5 Helldivers 2 Trophies That Make Us Afraid to Go for The Platinum

While there’s a slight difficulty curve to introduce players to how tough Helldivers 2 can be on Medium difficult and up, nothing prepares players for the sheer challenge that is going for this game’s Platinum Trophy.

Trophy hunting is a sometimes frustrating but always rewarding hobby. Fans of PlayStation’s digital bling are always on the lookout for games to grab every Trophy in and unlock yet another sweet new Platinum for their profile. Some go for brand new titles, while others wait to see how difficult they might be. We can say with complete certainty that Helldivers 2 is going to be a Platinum Trophy that haunts trophy hunters for a long time.

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Five Helldivers 2 Trophies That Make Getting its Platinum a Nightmare

crying helldiver in helldivers 2
Screenshot by Gamepur

Below, we’ve listed the five Trophies in Helldivers 2 that make us afraid to go for its Platinum. We’d love to add this to the small roster of games we’ve completed to the developer’s version of 100%, but we’re not sure we’ve got the stomach for it.

1) Hell Dive

Screenshot by Gamepur

To unlock the Gold Hell Dive Trophy in Helldivers 2, players must complete a mission on Extreme difficulty or higher without anyone dying. We like to think we’re pretty good at this game, but Medium difficulty is the hardest challenge we’ve been able to overcome, and that’s with multiple deaths.

Getting this Trophy requires players to tackle a mission so hard they need the best weapons available either solo or with a group of highly skilled Helldivers who won’t drop on the battlefield. We don’t even believe it’s possible to get through a mission on Extreme, so we can’t see how anyone’s going to do this.

2) Hold my Primary, I’m going in!

Image via PlayStation

This Gold Trophy asks players to complete a mission on Hard difficulty or above without using their primary or support weapon. This means they can only use their secondary weapon, which is usually a handgun, SMG, or something with low power and ammo reserves.

This Trophy feels doable on lower difficulties, but on Hard in Helldivers 2, the enemies are kicked up a notch to the point that they can overwhelm a squad in no time at all. Without some way to farm Stratagems and ensure orbital strikes are continuously bombarding the enemy, we don’t know how we’ll do this.

3) Let’s call it a draw

Image via PlayStation

To unlock this Bronze Trophy, players will need to shoot off both arms on a Hulk, one of the machine enemies in Helldivers 2, and then extract while it’s alive. We haven’t even faced these colossal enemies, but if they’re anything like the larger bugs, we know we’re in for a world of pain.

The main trouble we believe we’ll have is shooting off one arm from a Hulk while the other shoots at us with gunfire or good old fire. Helldivers are squishy, and we often employ a tactic of letting one die as they throw grenades into bug holes to close them so we can complete objectives faster. No, this Trophy is going to end our run at the Platinum. We can feel it.

4) Science is done by quantity

sealed drone helldivers 2
Screenshot by Gamepur

For this Bronze Trophy, players will need to extract from a Helldivers 2 mission with at least 15 Common Samples. These are items players can pick up throughout a mission, and there are usually around 18 in total to get. However, they’re few and far between.

The most Common Samples we’ve managed to pick up is eight, so we’re not sure how we’re going to push that up to 15 without hitting a higher difficulty mission, and that’s going to make extraction very complicated. It’s the endgame of a mission that will ruin us here, and that’s why we don’t want to attempt this Trophy.

5) Gone in 260 seconds!

Image via PlayStation

Finally, we have a Gold Trophy that requires players to complete a full Extreme difficulty Blitz mission and extract in under six minutes. Doing anything in under six minutes in Helldivers 2, even on lower difficulties, is almost impossible.

The reason for this is that extraction takes two minutes to trigger, so players must complete the main objective within four minutes or do it in a little more time while one player holds the extraction shuttle. There’s also the matter of matchmaking errors to contend with.

This takes precision teamwork and endless runs at a mission, which is tricky because even if a team extracts late, that mission will register as completed, so players will need to search around for another one to attempt. We don’t see how anyone could do this, but we look forward to being mocked by trophy-hunting YouTubers in the near future.

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