50 Best Sci-Fi Anime To Watch Right Now

Sci-fi anime series have some of the best world-building across the genre. Though many series recycle the same tried-and-true tropes, science fiction staples like spaceships, mechs, and unexpected plot twists never get old.

Futuristic, dystopian settings that ponder the potentials of modern technology continually excite viewers. Whether it’s anime or Hollywood movies, science fiction is always popular. There’s no shortage of epic sci-fi titles in the anime genre. Anything could happen as long as the story is engaging, and the characters are compelling. In fact, some of the best sci-fi animes are perfect for introducing new anime fans to the medium.

Updated on August 29, by Andrea Sandoval: Anime science fiction series get more popular and interesting as time passes. From the classics like Evangelion to more recent shows like Heavenly Delusions, there are plenty of iconic sci-fi anime to watch. We especially updated this list to include many oldies-but-goodies science fiction anime that a lot of people may have forgotten.

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50 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

2 Seasons / 28 Episodes

A great sci-fi anime from 2006, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is the perfect science fiction series for those looking for a lighthearted high school anime. The show follows Kyon, a high school student who befriends Haruhi Suzumiya. Together, they create the SOS Brigade to investigate mysterious events.

Ironically, Haruhi is a god with dangerous powers, but she doesn’t know. At the same, the members of the SOS Brigade are taking care of Haruhi, making sure that she doesn’t go out of control. The show features hilarious scenes with an interesting plot that will have the audience hooked.

49 Deca-Dence

1 Season / 12 Episodes

Deca-Dence deals with a dystopic world attacked by strange and ferocious creatures called Gadoll. The remaining humans come up with the idea of a moving fortress, which they call Deca-Dence. This superior technological machine allows them to defeat the monsters and survive.

Deca-Dence follows a girl called Natsume who wants to become a great Gear warrior and won’t let anything keep her from her goals. Deca-Dence is ultimately a lighthearted portrayal of a classic science fiction storyline with lots of heart, interesting character development, and fun fight sequences.

48 Accel World

1 Season / 24 Episodes

For fans of Sword Art Online, there’s yet another anime based on a Reki Kawahara series that occurs in a virtual reality world. Accel World follows Haru Arita, an unpopular kid constantly bullied about his physical appearance.

Haru finds comfort in virtual reality, but the plot thickens when Haru is introduced to a software called Brain Burst, which exchanges real-life cognitive improvement for winning dangerous duels. With the help of popular classmate Kuroyukihime, Haru will try to reach the highest level of the game and find out the creator’s intentions.

47 Gintama

9 Seasons / 367 Episodes

Gintama makes a mockery out of every single anime trope in the book. It blends sci-fi with comedy, action, and fantasy to create a unique series unlike any other. It takes place during Japan’s feudal period. However, in this version of history, aliens took over the planet and banned samurai.

Gintoki is a lovable protagonist who was once a great samurai. Now, however, he’s struggling to make ends meet by picking up odd jobs. When he isn’t working, he’s picking his nose and reading Shonen Jump on the couch. The series isn’t nearly as dark as other sci-fi titles, which is precisely why it’s so well-loved.

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46 Inuyashiki

1 Season/ 11 Episodes

Inuyashiki is a sci-fi anime about Ichiro, an average office worker who’s just trying to make ends meet. He’s the black sheep in his family, and even after he built them a shiny new house, he couldn’t get as much as a “thank you.”

One day, Inuyashiki is diagnosed with a fatal, lifelong disease. The news shook him to his core, so he took a walk to get his thoughts straight. Unfortunately, a UFO crashes into him, and his body is rebuilt into a robotic weapon of war. Inuyashiki is a twisted series with tons of body horror that fans of Tokyo Ghoul and Parasyte will surely love.

1 Season / 51 Episodes

Fullmetal Alchemist is a classic science fiction anime from the 2000s. With a steampunk aesthetic, the series is an interesting mixture of medieval mythology and sci-fi. It follows brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric, who want to use the Philosopher’s Stone to restore their bodies after they couldn’t resurrect their mother with alchemy.

