90 Day Fiancé – Tim Malcolm Posted About Forgetting Veronica’s Birthday (But She’s Always On His Mind)


  • Tim Malcolm’s a polarizing presence within the 90 Day Fiancé community, but he remains unfazed by haters. In fact, he confronts them head-on.
  • Despite Tim and Veronica’s split, they maintain a close friendship. Tim really cares about her, as shown by his sincere apology on Instagram, when he briefly forgot her birthday.
  • Tim’s faced backlash for his controversial comments during a Tell-All appearance. He’s learned about the downside of fame.

90 Day Fiancé icon Tim Malcolm’s polarizing, whether he’s with Veronica Rodriguez or not, and he still talks about his famous ex. While there have been attempts to cancel Tim, “the man with the golden gun” keeps on trucking. He confronts his haters head-on, whether he’s getting shade for his controversial comments or his fashion choices. There’s also chatter about Tim’s sexuality, which he’s addressed with his usual gusto. He doesn’t let trolls throw him off balance for very long.

Tim and Veronica weren’t a forever match, but they were still an unforgettable couple. Tim was touchingly devoted to Veronica’s daughter. When the two split up, that didn’t change. As both dabbled in the dating scene (Veronica’s been linked with 90 Day Fiancé‘s Jamal Menzies and Tim dated 90 Day Fiancé‘s Linda Ramirez), their dynamic changed. Nonetheless, Tim’s loyal to Veronica, who’s still a close friend. In August, he apologized profusely for forgetting her birthday. It’s been roughly five years since Tim and Veronica called it quits, after fighting about cars, their home and more. They’ve definitely buried the hatchet.

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Tim Forgot Her Big Day, But He Still Cares About Veronica

Tim was his usual chatty self when he took to his el_gringo_charlotte IG account to say how sorry he was that he missed Veronica’s birthday. His apology was so charming, it was surely accepted by his former girlfriend. Tim talked about the way that Veronica always did her best to make his birthdays special. He called himself a, “horrible friend,” but really, it seems like he’s true blue. While no one’s pretending that things are the same as they used to be, Veronica’s on his mind. He’s remembering everything she did to make him happy.

Also, he only forgot her b-day for a little while. He just gets the date mixed up, assuming it’s on August 13th each year, rather than August 11th, her true birthday. Tim is busy with his company, which customizes classic firearms, and he’s also an influencer. He’s one of those 90 Day Fiancé alums who really stands out. Sometimes, the reality show icon stands out too much, like when his shocking Tell-All appearance led to backlash.

Tim’s appearance at that Tell-All changed his image. Before, he was a charismatic commentator who had tons of fans. He and Veronica were always Pillow Talk faves. Now, he’s experienced the flip side of being a fan favorite. Viewers can change in a split second, and they aren’t shy about voicing their grievances. However, Tim’s known for fighting back.

Tim’s also had feuds with other cast members. However, his clash with Jesse Meester wasn’t his fault. Jesse implied that he was gay. First off, it’s none of Jesse’s business. Also, it’s in poor taste. Tim responded by saying that Jesse and his then-partner Jeniffer Tarazona were egomaniacs (to paraphrase). Tim, who even had his eyebrows criticized by his foe, wasn’t afraid to retaliate.

Why Did Tim Almost Get Canceled?

Tim Malcolm 90 Day Fiance montage tim in purple shirt and darker outfit

Tim overstepped when he described Jeymi Noguera as a “Columbian gold digger” during a Tell-All. His comments offended some of the fanbase, and those people wanted him canceled. Since Tim never quite makes his relationships work, he may not have the right to call out other cast members. However, he’s paid to provide commentary. In the future, he’ll probably tone it down. Bringing Jeymi’s nationality into it was his biggest misstep. A gold digger can come from anywhere, so it’s not relevant. That part of his comment was possibly problematic.

Tim survived that storm, as so many 90 Day Fiancé cast members weather scandals. When he veers into villain territory, he’s following in the footsteps of some of the most volatile and infamous 90DF icons, including Angela Deem and Big Ed Brown. The latter two villains have often offended with their words. Angela’s gone further by getting physical with Michael Ilesanmi and a “pal” that she tangled with in a hotel elevator.

Conversely, causing a ruckus in the franchise can pay off. Sometimes, the “bad” cast members get cast again and again. Angela’s now appearing in 90 Day: The Last Resort season 1. No matter what she does, and some of it’s been bad, she returns to bring more drama to screens. It may be just the same for Tim. However, his scandal probably made him realize that reality fame has a dark side, beyond the usual trolls. Fans can actually stop reality celebs from achieving their career goals. That hasn’t happened to 90 Day Fiancé‘s Tim or Angela yet, but it could, if they really cross the line.

Sources: Tim Malcolm/Instagram, el_gringo_charlotte/Instagram

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