9 Indie Games Releasing in 2024 You Should Have On Your Radar

Indie games have a special homegrown charm to them and as a result, are occasionally even better than AAA titles. Sometimes they can take time to release, but it’s worth it. For all the indie lovers, here’s the best indie titles releasing in 2024 to look out for.


Release Date: January 19, 2024

a pal from palworld releasing in 2024
Image Source: Pocketpair

Do you love Pokemon games but find them to be too safe or infantile in terms of content? The upcoming open world title Palworld has similar creature raising fundamentals but takes thing a step further when it comes to the addition of mature mechanics.

The options are endless — want to exploit them in factories? Cook them up? Or take the path of straight and narrow as a battler? Go right ahead. In Palworld, you take the route you want to.

Open Roads

Release Date: February 22, 2024

Tess and Opal from Open Roads
Image Source: Fullbright

Gilmore Girls meets adventure and mystery in Open Roads, a story where a mother and daughter set out on a road trip to figure out some family secrets. The only clues they have are some letters and photos found in the attic, some of which seems to point to a hidden family treasure.

Could that really be the case though? Tess and Opal are determined to find out and, in the process, they’ll tighten their own bond. Granny’s got her spicy secrets in Open Roads.

Pacific Drive

Release Date: February 22, 2024

the station wagon from pacific drive
Image Source: Ironwood Studios

The Pacific Northwest is full of legends and myths, so it was only a matter of time before someone made a survival game about it. The player drives a station wagon through the landscapes of what is now called the Olympic Exclusion Zone and must escape from the monsters that reside in it.

You’re safe in your car, but the vehicle will occasionally need repairs. Along the way, you’ll learn the story of what happened in the past that led to things becoming the way they were. Oh, and the deeper you get, the more ticked off the monsters get, so have fun!

Hades 2

Release Window: Q2 2024

Hades 2 Early Access
Image Source: Supergiant Games

Hades is an incredible dungeon crawler, so when its sequel Hades 2 was announced, everyone went wild. Also, everyone in it is hot, is that ever a bad thing? Set to possibly release in the spring of this year, the game will focus on the story of Princess Melinoe, Zagreus’s sister as she faces off against a villain known as the Titan of Time.

You’ll see that the setting of the original was only a fraction of the in-game universe’s size. With Supergiant’s fantastic world-building, there’s a reason we’re extra hyped for this sequel.

Dead Static Drive

Release Window: Q3 2024

a car in dead static drive
Image Source: Reuben Games

Post apocalyptic literature has shown us before that when the world falls apart, it’s not just the nippy growling monsters you’ll have to worry about. In Dead Static Drive, you have to survive in a world where order and society are gone.

Every human being is now out to watch out for themselves and trusting someone has become difficult. You’ll have to keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and beware of what lurks under your feet. Only time will tell if you’ll make through this land of chaos and terror.

The Plucky Squire

Release Window: 2024

Jot from The Plucky Squire that is releasing in 2024
Image Source: All Possible Futures

What would you do if the characters from your favorite childhood books could suddenly come to life? In the Plucky Squire, main character Jot has his heroic life twisted when his archenemy Humpgrump casts him out to the real world. Stuck in an unfamiliar place with the story of his life altered for the worst, he must find a way to restore everything.

You’ll experience new challenges with the opportunity to go between both the human and book world, so it’s sure to be fun — think Paper Mario but less linear. This is definitely one we look forward to checking out releasing in 2024.

Hyper Light Breaker

Release Window: 2024

development footage from hyper light breaker
Image Source: Heart Machine

Open World lovers won’t be left out of the party in 2024 when Hyper Light Breaker releases. Explore an illuminated world called the Overgrowth, where discoveries are endless thanks to its many worlds to explore. From the looks of things, you’ll always find something new here.

The developer describes it as having unlimited re-playability, as each run will bring you to a different place, giving the game incredible value. If you’re someone that gets easily burned out of games with the same features, keep this one on your radar for sure.

The Rise Of The Golden Idol

Release Window: 2024

Artifacts from The Rise of the Golden Idol
Image Credit: Color Gray Games

They say crime doesn’t pay, so this is going to be an exciting year for detective game lovers with the releasing in 2024 of The Rise Of The Golden Idol. The sequel to The Case Of The Golden Idol, the series is really known for its immersion, encouraging the player to utilize their personal deduction skill to solve the puzzles.

There are 15 cases for you to uncover, each one marginally different than the last. Of course, the biggest mystery of all will be the one surrounding the Golden Idol.

Umamusume: Pretty Derby – Party Dash

Release Window: 2024

Umamusume party dash releasing in 2024
Image Credit: Cygames

Anime lovers have likely heard of Umamusume, the horse girl series modeled after famous racing champions. Despite the mobile game being popular, it has yet to get a global release. There’s good news though — a spinoff called Umamusume Pretty Derby Party Dash is coming this year!

This new game comes with all your favorite characters from the franchise like Special Week, Gold Ship, and many others. You’ll play as them against friends in races and party style minigames in an adorable pixel format. Series fans will love this one releasing in 2024!

With so many incredible titles in development, there’s a lot to look forward to this year!

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