30 Best Suits Quotes From Across All 9 Seasons


  • Harvey Specter’s extreme self-confidence is personified in his quote, “Anyone can do my job, but no one can be me,” showcasing his persuasive abilities and success.
  • Harvey’s mantra of “It’s not bragging if it’s true” highlights his unwavering belief in his own abilities, particularly when on the side of truth.
  • In Suits, Harvey emphasizes the importance of staying focused on objectives and avoiding unnecessary aggression, as seen in his philosophy of “No kicking. No biting. No rabbit punches.”

WARNING: SPOILERS ahead for Suits.

There are dozens of memorable quotes from the USA show Suits, particularly from the main character Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht). Suits has gained a resurgence in popularity after releasing on Netflix earlier this year, where seasons 1-8 of the series are available to stream. While there is no confirmation of a Suits season 10 or reboot series in the foreseeable future, the unexpected popularity of the show has certainly opened some surprising doors for the USA series which officially concluded in 2019.

Although Suits season 9 is not on Netflix, the vast majority of the iconic one-liners from protagonist Harvey Specter can be found in the series’ first few seasons alone. Suits season 9 is available to stream on both Peacock and Amazon Prime Videos for Netflix viewers who are looking to complete the full 134-episode series. The swift confidence and braggadocios charm of the show’s main characters provides much of the humor and wit in the celebrated series. Here are the thirty best quotes in Suits.

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30 “Anyone can do my job, but no one can be me.”

Harvey Specter, Season 5, Episode 8: “Mea Culpa”

Harvey smiling knowingly in Suits

This Harvey quote from season 5, episode 8 “Mea Culpa” personifies the extreme level of self-confidence that the main character has in Suits. In one of the strongest episodes of the series, Harvey reminds viewers of his powers of persuasion and why he’s wondered one of the best attorneys in the industry. “Anyone can do my job, but no one can be me,” expresses some of the arrogance within Harvey’s character which is somewhat deserved after his continued success in the series.

29 “It’s not bragging if it’s true.”

Harvey Specter, Season 2, Episode 7: “Sucker Punch”

Harvey looking unimpressed in Suits

Another Harvey quote from one of the best episodes of the series, “It’s not bragging if it’s true,” comes off as one of the character’s best mantras. Harvey’s self-esteem reaches new heights in Suits season 2, episode 7 “Sucker Punch”, in which Harvey relishes in the notion that when he’s on the side of truth, there’s no such thing as being too braggadocios.

28 “No kicking. No biting. No rabbit punches.”

Harvey Specter, Season 1, Episode 11: “Rules of the Game”

Harvey smiling in Suits

Harvey explains some of the standard procedures in his practice in Suits season 1, episode 11 “Rule of the Game.” He subscribes to the philosophy of “No kicking. No biting. No Rabbit punches,” in order to stay focused on the objective rather than get caught up in the aggressive side of competition. A ‘rabbit punch’ is essentially an infliction that comes across accidentally because of the nature of the sport.

27 “I need you to babysit the client for a while. If she asks you any questions about the deal, nod your head and look pretty.”

Harvey Specter, Season 1, Episode 5: “Bail Out”

Harvey offers his professional advice in dealing with a client in season 1, episode 5 “Bail Out.” He maintains the notion that sometimes dealing with clients in his profession can feel like babysitting and making sure they feel comfortable and accounted for. This quote indicates how well Harvey knows how to play the game even in some of the most mundane parts of the profession such as client services.

26 “I’m getting a little tired of people asking me if I care or not, because I do, but not enough to push women and children aside to get on a lifeboat.”

Donna Paulsen, Season 5, Episode 15: “Tick Tock”

Donna in Suits

Donna takes a personal stand in Suits season 5, episode 15 “Tick Tock” which becomes one of her most memorable moments in the series. She demonstrates some moral fiber by announcing what she’s unwilling to do in order to prove her commitment, attesting that she is not willing to step on innocent people’s toes in order to selfishly get to the finish line.

25 “I thought you liked it when I breached your borders?”

Mike Ross, Season 4, Episode 2: “Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner”

Mike wearing his shades in Suits

Mike shows his persistence and charming humor in Suits season 4, episode 2 in his romance with Jessica. Mike cleverly asks Jessica whether she likes him breaching her borders in a sexual innuendo when talking about her cell phone. Jessica gets the joke but is serious about keeping some boundaries between the two of them, specifically in regard to her phone.

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24 “Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome I am.”

Harvey Specter, Season 8, Episode 16: “Harvey”

Harvey on the phone in Suits

Harvey’s shameless cockiness extends all the way through Suits season 8, episode 16 in which he says this memorable line. In the season 8 finale appropriately titled “Harvey”, Harvey relishes his consistent ability to always come out on top having been saved by Robert at the Ethics Hearing and realizing his intensely passionate feeling for Donna by the end of the notable episode.

23 “I’m against having emotions, not using them.”

Harvey Specter, Season 1, Episode 9: “Undefeated”

Harvey leaning over and putting his hand to his chin in Suits

Back in season 1 of Suits when Mike was still trying to keep up with the formidable Harvey, Harvey dropped this memorable one-liner as a small piece of advice to the lawyer pretending to be a lawyer. Mike questions Harvey, saying “I thought you were against emotions,” to which Harvey responds “I’m against having emotions, not using them,'” to distinguish how emotions can be used to his advantage.

22 “I don’t see anyone else lining up to get your ass out of here.”

Harvey Specter, Season 1, Episode 12: “Dog Fight”

Harvey looking off camera in Suits

Harvey shows his bite in Suits season 1, episode 12 titled “Dog Fight.” Harvey tries to save the innocent Clifford Danner in the season 1 finale of Suits, saying to him that he’s the man’s best and only shot and seeking justice. Harvey’s matter-of-fact delivery hits the nail on the head about his determination and blunt look at the truth of the matter while also hinting at Harvey’s inclination to do the right thing.