Fullmetal Alchemist doesn’t only have amazing, intense action sequences, but it also delves into enthralling philosophical dilemmas and some heartbreaking scenes. However, this series also contains plenty of hilarious moments, so it’s not a very dense anime, either.

44 Darling In The FranXX

1 Season / 24 Episodes

Most sci-fi anime series aren’t optimistic. In fact, many sci-fi anime protagonists view the proverbial glass as 99.9% empty. However, Darling In The FranXX is a diamond in the rough.

In Darling in the FranXX, survivors of a deadly war against aliens trained the younger generation to get retribution. They used giant mechanical weaponry called the FranXX. Hiro, the protagonist, nearly gives up on his goal to become a pilot until meeting Zero Two. Meeting her restored his optimism, proving the power of love.

43 Time Of Eve

1 Season / 6 Episodes

Time of Eve (aka Eve no Jikan) takes place in a futuristic environment where androids have become a common occurrence. While androids are usually subjugated to human will, human Rikuo Sakisaka starts attending “The Time of Eve” café, where humans and androids coexist without revealing their real nature.

Time of Eve is perfect for those interested in a more philosophical approach to the science fiction genre. The series explores themes of objectification, identity, and human nature. Furthermore, it discusses the Three Laws of Robotics set by the iconic Science Fiction author Isaac Asimov.

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42 From The New World

1 Season / 25 Episodes

In a post-apocalyptic scenario, From the New World follows Saki Watanabe as she starts to develop her psychic abilities. Saki begins attending a special school for people with similar psionic powers, but she and her friends soon realize that not everything is as it seems. Together, they’ll need to uncover many secrets about their society, including what happens to those who don’t ever develop psychic abilities.

From the New World is the perfect sci-fi anime for those looking for a truly unsettling vibe and a different coming-of-age story. Even though the anime has a slower pace, the audience will quickly get sucked into the mystery. Furthermore, anime presents a truly moving discussion about inequality in society.

41 Dennou Coil

1 Season / 26 Episodes

Dennou Coil takes place in a near future where AR technology (cyber glasses known as Dennouh Megane) has become completely intertwined with everyday life. The series follows Yuko Okonogi, an elementary school girl who moves to Daikoku City — a city with a greatly evolved technology structure.

A mysterious being is killing people, prompting Yuko to dig into the mystery in Dennou’s space while hanging out with her friends. An anime that mixes classic Japanese animation with science fiction, and lighthearted moments with other harrowing deep scenes, Dennou Coil is one of the most interesting sci-fi anime from the 2000s.

40 Plastic Memories

1 Season / 13 Episodes

Plastic Memories is a short anime that mixes science fiction and romance. The show is set in the near future where society has developed androids almost identical to humans. However, there’s a problem: These androids, which are called Giftia, can only last around a decade before they start malfunctioning.

Tsukasa Mizugaki (a human) and Isla (an android) are in charge of retrieving Giftias from their homes and deleting their memories before they start causing trouble. However, Isla and Tsukasa fall in love, and Giftia is about to reach the end of her android life. Plastic Memories features a gorgeous animation with an interesting premise.

39 Outlaw Star

1 Season / 26 Episodes

Outlaw Star came out in the last 90s, but it’s a timelessly fun series to watch. It’s a space western that instantly became a classic. Gene Starwind leads the titular Outlaw Star’s crew through many exciting adventures.

The crew of the Outlaw Star is hunting for the Galactic Leyline, a treasure that most would only consider an urban legend. Fans of classic Shonen series like One Piece would certainly enjoy Outlaw Star, but it’s also perfect for any sci-fi anime fan looking for a feel-good adventure series to brighten their day.


3 Seasons / 18 Episodes (So Far)

One of the most interesting coming-of-age stories in anime, FCLC (also known as Fooly Cooly), mixes sci-fi with surrealism to create a unique story. When Haruko Haruhara hits 12-year-old Naota Nandaba in the head with a guitar, Naota creates a portal that allows robots to sprout out of his head.

