. Despite her cute appearance, Carrot is a very capable melee fighter, and she can shock people with an ability called Electro. In certain situations, she can take on dozens of enemies at once with minimal effort.

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Carrot: The New Ally of The Straw Hat Pirates

At first glance, Carrot looks like a human who ate a Zoan-type Devil Fruit, but she is actually a rabbit mink. The Mink Tribe is a race of humanoids with mammalian features, and like most of her people, Carrot was born and raised in the Mokomo Dukedom. This kingdom is on the living island of Zou, which can be found on the back of Zunesha – the colossal elephant that wanders the New World. She was part of the Inuarashi Musketeer Squad, which means that she was part of the combat force that operated during the day. When she was younger, Carrot trained to use a sword, but she had no talent for it. A Jaguar Mink named Pedro decided to take her under his wing, and thanks to him, she learned how to fight with a pair of clawed gauntlets that look like rabbit paws.

When Jack and the Beast Pirates attacked Zou, they were looking for a Wano ninja named Raizo, and Carrot fought them with her fellow daytime warriors. The battle lasted five full days, and Jack decided to use a chemical weapon that was developed by Caesar Clown. This weapon poisoned and weakened the entire Mink Tribe – including Carrot. On the sixth day, Jack left Zou to try and rescue Doflamingo, and members of the Straw Hat Pirates who were led by Sanji, arrived on the island and helped to save the minks from Jack’s remaining forces. This is how Carrot became an ally of Luffy’s crew. That being said, she did attack Luffy’s group when they arrived on Zou, but that only happened because she did not know who they were.

By the time Luffy arrived, Capone Bege had already taken Sanji to see Big Mom on Whole Cake Island. Half of the Straw Hats went to Wano with Momonosuke, and Luffy led the other half to go rescue Sanji. Pedro agreed to go with Luffy’s group, and much to their surprise, Carrot snuck onto their ship, the Thousand Sunny. Pedro wanted to take her back to Zou, but she begged them to let her stay because she wanted to help. Luckily, Luffy allowed her to join the rescue team.

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Carrot Shined Against The Big Mom Pirates

During the Whole Cake Island Arc, Carrot got really close with the Straw Hats. She and Chopper became especially close because they both loved the sweets that were produced by the islands within Big Mom’s territory. The arc showcased Carrot’s combat abilities several times. She battled a swarm of giant ants, and she later fought Randolph – a surprisingly skilled rabbit homie that had been created by Big Mom’s Soul-Soul Fruit. When the group encountered Charlotte Brulee, Carrot and Chopper were trapped in her Devil Fruit’s mirror dimension, but she was ultimately responsible for defeating and capturing Brulee. This was a significant moment because Luffy and his allies later used Brulee’s dimension to thwart Big Mom’s wedding massacre plan. Once the signal was given, Carrot helped to save Sanji’s family – who were Big Mom’s targets.

The rescue party needed to escape, but that was difficult because Big Mom and her crew were right behind them. In order to buy the group enough time to escape on the Thousand Sunny, Pedro sacrificed himself by setting off a bomb that he had attached to himself. The sacrifice served its purpose, but Carrot was devastated, and she tried to leave the ship to get to his body. Thanks to Jinbe’s words, Carrot was able to regain control of her emotions, and her resolve strengthened.

At some point, the Thousand Sunny found itself being pursued by a fleet of Big Mom’s ships, and that was the moment Carrot showed her true strength. Every mink is capable of using the Sulong transformation, and in doing so, their eyes turn blood-red and their fur and hair becomes pure-white. Their bodies and hair grow, and their features become more animalistic. They are also constantly surrounded by sparks of electricity. A mink can only use this form if they have an unobstructed view of the full moon. Carrot’s Sulong form is both intimidating and beautiful, and it grants her enhanced strength, speed, and agility. While in this form, Carrot was able to take out dozens of Big Mom’s henchman at a time, and she damaged all their ships to the point that they could no longer pursue the fleeing Straw Hats.

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Carrot’s New Role After Wano

With Sanji rescued, the Straw Hats were able to reunite in Wano, and Carrot accompanied them. While there, she reunited with Inuarashi and Nekomamushi, who wanted to avenge Oden Kozuki by liberating Wano from Kaido and his Beast Pirates. She participated in the decisive Onigashima Raid, but things did not start off well because she and Nami were caught by one of Big Mom’s homies. Luckily, they were able to break free. At one point, Carrot fought Charlotte Perospero, but he was able to defeat her even though she was in her Sulong form. Despite the loss, Carrot was still alive, and when Perospero finally lost to Nekomamushi, she quickly rejoined the fight against the Beast Pirates.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance, Kaido and Big Mom were defeated and the Land of Wano was freed. With the fighting done, Carrot participated in the festivities, and she was given a new and important role. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi informed her that they were stepping down as the rulers of the Mokomo Dukedom so they could stay in Wano. They then appointed Carrot as the kingdom’s new ruler. She was surprised by the move, but they told her that her recent experiences qualified her to lead the minks into a new era. She accepted the new position, and in doing so, she is now able to continue Pedro’s will.

Carrot may not be one of One Piece‘s most powerful characters, but she is still pretty strong – especially when the full moon is clearly visible. She helped to rescue Sanji, and her actions allowed half of the Straw Hats to escape Big Mom’s fleet. She later risked her own life and fought to liberate Wano. A lot of fans expected Carrot to officially join the crew after the Whole Cake Island Arc, and when that did not happen, some believed that she would become an honorary member like Princess Vivi. Unfortunately, that did not happen either, but it all worked out for Carrot in the end because she now has the honor of leading her people. She may not be part of his crew, but Carrot will most definitely return to help Luffy in some way during the final saga.

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