9 Reasons Why Incredibles’ Syndrome Is Actually The Most Evil Pixar Villain


  • Syndrome’s desire for fame was built on a lie, as he wanted people to believe he was an organic superhero.
  • If Syndrome had pursued his genius as a weapons designer, he could have been like Marvel’s Iron Man.
  • Syndrome’s motivations stemmed from a petty grudge against Mr. Incredible, leading him to play on the desires of other supers and trap them.

Syndrome from The Incredibles is arguably the most evil villain Pixar ever conceived. That’s not an easy reputation to earn, considering Pixar has made its fair share of iconic villains over the last few decades. Between Stinky Pete, Hopper, Randall Boggs, Charles Muntz, and Ernesto de la Cruz, among others, Pixar has a coterie of well-known antagonists.

The Incredibles is regarded as one of the best superhero animated movies of all-time, and a lot of the credit for this goes to the strong presence of Syndrome. Despite not having any powers, Syndrome is a genius armed with the latest technology by his own design, along with his very own army at his behest to throw at Mr. Incredible and company. His goals, motivations, and actions throughout The Incredibles fully scope out his persona as a diabolical villain.


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9 Syndrome’s Desired Fame Would Have Been Based On A Lie

He Would Have Fooled People Into Thinking He Was An Organic Super

Because Syndrome’s motivation was to attain glory, he also wanted everyone to believe that he was an organic superhero instead of a technological genius. Being deceptive should be considered among the least of Syndrome’s crimes, but it’s sickening that he went through all of this trouble to perpetuate a complete facade. The harm he caused just to accomplish this single goal says a lot about his character.

8 Syndrome Had Superhero Potential In His Own Way

He Could Have Been Iron Man If He Kept At It

Incrediboy Buddy Pine

While what Buddy Pine wanted all along was to be Mr. Incredible’s sidekick, he was looking at the prospect of being a superhero from the wrong end of the telescope. Just because his idol rejected him didn’t mean he couldn’t be a superhero. His genius as a weapons designer could have made him like Marvel’s Iron Man, who’s commonly accepted as a superhero despite not having any superpowers. His revolutionary technology could have helped humanity greatly, but his twisted priorities steered him in the wrong direction. His technology also made him invincible in combat, meaning he could have been a top-notch super without killing the others off.

7 It Was All To Fulfill Syndrome’s Childhood Fantasy

Syndrome Never Grew Out Of His Infatuation With Superheroes

Incrediboy wants to be Mr. Incredible's sidekick

Though he didn’t have powers, Buddy’s dream had always been to be involved in superhero life. Even though his plans changed upon being turned down by Mr. Incredible, he still desired to be a superhero. While how he would achieve his goals was much worse, Syndrome committing the deeds he did to make his childish dream a reality showcases the depth of his depravity. Because he couldn’t let go of his delusions of grandeur from his childhood, numerous lives were lost.

6 Syndrome’s Motivations Stemmed From A Petty Grudge

Mr. Incredible’s Rejection Fueled His Bitterness

Mr. Incredible and Buddy Pine in The Incredibles (1)

A hard lesson to learn in life is that maybe it’s not the best idea to meet one’s heroes. Syndrome learned that in a literal sense when Mr. Incredible turned down his offer to have then-Incrediboy be his sidekick. However, because he saw Mr. Incredible as a father figure, Syndrome held a grudge for, as he sees it, turning him down. While the healthy thing would have been to move on, Syndrome couldn’t let go, and everything that happens afterward does so because he had a petty grudge against his former idol. Syndrome’s inability to move on from what happened shows how big and fragile his ego is, and gives him yet another massive character flaw.

5 Syndrome Played On The Supers’ Desires To Trap Them

He Offered A Chance To Re-Live The Glory Days

Being forced to live regular lives was a tough adjustment for the superheroes, which is why Mr. Incredible and Frozone did superhero work in the shadows. This was how Syndrome found both of them, which is probably how he found the other supers too. He then used the lure of doing superhero work (along with a nice salary), playing on their desire to do what they are naturally good at. Syndrome playing on the superheroes not doing anything wrong besides wanting to return to their previous lives only to kill them shows how cunning and diabolical he is as a villain.

4 Syndrome Risked The Lives Of The People Closest To Him

He Hated Mr. Incredible More Than He Cared About Mirage

Mr. Incredible and Syndrome

With nothing left to lose and desiring revenge after hearing his own family die, Mr. Incredible threatens to kill Mirage if Syndrome doesn’t let him go. Syndrome not only refuses to give in but dares his former idol to kill his girlfriend. Syndrome may have known all along that Mr. Incredible wouldn’t follow through on his threat, but the fact that he would go as far as risking the life of Mirage, the one person who was in his corner throughout his entire scheme, to prove that shows how little he cared for anyone else outside of himself.

3 Syndrome Was Willing To Let Innocent Civilians Die

He Didn’t Care About Collateral Damage

The Omnidroid in 5e

Part of Syndrome’s plan was to have his Omnidroid unleash chaos on the world to put together his superhero introduction. This plan also included potential casualties in the process. Even when Syndrome “stops” the Omnidroid, he uses his technology to toss a truck into the background without a care in the world, potentially killing bystanders. To put a cherry on top, his superhero career lasts less than a minute before his own creation bests him. Syndrome being willing to let people die to make himself look like a hero shows his sociopathy, and the fact that he didn’t have a failsafe is indicative of his hubris.

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2 Syndrome Took No Issue Killing Children

Not Even Children Were Exempt From His Wrath

Dash and Violet on a plane in The Incredibles

Many killers draw the line at children, but Syndrome does not. Believing Mr. Incredible sent for help, Syndrome sends missiles to Elastigirl’s plane. As Mr. Incredible begs him to spare her, his desperation only gets amplified when he finds out their children are also on the plane. The new revelation doesn’t phase Syndrome, whose grudge against Mr. Incredible is so strong that he seemingly takes pleasure in killing them just to get back at his former hero. While they may have survived the attack, Syndrome not caring about children’s lives shows that he clearly knows no boundaries. ​​​​​​

1 Syndrome Commits A Mass Genocide Of Superheroes

He Is A Mass Murderer Without Question.

Some villains are all talk. Some villains could kill as they pleased. Syndrome could do both. In what was the most disturbing twist in The Incredibles, Bob finds out that Syndrome devised a scheme in which he tested his omnidroid on all the supers he could, killing dozens in the process, before putting his plan into action. Even if he didn’t commit the deeds directly, Syndrome was a mass murderer with the blood of who knows how many superheroes on his hands. The minor detail from The Incredibles that those supers were all friends, too, makes it all the more appalling that Syndrome killed them in cold blood.

The Incredibles can be streamed on Disney+.

  • The Incredibles

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    Brad Bird

    Sarah Vowell, Samuel L. Jackson, Craig T. Nelson, Spencer Fox, Holly Hunter, Jason Lee


    115 minutes

    Animation, Adventure, Action, Family

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    A family of undercover superheroes, while trying to live the quiet suburban life, are forced into action to save the world.

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    The Incredibles 2


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