9 Best Cheats, Tips & Tricks for Free Rolls and More

Monopoly Go might look simple when players first pick it up, but it hides a level of complexity that can keep someone engaged with it for hours on end. However, part of that complexity is having a ton of dice to roll and resources, and those sometimes require cheats.

In Monopoly Go, players must compete with others around a digital Monopoly board where the game rules are loosely based on the board game but have interesting casino-style twists that can see players steal an entire bank from someone else. The only downside is the limitations the game puts on players with dice and other opportunities to play, but there are cheats, tips, and tricks players can use to get around those and play for what feels like forever.

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Are There Cheats in Monopoly Go?

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No, there are no legitimate cheats for Monopoly Go. The game has been designed to be as fair as possible because it’s a multiplayer title. Therefore, it would be wrong for developer Scopely to put cheats out there that give players an unfair advantage.

However, there are hacks and illegitimate cheats some players use in Monopoly Go. We won’t be listing any of those here because they’ll likely be patched out as soon as they’re discovered and fixed by the developer. In addition, we’d expect every account that uses illegitimate cheats to be banned, which is why we never use them in multiplayer games.

The Nine Best Monopoly Go Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Win More and Play for Longer

In this section, we’ve outlined the best Monopoly Go cheats, tips, and tricks to help players get more free rolls and resources and just play for longer. While not all of them are cheats in the traditional sense, they all help players make the most of their time with the game. These tips and tricks are listed in no particular order because they’re all as useful as each other.

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As with many games in this genre, such as Monopoly Slots, there are free Dice links that are shared almost daily. It’s worth searching online to try to find these as often as possible because the codes provide more resources to keep players in Monopoly Go for much longer. The websites hosting these links change often, so it’s recommended that players find a few reliable ones to source links from.

2) Invite Friends to Play

friends in monopoly go
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Inviting friends to play Monopoly Go is a great way to rack up free Dice. While it’s not a reliable way to earn them every day, it’s one that players should pay attention to every time they have invites to send out. This is also a good way to get new friends in when others are stealing too often.

3) Add and Play With Friends Who Won’t Steal (Much)

stealing in monopoly go
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A big part of Monopoly Go is being devious and stealing from friends. The problem is, those friends can steal right back, and that isn’t going to help with progressing quickly in the game. That’s why it’s important to grow a small group of friends who play and who also won’t steal or won’t seal too much, at least.

It’s possible to meet others who want friends to play with but want those friends to avoid stealing at all costs through online communities such as the Monopoly Go Reddit. If they end up stealing way more than agreed upon, it’s easy enough to remove those friends and find some new friends to play with.

4) Don’t Build Until a Sticker Boom or Wheel Boost is Available

demolishing in monopolgy go
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There are regular events in Monopoly Go that provide extra items to players when they claim milestones. These include Sticker Boom, Wheel Boost, Board Rush, and Landmark Boost. It’s important to keep track of when these events will take place and play the game as much as possible, claiming all gifts and milestones possible while they are.

Of course, it’s fine to play between these events. We’re saying that it makes sense to hold onto any boosts until they’ll be doubled or tripled by an event, making them much more worthwhile. We find it easy to build up a collection of these but understand not all players will. It’s best to think of this style of play as farming before what could be seen as a boss fight against the developer, making the most of the game when those resources they allow to trickle out will be the most valuable.

5) Keep an Eye Out for Free Parking Events

dice giveaway in monopoly go
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Now and then, there will be Free Parking Dice events in Monopoly Go. These award an astounding number of Dice for landing on specific tiles, and they’re so worth playing for. Adding on a boost to an account can help make the most of these events by multiplying the number of free Dice on offer, opening up hours of game time in the future thanks to clever game mechanic manipulation.

6) Don’t Forget to Claim Free Gifts

event in monopoly go
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Monopoly Go offers players free gifts from the store, which can be claimed and kept for as long as players want. However, the timer for those free gifts won’t reset until players actually open the gifts, so they can cause themselves a major setback by holding those gifts for a rainy day.

Another reason we recommend players use these free gifts as soon as possible is because they can offer currency for events. These events don’t last long, and every bit of currency helps, so holding onto a gift that might have some inside is madness.

7) Ensure the Landmarks Page is Empty as Often as Possible

landmarks in monopoly go
Image via Scopely

Landmarks are an important part of playing Monopoly Go. Players can win big by completing a board or multiple boards, but it takes time to do that when building them one at a time. On top of that grind, other players can pop in and demolish landmarks, which puts players back to square one.

That’s why we suggest all players save up until they have the cash to build every landmark on a board or a few boards. This way, it doesn’t matter if someone else comes along and smashes as many as they can. There will always be some left. It gives players a leg up on the competition and can put them ahead in Monopoly Go in a way that most opponents won’t be able to come back from.

8) Get Involved With Sticker Trading Communities

sticker collecting in monopoly go
Image via Scopely

Stickers are a fantastic collectible in Monopoly Go, and they help differentiate the gameplay somewhat for those jumping in daily. However, it’s tough to build up a collection over time due to the nature of how Monopoly Go is built. This is one of our favorite parts of the game because we grew up collecting stickers in physical annuals.

That’s why it’s important to get involved with a Sticker trading community early on. By trading Stickers with others, players can maximize their collection easily and make Monopoly Go a bit more fun for the time they spend with it.

9) Don’t Skip High Roller Events

man in monopoly go
Image via Scopely

High Roller events in Monopoly Go allow players to target specific tiles and earn more event points than they thought possible. To do this, it’s worth holding on to dice until these events occur. When they do, using them between six and eight tiles away from a target tile that awards event points will give players the best shot at earning as many points as possible.

This sounds complicated, but it doesn’t need to be. All players need to do is bank a few Dice in their heads when they earn some. So for every 50 they get, save ten. Then, when a High Roller event comes around, they need to wait until they’re at the perfect point to try to aim for a tile that gives them event points. Finally, they just need to use their banked Dice to try to hit that tile and make the most of the event they could so easily have missed out on.

Why Are There No Monopoly Go Cheats for Me to Use?

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There aren’t any Monopoly Go cheats because the game is an online multiplayer experience based on fairness. As we’ve mentioned above, the game relies on fairness to keep players engaged. Otherwise, there would be no point in playing because anyone could be easily beaten by someone using a cheat.

It’s in the best interest of the developer to keep the game free from bugs, glitches, and cheats that can be abused so more people play and the gameplay is fulfilling. After all, other games become hostile, and players leave them when glitches take over. This happened with the original Modern Warfare 2 and Red Dead Redemption Online.

What is the Airplane Mode Glitch in Monopoly Go?

flying in monopoly go
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The airplane mode glitch in Monopoly Go is a simple exploit where players use their mobile device’s airplane mode to break Monopoly Go while it’s loading so they can get bonus Dice rolls. We won’t be explaining how the glitch works here because we believe any player who uses it is putting themselves at risk of getting banned from the game.

It’s important to know about this glitch because it can explain why some players are getting so lucky. While it doesn’t account for all the bad luck a player can experience, it could be a reason why an opponent never seems to get a bad roll. Anyone who suspects an opponent is cheating with this exploit should report them immediately.

Monopoly Go Free Rolls – Free Dice Links
Image via Monopoly GO YouTube channel

Please find the links below to get free rolls and dice for the Monopoly GO game:

Monopoly GO is a game that, like Coin Master, offers some free dice per day via links. However, obtaining them is quite a challenge as they only drop in Discord. Moreover, they expire very quickly, so you must set up notifications and keep checking back throughout the day. Despite the frustration, there are numerous roles available through this method, making it worth the effort.

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