21 “If I hit this button, I call Michael Jordan.”

Mike Ross, Season 1, Episode 9: “Undefeated”

Harvey and Mike at a party in Suits

NBA legend Michael Jordan was notably mentioned in season 1, episode 9 of Suits. The nervously surprised Mike second-guesses Harvey for wanting him to call the basketball superstar on the phone, reaffirming that if he presses a button, he will reach out to the celebrity millionaire. Harvey responds with his typical dry sensibilities, saying to Mike “That’s how a phone works.”

20 “That’s the difference between you and me. You wanna lose small, I wanna win big.”

Harvey Specter, Season 2, Episode 5: “Break Point”

Louis and Harvey in Suits

Harvey separates himself from the pack by distinguishing what makes him the best closer in the game with this line from Suits season 2, episode 5. Harvey demonstrates his determination to do everything at the highest level and in the biggest fashion, claiming that he is willing to embrace the notoriety and potential conflict of major successes in his industry, proving his fearlessness of the spotlight.

19 “They think you care, they’ll walk all over you.”

Harvey Specter, Season 2, Episode 7: “Sucker Punch”

Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty Harvey Specter Donna Paulsen in Suits

Harvey offers a word of advice in Suits season 2, episode 7 about letting your guard down in his industry. Harvey recognizes the type of people that he deals with on a daily basis and points out that once people know what you want, they’ll use that against your advantage. This is the mind-game that Harvey must play in order to stay at the top of his field and protect his vested interests.

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18 “I don’t have dreams, I have goals.”

Harvey Specter, Season 3, Episode 6: “The Other Time”

Mike sitting across from Harvey in a scene from Suits.

Another memorable Harvey line arrives in season 3, episode 6 “The Other Time.” The quote, “I don’t have dreams, I have goals,” embodies Harvey’s philosophy and approach to getting things done, demonstrating that his mindset is about setting ambitious yet tangible objectives that he is determined to achieve. Harvey denounces the term ‘dreams’ as if they are unrealistic and out of his reach, which goes against his perspective.

17 “Win a no-win situation by rewriting the rules.”

Harvey Specter, Season 1, Episode 7: “Play the Man”

Harvey and Mike walking the halls in Suits

Part of Harvey’s philosophy in Suits is not taking no for an answer, which is proven by this line in season 1, episode 7. Harvey is not one to bow to obstacles and roadblocks, which is demonstrated by his line, “Win a no-win situation by rewriting the rules.” Harvey is one to certainly think outside the box, which is why he’s such a respected and successful person in his field.

16 “You’re weird. We’ll be friends.”

Donna Paulsen, Season 2, Episode 8: “Rewind”

Dona from Suits

Donne shows off her oddball side in this quote from Suits season 2, episode 8 titled “Rewind.” The atypical flashback episode goes back in time to reveal how things were at the law firm five years earlier, showing how Donna was introduced to the world of the show and its characters. The memorable line is an indication of Donna’s wit and taste for unique individuals.

15 “I’m not here for your absolution, I’m here for your redemption.”

Harvey Specter, Season 1, Episode 12: “Dog Fight”

Harvey looking at someone in Suits

Another memorable line from the Suits series 1 finale features Harvey on the side of the righteous. Harvey stresses the significance of why he’s choosing to defend and free the innocent Clifford Danner, stating that “I’m not here for your absolution. I’m here for your redemption.” Harvey is more interested in winning over a path for his client to redeem himself than he is in personal victory.

14 “I don’t have to overturn awards like that because I never lost one in the first place.”

Harvey Specter, Season 1, Episode 5: “Bail Out”

Scottie and Harvey from Suits

Harvey shows his snarky snide in this quote from Suits season 1, episode 5 “Bail Out”. Early on in the series, Harvey both insults someone and congratulates himself in his typical confident style. Harvey reminds viewers why he’s the best at his job and how he is seemingly perfect from a professional standpoint, punishing others who fail to keep up with his exceptional standards.

13 “First impressions last. Start behind the eight ball and you’ll never get in front.”

Harvey Specter, Season 1, Episode 3: “Inside Track”

harvey in suits

Another Harvey mantra is offered in Suits season 1, episode 3 titled “Inside Track”. Harvey alludes to a pool metaphor for how the impact of first impressions will last a longtime and perhaps cannot be repaired, especially in his industry. If someone comes off as an eight ball, meaning an undesirable person, then they will never get ahead, which is the advice that Harvey shares early on in the series.

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12 “Thank you, Donna, for putting your anger on hold long enough to help me salvage the single most important non-feline relationship of my life.”

Louis Litt, Suits, Season 3, Episode 11: “Buried Secrets”

Louis Litt has a number of great lines in Suits as well, specifically this memorable one from season 3, episode 11 titled “Buried Secrets.” Louis portrays his sensitive and hilarious soft side when he makes a joke about having hardly any other significant relationships with anyone other than his cats. It’s a down-to-earth side of Louis which is revealed in an unexpectedly witty way.

11 “I’m sorry I don’t have a photographic memory but my brain is too busy being awesome.”

Donna Paulsen, Season 2, Episode 10: “High Noon”

Donna looks on cooly in Suits

Donna’s confidence shows in Suits season 2, episode 10 titled “High Noon.” This bodacious side of Donna demonstrates her self-worth as well as her ability to be charmingly cocky, much like Harvey. Donna reveals in the episode that her brain is not equipped to remember every little irrelevant detail of everything she sees and is instead functioning a highly awesome personality.

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