5 Reasons Why Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost Event is Worth Coming Back For

Destiny 2 is always changing, sometimes for the worse, but usually for the better. Destiny 2’s seasonal spooky event dubbed the Festival of the Lost is an example of this. While some may not like the event pass that comes with these mid-season events, the loot and festivities are undeniably a joy to collect and experience. Likewise, for Guardians who put Destiny 2 down some time ago, it may be a good time to return as things begin to ramp up into the 23rd season. Come with me as we explore 5 reasons why Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost event is worth coming back for.

The General Vibe Never Fails to be Entertaining

Destiny 2 Guardian wearing a Festival of the Lost mask and emoting.
Image Source by Twinfinite

As with every mid-seasonal event, Bungie goes balls to the wall with how they bring the Halloween spirit into appropriate areas of the game. The Tower is the main example in how Bungie’s interior decorators are allowed to flex their creative might. From the multicolored engram lights strewn across every railing, to the many cobwebs, Destiny 2’s visual design and artistic direction still remains incredibly strong.

Some players may not find enough value in that, but surely some of them will enjoy the handful of seasonally themed spooky ornaments that can be bought with bright dust. Likewise, there are a handful of places in the tower that are out of the way but were made visually spooky regardless. How can you not like that?

The Festival of the Lost Weapons are Better than Last Year’s

Stat page for the Acosmic grenade launcher in Destiny 2
Image Source by Twinfinite

Festival of the Lost always brings with it three or four weapons for players to try and earn. This year is no different. What isn’t the same this time around is that instead of the Braytech Werewolf Auto Rifle, you can earn the Acosmic rapid fire Grenade Launcher. This weapon not only comes with the Search Party Origin Trait like last year’s guns, but also has a second Origin Trait: Nadir Focus, which increases projectile velocity during sustained fire of the grenades.

Acosmic isn’t the only gun that has two Origin Traits either. The Horror Story auto rifle has the same two traits, while the Jurassic Green pulse rifle has Field-Tested instead of Nadir Focus, which increases range, stability, handling, and reload speed during damage and while getting kills!

Haunted Lost Sectors are Still Peak Destiny 2 Gameplay

Gameplay of a Legend Haunted Sector in Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost
Image Source by Twinfinite

If you’re like me, and you weren’t playing Destiny 2 during most Octobers, then the Haunted Lost Sectors are an enjoyable twist on some of the oldest Destiny 2 PvE content. Pumpkin-headed mini bosses called “Headless Ones” need to be summoned and defeated as you and two others make it to the end of a small variety of spookified Lost Sectors.

At the end, a three-stage boss fight will pit you against more Headless Ones and a slew of mobs as you try and use pumpkin bombs to destroy the boss’s shield. Overall, the enemy density remains high, and the bombastic minute-to-minute gameplay remains as solid as ever.

It’s Haunted Lost Sectors Again but with a Challenging Twist

The splash screen for Legend Haunted Sectors in Destiny 2
Image Source by Twinfinite

For those of you who have played through the Festival of the Lost, these Haunted Sectors won’t surprise you. But what will is that the Legend version of these Haunted Sectors now have matchmaking turned on! These Legend Haunted Sectors are complete with Champions, Legend modifiers where 1815 is the maximum effective level, Surges, and even Galvanized—meaning more health and less stunnable.

Don’t worry though, even if your fireteam wipes you can just respawn and try again. I imagine Bungie has been experimenting with matchmaking in harder content since the in-game LFG feature is coming in Season 23.

Hocus Focusing Exotic Armor is a Thing Now

The Hocus Focusing page during Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2
Image Source by Twinfinite

For the Guardians who are still missing Exotic armors from before the launch of Lightfall, Hocus Focusing allows you to turn an Eerie Engram earned from Haunted Sectors into a missing piece of Exotic armor of your choice. While you won’t get to choose the exact Exotic armor, you can at least choose whether or not you want arms, legs, chest, or helmets. You will also need to own the expansion tied to the Exotic armor you are trying to hocus focus.

This is a fantastic addition to a seasonal event and only serves to empower the player who can’t play Destiny 2 all day, every day. As Bungie continues to listen to their players it seems an effort is being made to do more than just create solutions to artificial problems—Hocus Focusing is just such an example of that.

About the author

Ali Taha

Whether its new releases, or a new Destiny 2 season, Ali will flex his gaming and freelancer skills to cover them extensively. He started off writing features for Game Rant but found a better home here on Twinfinite. While Ali waits for the next Monster Hunter title, he enjoys publishing his progression fantasy novels as an indie author.

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