6 Best Vampiric Powers In Diablo 4 – Season 2

Season of Blood has arrived in Diablo 4, and with it comes all the new content and seasonal offerings, with one of the biggest being the new Vampiric Powers that give players more ways to customize and refine their builds.

There are 22 powers in total, and naturally, some will be a bit better than others or more suited for multiple playstyles. Having spent a good amount of time playing through the season, I’ve found several options I believe are some of the best Vampiric Powers for players on offer for Season of Blood.

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Image via Blizzard

Much like with our class tier list, this shouldn’t be taken as gossip and make you discount any powers since, depending on your playstyle and what you enjoy, you might find some more useful than others depending on your builds and skills.

Plus, we always say you should play how you want to, and if that means using something different than what may be a favorite, that’s fine; you do you. Think of this as a suggestion and advice on what I’ve found helpful and powerful, and make up your own mind on what you want to use during the season!

Best Vampiric Powers in Diablo 4 Season of Blood

Image via Blizzard

These Vampiric Powers are ones I consider to be top choices for a few reasons, namely that they can be used in loads of builds, meaning they have a ton of viability and work well with other powers and playstyles. They also present significant strength when playing through the game’s content, from low levels up to high endgame, and make them prime choices for players planning to go the distance in Season of Blood.

Without further ado, here are my recommendations.


This power alters your Evade action and turns your character into a cloud of bas, becoming Unstoppable, and enemies in your path will take damage and be inflicted with the Vampiric Curse effect, which sees you sort up to eight souls of enemies you have killed inflicted with the curser, and when a Defensive, Macabre, or Agility Skill is used, they are unleashed and deal damage to nearby enemies.

Screenshot by Gamepur

No matter the build, this power can be beneficial thanks to its ability to spread the Vampiric Curse, which in turn makes it work well with many of the other powers with conditions of bonus attached to this keyword. On top of that, being able to go Unstoppable, even for a second, makes this great for classes who aren’t as tanky, like Sorcerers, and the extra damage is always appreciated. Trust me, this will likely be one power you keep on for most of your time in Season of Blood.

Prey of the Weak

This power is perfect for spreading and improving the power of the Vulnerable keyword, as this will increase the damage you do to enemies inflicted with Vulnerable, and inflict enemies with Vulnerable while affected by the Vampiric Curse from your other powers.

For builds that use Vulnerable, this is a prime choice for obvious reasons. Extra damage and a chance to spread Vulnerable, no-brainer. Even beyond that, having a free way to throw Vulnerable on your enemies so they take more damage is always welcome, and it works well with a lot of builds in the season, especially for Rogues.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Any extra support or healing is always appreciated, and this power is a brilliant addition to that toolset that heals you for 0.75% life every time you use a skill, with the effect doubled when you are below half health. Considering how much you will be pressing buttons and casting kills, this is effectively a constant healing effect on your character, making you harder to kill.

It helps survivability and keeps your health topped up; what more do you need?


This is an obvious choice for players who want a quicker-moving, faster-attack vampiric flavor to their build. This power gives you an increase to Attack Speed for every hit of a Basic Skill, and at five stacks, you enter a Bloodrage that gives you a chunky Basic Skill Damage increase and more movement speed, making this a prime Vampiric Power for Rogue players.

It is a bit costly but a worthwhile power if you want to give your Basic Skill some love and want speedy attacks and, therefore, resource generation.

Accursed Touch

Of all the Vampiric Powers you can get in Season of Blood, this is arguably one of the most important if you intend to lean into the Vampiric Curse Keyword.

This power works off your Lucky Hit and has a chance to inflict the Vampiric Curse on enemies. Those enemies then have a chance to spread it to other enemies, meaning you can spread out this powerful curse and take full advantage of it with your other powers. You also will deal increased damage with your stored souls from the curse, so it even acts as a great damage buff.

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Partner this with powers like Flowing Veins and Prey on the Weak, and you’ll laugh your way through content.


Image via Blizzard

Players should consider using this simple yet effective Vampiric Power if they want some speedy cooldowns. This power will reduce your active cooldowns every five Basic Skill casts, so if you are throwing out a lot of Basic attacks and pair this with a power like Moonrise, you will be able to blast enemies away and keep up your more powerful attacks with little downtime, making this a great option.

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