30XX “Revenant’s Rise” update out now (version 1.1), patch notes

30XX Revenant's Rise update 1.1

A big update for 30XX is here in the form of “Revenant’s Rise”, otherwise known as version 1.1.

Two new Challenge Characters – Revenants – have been added “who use Ace and Nina’s mechanics, but with substantial limitations to offer a fresh challenge.” The mechanics for Glory Zones and Contemplation Rooms have also been updated, 21 new Augs and 4 new Prototypes are now accessible, and much more.

Here’s the full rundown:

30XX “Revenant’s Rise” update version 1.1 patch notes

  • Added Challenge Character variants for Nina and Ace!
  • Added 21 new Augs and 4 new Prototypes!
  • Added four new Entropy Conditions! One of them is Endless Endeavor, which will keep the journey going past level 8 until you decide to finish the fight.
  • Updated Glory Zone and Contemplation Room mechanics!
    • Timed versions of both zones return! Slaying enemies during these events will push the timer back slightly (in a way that scales with Faithmetal Flock Entropy ranks).
    • Added a new GZ type, “touchtargets”! These are more open-ended platforming segments that ask the player to sort out how to efficiently navigate dangerous rooms, rather than being linear challenges.
    • The new “Twisted Glory” EC adds additional hazard conditions to GZs & CRs.
  • Revamped Mega Mode’s campaign setup & generation. The “File Select” screen is now a playable space, and is where you’ll set up the parameters for the run you’re about to generate (players, characters, Entropy Conditions, etc). Accordingly, these devices have been removed from Mega Mode HQ.
  • Added a character palette selector to HQ! Several new character color palettes can now be unlocked during gameplay. Unlock ’em all!
  • Updated the visuals and layouts of several menus and UI elements.
  • Reworked co-op Resurrection! Revival Pods are gone, and players can now be revived when the other player has killed 20 enemies by pressing Interact, or when defeating a boss or miniboss. This action also no longer requires the reviving player to sacrifice HP.
  • Loot Omega now flies to the end of his chunk when slain (so its reward always drops in the same place, preventing some feelsbads with rewards dropping in bad spots).
  • Unified Entropy progression for Mega and Standard modes. The game now also checks on startup to make sure that your purchases and the number of Shards you have align with your current Entropy progress, granting you any missing Shards. (You may see your Shards increase after this patch in case your file was missing any – you will not lose any.)
  • Mega Mode save files now require the correct number of players to start. (A file started as a singleplayer file is now forever a singleplayer file, and the same for co-op. Co-op files may be started as local co-op or online co-op, however.)
  • Network disconnections in Mega Mode now return both parties to the Title Screen.
    • The two above changes are for gameplay stability purposes – completing a level as a disconnected client in Mega Mode, for example, didn’t accomplish much, since the host saves the game data, and completing a level with a disconnected client could result in lost items/etc for the client.
  • Event hazards that target a player directly (mostly special events in alternate levels and Delta’s “Haunt” condition prior to this patch) now target one player at random in co-op play (instead of both).
  • Fixed an issue causing recently spawned Cosmic Bats to not always deal contact damage.
  • In online co-op, the free Core granted when acquiring a Resonator with no matching cores is now synced between players.
  • Acquiring a Chronovane piece now greatly increases the chance of another piece spawning.
  • Acquiring a piece of the Vagrant’s set now increases the chance to find the others if you have at least one victory, and haven’t completed the relevant event.
  • Gave Ace “dash up” and “dash down” animations.
  • The effect that Ace creates upon releasing a level 3 charged attack now turns green alongside his Saber.
  • Updated the lives icons in Ellie’s Gauntlet.
  • Fixed the Memory Index toggle not always working correctly for overclocked upgrades.
  • Blocked several items from spawning in Rush Job that don’t do much without full levels to play through.
  • Dally is no longer infinitely farmable in Level 1 of Mega Mode.
  • Hysteria no longer increases the amount of Scrapbits acquired when trading items away to the Trader.
  • Re-enabled Interesting Times in co-op, and better synchronized its effects (and those of The One And Only) in online co-op.
  • Significantly improved online co-op stability for the final boss and miniboss.
  • Improved local co-op teleportation in the final level’s miniboss.
  • Fixed a cutscene in the last level as the client in online co-op.
  • Fixed bosses disappearing upon defeat as the client in online co-op.
  • Fixed boss health bars sometimes overflowing as the client in online co-op.
  • Fixed “-$0” sometimes displaying when the other player collects a pickup in online co-op.
  • Fixed a rare crash relating to Void Orbs.
  • In online co-op, fixed not always being sent back to HQ when your partner exits a secret level.
  • Fixed the client treating some secret levels as community levels in online co-op, yielding weird behavior.
  • In online co-op, ending a run no longer forces a disconnect.
  • Fixed the Soul Scrapper challenge condition in online co-op.
  • Secret levels no longer give extra metacurrency in co-op.
  • Metacurrency from secret levels is now properly synced in online co-op.
  • In online co-op, the client can no longer interact with the Rev Device in HQ, preventing softlocks.
  • Fixed Core Extender & Useless Garbage Trader sync in online co-op.
  • Fixed an online co-op issue where the client can sometimes not ready up at secret level teleporters.
  • Community chunks now get their play count incremented when players find them in Community Run.
  • Fixed a typo in a secret ending.
  • Fixed an animation bug when Ace dashes with Mobile Shell active.
  • Fixed a rare online co-op issue where two Deltas could spawn on top of each other in HQ.
  • Fixed the collision of Dustria’s Exploding Barrel Grinders in online co-op.
  • Fixed community chunks not showing up for Deepverse’s DPADS phase in community run.
  • Tremendous number of misc. smaller fixes reported both during PT testing & from the live build.
  • The end screen is now animated.
  • Fixed “dash up” and “dash down” animations being swapped under reverse gravity.
  • Fixed the colors of the roof in Zen Primus’ boss arena.
  • You can no longer take damage while dialog is active.
  • Fixed a slight misalignment in Ace’s Saber animation.
  • Fixed graphical issues with player HUDs.
  • Fixed Li’l Hoot’s tornado freezing Waterfall Platforms.
  • Pity cores from Resonant Armor are now synced in online co-op.
  • Fixed Renewal Pod not clearing their petals correctly after dropping an item.
  • Updated how Community Mode select chunk difficulties to allow more Spicy player-made chunks to be selected.


  • Added the Maker-compatible new Augs and Prototypes from 1.1.
  • Added Doppelgel to the Aug list.
  • Moved Surging Lubricant to the Special category to match its new behavior, and updated its description.
  • Fixed grid rendering issues at high resolutions.
  • Fixed the “Spicy” difficulty filter not working in the chunk and level catalog.

The 30XX “Revenant’s Rise” version 1.1 update is out now on Switch.


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