The robots come from a mysterious company called Medical Mechanics, which seems in disagreement with Haruko. As tensions trigger within this universe, Naota ends up in the middle of it all. So far, the show has three seasons that feature different characters, but two more seasons are on the way.

37 Astro Boy (1963)

4 Seasons / 193 Episodes

Most other sci-fi anime series wouldn’t even exist without 1963’s Astro Boy. Produced by Mushi Production, Astro Boy was one of the first anime series to generate worldwide success. Without Astro Boy, anime wouldn’t be the global phenomenon it is today.

Astro Boy is about a robot whose master abandoned it. He endures several trials and tribulations in a Y2K-esque setting. It has tons of unexpected social commentary that fans are sure to appreciate. Though it’s not as colorful as other anime series, and its style may not appeal to most, Astro Boy is still a must-watch for every anime aficionado.

36 Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

1 Season / 10 Episodes

Based on the popular video game Cyberpunk 2077, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is a short anime that doesn’t hold any punches. Set in a metropolis called Night City, this anime revolves around David, who becomes a sort of mercenary called an Edgerunner.

Night City is a dystopian futuristic world in which corporations control six districts. The best aspects of this anime are its extraordinary art, particularly the fascinating color palette, and its savage and absurd but thoroughly engaging characters.

35 The Promised Neverland

2 Seasons / 23 Episodes

The Promised Neverland is a chilling post-apocalyptic adventure featuring orphans raised as livestock for bloodthirsty demons and monsters. The anime’s first season is a brutal and unapologetic mind game that will surely stress viewers out and make them rethink everything.

The Promised Neverland’s first season had sky-high production values. Its animations conveyed the horror on each character’s face as they discovered the truth about their nightmarish reality in an otherwise unassuming orphanage. The Promised Neverland’s subtle social commentary, combined with the characters’ adventures to escape their fate, makes it a thrilling watch.

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34 A Certain Scientific Railgun

3 Seasons / 73 Episodes

A Certain Scientific Railgun or Toaru Kagaku no Railgun occurs in Academy City. In this futuristic school, most of the students possess special psychic abilities. The story revolves around middle-schooler Mikoto Misaka, one of seven people assigned a level 5 ranking for her formidable power.

A Certain Scientific Railgun is perfect for people looking for a light and funny show. Keeping things interesting, this anime also has plenty of epic scenes and thrilling action sequences to pair with its heartwarming elements.

33 Space Dandy

1 Season / 26 Episodes

A hilarious and campy anime, Space Dandy follows the absurd adventures of Dandy, who earned his name because he’s “a dandy guy in space.” An alien, Dandy embarks on an adventure to search for other aliens throughout space. Dandy is accompanied by the adorable robot QT and his cat-like pet, Meow.

Space Dandy is a cheesy and goofy take on the classic anime science fiction aesthetic. This anime will get plenty of laughs from the audience while offering a unique art style and engaging storylines.

32 Astra Lost In Space

1 Season / 12 Episodes

In the year 2063, Astra Lost in Space follows a group of High School students who travel to another planet for a Planetary Camp. However, after they’re attacked by an unknown luminous being, they have to find their way home using an old spacecraft they found, which they call Astra.

The group of teenagers will embark on a long journey, stopping on several planets and creating strong relationships with each other along the way. Astra Lost in Space is a funny sci-fi anime that also contains heartwarming moments, but its shocking plot twists will keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

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31 Dr. Stone

2 Seasons / 35 Episodes (So Far)

Dr. Stone is among the most popular and innovative science fiction anime series. It combines intense post-apocalyptic action with real-world science to enthrall viewers. It centers around the compelling journey of Senku Ishigami, a boy genius and science prodigy who awakens to an Earth where everyone has been turned into stone.

Now, it’s up to Senku and his newfound friends to rebuild millions of years of human progress with nothing but his knowledge of science and trial and error. Dr. Stone is a unique shonen anime where the protagonist is more brains than brawn and more pragmatic than idealistic.

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