5 Five Nights At Freddy’s Theories About Mike’s Brother Garrett & His Movie Future

Spoilers are ahead for the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie and some games.


  • Mike’s younger brother Garrett plays a significant role in the FNAF movie and his mysterious disappearance drives the plot.
  • Balloon Boy may hold the soul of Mike’s brother, and his appearance throughout the movie suggests a desire to communicate.
  • There are theories surrounding Garrett’s fate, including the possibility of him possessing Mr. Cupcake or the Puppet — or even being one of the movies’ bite victims.

Several prominent Five Nights at Freddy’s movie theories center on Mike Schmidt’s (Josh Hutcherson) younger brother, Garrett (Lucas Grant), and his role in future FNAF films. The FNAF movie’s Mike believes dream theory can help him solve the mystery of what happened to Garrett when they were children. The beleaguered older brother pops sleeping pills almost nightly, hoping a combination of deep sleep and lucid dreaming can uncover buried memories of the day Garrett was abducted from a family outing to the woods. After the kidnapping incident, Mike’s family falls apart, leaving him the sole guardian of his sister, Abby (Piper Rubio).

In order to retain custody of Abby (and keep her from Five Nights at Freddy’s worst character), Mike needs a steady job, which is where Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria comes in. Mike’s supposed career counselor is actually William Afton (Matthew Lillard), the co-founder of Freddy’s and Garrett’s abductor. Recognizing Mike’s last name, he suggests the struggling older brother take the nighttime security guard job at the abandoned pizzeria. While there, Mike dodges seemingly homicidal animatronics, learns more about both Afton’s serial murders of children, and solves the mystery of Garrett’s disappearance. However, Garrett’s fate is left up in the air, leading viewers to speculate about his role in FNAF sequels.

5 The Soul Of Mike’s Brother Is In FNAF’s Balloon Boy

Balloon Boy Is More Than Just A FNAF Movie Jump Scare

A drawing of balloon boy in the FNAF movie collaged with Balloon Boy from the Five Nights at Freddy's game series

One of the most talked-about Five Nights at Freddy’s movie theories concerning Garrett revolves around the soul of Mike’s brother being in Balloon Boy. Also known as BB, Balloon Boy first appeared in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, making his initial movie jump-scare all-the-more shocking to viewers. Although BB is more akin to a figurine than an animatronic in the movie, one of FNAF‘s running gags indicates that he’s capable of movement. When Mike opens a locker in the pizzeria’s security office, Balloon Boy jump-scares him, causing Mike to slam the door shut. When he reopens it seconds later, BB is facing the other way.

Later, when Mike is looking for supplies in a closet, Balloon Boy scares him again. Shy by nature, BB’s actions — sneakily trying to catch a glimpse of someone, but turning around in embarrassment — feel very childish. Moreover, Balloon Boy only appears when Mike is alone, potentially teasing that Garrett just wants to say “hi” to his brother. In FNAF‘s mid-credits scene, BB returns, this time appearing in the back of a cab that previously ferried Golden Freddy and Abby between the pizzeria and Schmidt’s house. Between these hints and the fact that Balloon Boy appears in one of Abby’s drawings, the theory seems to hold weight.

Five Nights at Freddy’s $295.1 million box office draw set a record for Blumhouse Productions.

4 Garrett Is The FNAF Movie’s Version Of The Puppet

The Spirit-Freeing Marionette Is A Key Figure In FNAF 2

five nights at freddys the puppet fnaf2

According to some viewers, FNAF‘s “Come Find Me” reference teases another villain who’s primed for a Five Nights at Freddy’s sequel film: The Puppet. A tune called “My Grandfather Clock” plays over the end credits. More than just an entry in the Five Nights At Freddy’s soundtrack, “My Grandfather Clock” can be heard in FNAF 2, which prompts players to wind up a music box that plays the song. If the player fails to do so, the Puppet will kill them. Based on clues from the Five Nights at Freddy’s games and books, players have come to believe that Charlotte Emily, the daughter of Afton’s business partner, possesses the Puppet.

In the world of the Five Nights at Freddy’s games, Henry Emily, Charlotte’s father, is William Afton’s business partner and the co-founder of Fazbear Entertainment. Seemingly, Charlotte was Afton’s first victim. In fact, Henry pretty much confirms that Charlotte’s soul resides in the Puppet during his Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator monologue. While the Puppet seems murderous at first, it’s later revealed that the animatronic shepherds children’s souls and helps them seek revenge. Given that Garrett might be William Afton’s first victim in the Five Nights At Freddy’s movies, Garrett may take Charlotte’s place in the film’s version of the lore.

3 Garrett & Mike Schmidt Are The Children Of Henry Emily

The FNAF Movie Canon Already Borrows From The Games’ Lore In New Ways

Five Nights at Freddy’s boasts many Easter eggs, from a Sparky the Dog cameo to the inclusion of Golden Freddy. One of the most interesting aspects of the film is how it uses the franchise’s preexisting lore as a jumping off point for its own canon. In the games, it’s pretty well established that William Afton had three children, two of whom died at the hands of his animatronic creations. The other is, of course, the sometimes-player character, Mike. Given that Five Nights at Freddy’s ending confirms that Afton is Vanessa’s father, it makes FNAF‘s biggest Mike twist less likely. However, that doesn’t mean Mike’s father’s identity isn’t important.

One theory suggests Mike is related to another key FNAF character: Henry Emily. The theory posits that Henry is the absent father of three (the Schmidt children, to be exact). In the movie, Mike’s father leaves shortly after the Schmidts’ mother’s death, suggesting that he’s still alive. If Henry knew that William was responsible for Garrett’s death, he might be overcome with guilt — or, like in Pizzeria Simulator, be driven to destroy Afton and free the lost souls. While this has less to do with Garrett’s fate and more to do with his identity, the reveal that the Schmidts are Henry’s kids could set up a compelling FNAF sequel.

2 Garrett Is Possessing Mr. Cupcake In The Five Nights At Freddy’s Movie

Chica’s Sidekick Could Get A Bigger Role In The FNAF Movie Sequels

If what happened to Mike’s brother Garrett didn’t result in his soul clinging to Balloon Boy or the Puppet, it’s possible the late Schmidt child will possess another one of William Afton’s creations. Although less popular, one fan theory posits that Garrett’s soul is trapped within Mr. Cupcake, a murderous animatronic that resembles a sweet treat. Often toted around by Chica, Mr. Cupcake doesn’t play a huge role in the FNAF film or games. However, the character seems to move independently of Chica, suggesting that it’s possessed by another deceased being. Friendly to children, the movie’s Mr. Cupcake almost immediately warms up to Abby, suggesting a sibling bond.

1 The FNAF Movie’s Bite Victim Is Garrett

Five Nights At Freddy’s Can Make Garrett’s Death Integral To The Lore

Bonnie, Freddy and Chica stare down at the camera in Five Nights at Freddy's

The Five Nights at Freddy’s movie ending doesn’t delve much further into the franchise’s notorious bite victims, making that aspect of the lore perfect for a FNAF movie prequel. In the games, the Bite of ’83 occurs when an unnamed crying child, who’s being bullied by his brother, winds up in the mouth of an animatronic. The fatal event is followed by the Bite of ’87, which sees a victim losing their frontal lobe to animatronic jaws. Turning Garret into one of the Five Nights at Freddy’s bite victims would make his death all-the-more integral to the story, while acknowledging some of the games’ most important canon events.

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