7 Best CS2 Aim Training Maps

Counter-Strike 2 is an easy game to get into but a hard one to master. Players must hone their aim and loadouts over hundreds of hours of playtime. Even then, they can still struggle to compete on the highest level.

Thankfully, there are certain maps that have been built for Counter-Strike 2 to help players master their aim through aim training. These maps are designed to give players every advantage, access to targets and weapons, and all the time in the world to become the best CS2 player they can.

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The 7 Best Aim Training Maps for Counter-Strike 2

Below, we’ve listed the seven best SC2 aim training maps available. These are maps that community members have developed for those who want to improve their skills outside of multiplayer matches.

Note that these maps aren’t listed in any particular order because each one has its own merits. We recommend players read how every map will help them and try out the ones they’ll benefit from most. There’s a decent range between outright throwing players into firefights and tight, stat-based ones too.

1) CSStats Training Map (CSGOHUB)

csstatsgg aim training map for cs2
Image via CS Stats.gg

The CSStats Training Map for Counter-Strike 2 is one of the most comprehensive aim training maps out there. It’s an upgrade of the original CS:GO version and brings all the same mechanics to the latest game to help players keep track of how well their training is going.

In a nutshell, this map and aim training tool tracks a player’s stats across all matches. It will provide a detailed breakdown of how a player is performing, including their accuracy, to help players see where they need to improve.

We recommend using this map if players are struggling to win matches to get kills. The statistics are incredibly helpful and highlight precisely where a player is going wrong. With this data, it’s easy to improve and push for a better aim.

2) Fast Aim & Reflex Training for Counter-Strike 2

fast aim and reflex training for counter strike 2 aim training map

The Fast Aim & Reflex Training for CS2 aim training map works wonders for getting players into action and firing in a frenzy while also trying to aim better. It doesn’t feature as many stat records as other maps, but it will definitely help players improve their aim. There’s nothing quite like being thrown into a gauntlet against six moving bots who are all hostile to help bring a player’s aim game up a notch.

3) Aim Botz Aim Training (CS2)

botz running in counter strike 2 aim training map
Image via Aim Botz – Aim Training (CS2)

The Aim Bots Aim Training (CS2) map allows players to practice how well they can nail headshots on moving targets. Most of the CS2 aim training maps available provide players with static targets to hit. It’s on players to keep up their movement speed and nail headshots, which isn’t exactly how matches play out.

However, with this aim training map, players can get used to frantically moving around a map while trying to nail those impossible headshots on moving targets. This is the part of Counter-Strike 2 we struggle with because we’re precise about how we fire in an FPS. We also can’t compete with mouse and keyboard, so a training map with moving bots will help us work on our rusty aim and compete with the best of the best.

4) GGPredict Map for Counter-Strike 2

GGPredict is one of the most comprehensive aim training maps out there for Counter-Strike 2. It has its own website and is actively being worked on by the group who built it in the first place. The beauty of this map is the level of customization.

Players can set up aim bots that will move around the map to make aim training more advantageous. It’s also possible to use every weapon and potential loadout in the game, making for an experience that should see payers hone their skills nicely.

To launch the map, players need to install it just like all the others in this guide. Then, when they open Counter-Strike 2, they must open the console and type in “map ggpredict_traininghub.vpk” which will open the map and drop players into it.

5) GGP_Aimbots Map for Counter-Strike 2

The GGP_Aimbots map for Counter-Strike 2 was one of the first to be released shortly after the game launched. It was shared by CS2 personality Ilya, who showed off his skills using it by destroying a room full of bots in seconds.

This map can be tweaked to day or night and offers players a selection of every weapon in the game. From there, they can stand in a booth and generate bots to practice their aim by trying to kill them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To launch GGP_Aimbots map in Counter-Strike 2, players need to download and install the files in the right location as per our guide section below. Then, they can open CS2 and type “map ggp_aimbots” into the console to launch it.

6) CS2_Aim Map for Counter-Strike 2

The CS2_Aim Map for Counter-Strike 2 is said to be the best in the game at the time of writing. Once again, this map was shared by Ilya, who says they prefer it over the first aim training map because it has more functionality and a much better color scheme. We agree on the color scheme because it’s hard to aim and kill random bots in a neon future setting when the game feels like CS:GO.

This aim training map is much more flexible than the first. It removes many restrictions on players and gives them more freedom to try trick shots and some actual skill in the game. This is where players can hone a craft in CS2 and understand how the game’s physics with each weapon impacts their play.

To launch CS2_Aim Map in Counter-Strike 2, players need to download and install the files as per our guide below. Then, they need to type “map cs2_aim” into the Counter-Strike 2 console once they’ve launched the game, and the map will open.

7) Refrag

Image via Valve

Refrag is a community-driven CS2 aim training map that features global leaderboards. It’s designed to help players improve their aim by getting them to compete with each other for who can be the best in a less competitive environment. While that sounds counter-intuitive, it’s really not.

The idea behind this premium aim training service is that players will get help on improving their performance in CS2 while seeing themselves grow in skill alongside others. It’s a service that players will eventually be able to leave behind them, but only once they’ve become the best of the best.

How to Install Aim Training Maps in Counter-Strike 2

Image via Valve

To install any of these aim training maps in Counter-Strike 2, players need to follow the relevant link from our entries above and download the files. Then, players must copy it to the CS2 game files at this location, “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\game\csgo\maps.”

Once players have downloaded the maps and moved the files to the correct locations, they can launch Counter-Strike 2. To open the aim training maps, they need to type out the map’s name in the console, and it’ll launch. If any of the maps in this article have more specific instructions, we’ve included them above.

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