A Blue Beetle Credit Scene Could ‘Boost’ the Superhero’s Future in the DCU

Warning! The following contains SPOILERS for Blue Beetle


  • Blue Beetle‘s mid-credit scene hints at another character’s possible appearance in upcoming DCU projects.
  • Director Ángel Manuel Soto expressed interest in including both Ted Kord and Booster Gold in future Blue Beetle films, aligning with James Gunn’s plans for Booster Gold in his DCU vision.
  • The potential team-up of Jaime Reyes, Ted Kord, and Booster Gold in the DCU opens up exciting possibilities, but whether it will happen on the big screen or on the streaming platform Max is yet to be determined.

It turns out that Blue Beetle isn’t a Ted “Kord”—less adventure after all. Director Ángel Manuel Soto’s first foray into the world of DC Comics has landed in cinemas, and now it’s up to the film to decide the fate of its hero Jaime Reyes (Xolo Maridueña), aka the Blue Beetle. But if Soto gets his wish, the scarab-wearing superhero will return — and he won’t be the only one because Ted Kord is alive.

During the credits of Blue Beetle, it’s revealed that Jenny’s (Bruna Marquezine) father, Ted Kord, still lives. Kord, of course, is the second of three men to take up the mantle of the superhero. In the source material, Ted first appears in the pages of Captain Atom No. 63 in 1966. Over the years, as DC Comics took on the character, Kord spent a lot of time with another “hero,” Booster Gold. With the revelation of Ted’s existence, Soto addresses the future of his Blue Beetle franchise, which might include Booster Gold, too.

Soto said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“We all love Ted Kord and Booster Gold, and knowing that James Gunn also has plans for Booster Gold, it felt like the right thing for us to continue with. Ted Kord is still alive, he’s somewhere out there in the universe, and whatever the future holds for our hero is open to interpretation. So, whether that is Booster Gold or Ted Kord or if it is both of them [together], the possibility exists, and it is something that we want to entertain.”

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Blue Beetle’s Mid-Credit Scene Reveals Ted Kord

Is DC Planning a Blue Beetle & Booster Gold Movie?

Ted Kord lives! And the revelation could lead to not only his Blue Beetle appearing in upcoming DCU projects, but it also points to Booster Gold’s arrival. James Gunn has already confirmed that the character of Jaime Reyes’ Blue Beetle will be a part of the DCU on the Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum podcast. And Gunn reiterated the point at a screening for Blue Beetle just two days ago on Instagram:

And Gunn and Peter Safran already have announced their plans to bring Booster Gold to Max in his own streaming series. Gunn made the announcement back in January when he laid out his plans for his and Safran’s vision of their DCU, which also includes Superman: Legacy, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow and The Brave and the Bold. Gunn said of the Booster Gold series (via DC):

“Booster Gold is one of comics really popular, cult heroes. He is a fascinating guy. He’s a loser from the future who uses future technology to come back to present day and become a superhero — so that people will love him. It is basically the superhero story of impostor syndrome.”

In one of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold’s more infamous moments, while serving on the Justice League, both came up against the creature that eventually killed Superman: Doomsday. In the 1992 comic books Justice League of America No. 69 and Superman No. 74, Ted Kord is nearly beaten to death and left in a coma at the hands of the Kryptonian killing machine. And while Booster ultimately survived the encounter, Doomsday ripped the superhero’s suit and technology from the future to shreds — leaving him just a normal guy living in the past.

Now, the stage is set for Jaime and Kord’s Blue Beetles to team up with Booster Gold in the DCU. But whether they will meet on the big screen or Max, or if they’ll get together at all remains to be seen. Blue Beetle is now playing in theaters.

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