7 Major GTA 6 Leaks and Rumors & How Likely They Are to Be Real

It has been a decade since the release of Grand Theft Auto 5, and fans are ready for whatever comes next in the franchise.

For the most part, Rockstar has been entirely silent on the next game, leading fans to do their own investigative work, and any possible leak or rumor spreads like wildfire. Though we still don’t know what GTA 6 will bring, there is a mountain of leaks and rumors to judge based on the likelihood of legitimacy.

Possible Release Window

Image Source: Rockstar Games

Take-Two Interactive’s August 2023 quarterly finance reports reported an expected “significant inflection point” in Fiscal Year 2025. This means they expect a massive revenue boost in just this specific span of time, which almost certainly points to the release of a huge game like GTA 6. As the 2025 Fiscal Year ends in March 2025, it would be reasonable to expect the game sometime before then.

This one doesn’t have any trail to check; it comes from the publisher directly. While they don’t come right out and say anything about GTA 6, it will certainly be the biggest game of the year whenever it does finally release. On the bright side, time is ticking down, and fans might be able to expect GTA 6 in the next 15 months.


GTA Online Halloween Masks 2023
Image Source: Rockstar Games

Reddit user Tobbelobben30 dug through the older massive leak that Rockstar suffered and found several references to character actions that suggest co-op gameplay. The BuddyPing and BuddyComms actions suggest that there will be some sort of interaction between two players, and there is evidence that players can be downed and get revived, which isn’t exactly a single-player thing.

This one is highly likely because co-op is huge in games like this. However, the evidence provided doesn’t directly show it means co-op teammates. The “Buddy” in question could easily mean that you get AI partners that can revive you, and you can direct them through pings.

Modern Setting

Image Source: Rockstar Games

Jason Schreier commented in a Reddit thread, revealing what he knew about the game’s setting. He wrote, “I can’t rule out any flashbacks or excursions, but AFAIK the main game is set in modern times.” This Reddit thread is from July 2022, so it is highly unlikely this could change. After the way GTA 5 starts, it would make sense if that idea carried forward into showing other past events in a new story.

As this comes directly from Jason Schreier, it is almost guaranteed to be the truth. Also, it’s only been a year since the comment was made. While game development can constantly shift, it feels too late to entirely rework the game’s main setting.

Female Protagonist

The Last Dose promo art for GTA Online
Image via Rockstar Games

Continuing leaks/announcements from Jason Schreier, a Bloomberg article reveals a first for the series: a female protagonist. Following the modern setting, it makes sense to finally depart from only male lead characters. As GTA Online allowed player creation, continuing this specific series norm would be highly unusual.

The source for this one is once again one of the most trustworthy names in games journalism, so there shouldn’t be any doubts about this one. He further reveals that, unlike the three-way split in GTA 5, there will only be two protagonists in GTA 6. This could easily be where co-op comes into play as it could be two-player, and they both control one character.

The Female Protagonist is Named Lucia

Grand Theft Auto Vice City 50 Cent Leak side eye cover art
Image via Rockstar Games

This one is a bit harder to source, as it is once again from Reddit, but the author has been deleted. In the post, they claim the female protagonist is named Lucia, and that she gets arrested for robbing a bank. She is joined by her fellow bank-robbing cohort, Jason.

This one is tricky, as other sources corroborate that the female protagonist is Latina, and Lucia would be a fitting name. The bank robbing is a little more tenuous, as that’s pretty much just a rehash of the GTA 5 protagonists. I know there’s not enough leeway for criminals to do crimes that result in big money besides bank robbery, but it still seems a little convenient. I can only chalk this one up to a firm maybe.

Map Based on Miami

GTA: Vice City's Ocean Beach main street
Image Source: Rockstar Games

A different part of that Bloomberg article claims that the main area for GTA 6 will be based on Miami. This may be the reintroduction of Vice City, as that location existed within the canon of the pre-GTA 4 titles. However, San Andreas returned with GTA 5, so it’s possible.

If we’re accepting the female protagonist at face value, considering the source, there’s no reason to discount this piece of information. It’s weird to think that Rockstar might overwrite the established geography, but Vice City is older canon and could be changed. Regarding environmental variance, using Miami could mean an inclusion of the Everglades.

Outside US Location

Image Source: Rockstar Games

In a June video, YouTuber (and notable Valve leaker) Tyler McVicker claimed that GTA 6 would take players to Cuba. While the Red Dead Redemption games occasionally take players outside the United States, Grand Theft Auto has never done the same. This would certainly increase the playable area in GTA 6 and make the total map larger than ever.

I’m unsure about this, but it could also depend on the presentation. I don’t think it would make sense to have Cuba as a destination, but it would make sense if the game started there and you don’t get to return. However, assuming the Miami-esque location is true, featuring a facsimile of Cuba makes a little more sense.

About the author

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