25 Most Powerful Pirate Crews In One Piece, Ranked


  • The Straw Hat Pirates have encountered or heard about most of the strongest crews in One Piece history, and their pecking order is becoming clearer.
  • The On Air Pirates, Thriller Bark Pirates, and Fire Tank Pirates are just a few of the formidable crews that pose a challenge to Monkey D. Luffy and his crew on their journey.
  • The Sun Pirates, Donquixote Pirates, and Kuja Pirates are among the influential pirate crews in the series, with powerful leaders and unique abilities that make them formidable opponents.

The world of One Piece is full of wonder and discovery, and thanks to the final words of the King of the Pirates, Gol D. Roger, there are also countless pirate crews roaming its seas. Each of these crews leaves its mark on the Grand Line, whether through the fearsome sight of its Jolly Roger, the personalities of its crewmates, or its raw strength in combat.

Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates have traveled throughout all of Paradise and much of the New World, and as a result, they’ve directly encountered or heard about most of the strongest crews in One Piece history. Although many of these crews are still growing stronger with each arc, their pecking order is clearer than ever before.

Updated September 11, 2023, by Kennedy King: As One Piece prepares to enter its final saga, the Straw Hat Pirates are closer than ever to reaching the end of the Grand Line. However, while Monkey D. Luffy and his crew have grown much stronger thanks to their battle against Kaido and the Beast Pirates, there is still plenty of competition sailing the seas to stand in their way.

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25 On Air Pirates

Scratchmen Apoo in Wano in One Piece with open mouth and holding hands up.

When Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates arrive at Sabaody Archipelago, they encounter several other notorious rookie pirates (referred to by many as Supernovas), including Scratchmen Apoo and the On Air Pirates. Compared to the other Supernovas and their crews, the On Air Pirates might not seem like much, but in reality, they’re one of the craftiest crews sailing the Grand Line.

Scratchmen Apoo’s bounty of 198 million Berries is a huge total for the first half of the Grand Line, and it’s a fair representation of his strength by the time he reaches Sabaody Archipelago. By the time the Straw Hat Pirates reach the New World, Apoo’s bounty has risen to 350 million Berries, making the On Air Pirates a legitimate force to be reckoned with.

24 Thriller Bark Pirates

Oars, a massive giant, reincarnated during One Piece's Thriller Bark Arc

When Gecko Moria and his original crew are defeated by Kaido, the future Warlord of the Sea is forced to pick up the pieces and start anew. Using his Shadow-Shadow Fruit powers, Moria creates a new crew of reanimated individuals — the Thriller Bark Pirates.

While there are a few living members of the Thriller Bark Pirates, the vast majority of its crewmates are reanimated corpses created by Gecko Moria. As a result, they’re fairly helpless against stronger enemies; however, they make up for this with their sheer numbers.

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23 Hawkins Pirates

Basil Hawkins, a member of the 11 Supernovas, with his crew in One Piece.

As a member of the 11 Supernovas, Basil Hawkins owns a reputation as one of the Grand Line’s fastest-rising threats. Accordingly, this makes his crew, the Hawkins Pirates, an equally intimidating opponent. Little is known about their members, but since they traverse the Grand Line relatively easily, they’re obviously capable fighters.

Following the Raid on Onigashima, the status of the Hawkins Pirates is currently up in the air. In the conflict, Killer of the Kid Pirates devastatingly defeat Basil Hawkins. If he perished from his wounds, then it’s almost certain the Hawkins Pirates’ time has ended.

22 Fire Tank Pirates

Capone Bege and the Fire Tank Pirates in One Piece lounging.

Fans were not expecting much from Capone “Gang” Bege when he first debuted during the Sabaody Archipelago Arc. Though he is part of the Worst Generation alongside Monkey D. Luffy, his initial showing painted him as a fairly stereotypical mob boss. However, when the Straw Hats finally landed on Whole Cake Island, Bege and his crew proved how dangerous they can really be.

The Fire Tank Pirates are a well-organized, well-equipped, and well-funded group whose numbers and talent only complement the fortress-like abilities of their captain. With a variety of fighters between gunslingers, assassins, and even cavalry, the Fire Tank Pirates play a deceiving large role in the criminal underworld.

21 Nox Pirates

Pedro, a Mink and former leader of the Nox Pirates, in the One Piece anime

The Minks residing in the Kingdom of Zou are some of the fiercest warriors in the Grand Line, so it’s fitting that they would also produce one of the seas’ most notorious pirate crews — the Nox Pirates. Composed of Pedro, Pekoms, and several other Minks, this crew originally departed from Zou with the harrowing goal of finding Poneglyphs.

Because of the World Government’s attempts to suppress history, the Nox Pirates received bounties for their pursuit of the Poneglyphs, and eventually, they were forced to disband. However, their members played major roles in several pirate crews, including Pekoms, who joined the legendary Big Mom Pirates.

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20 Drake Pirates

X-Drake capturing Cairbou while working for Kaido and the Beast Pirates in One Piece's Wano Country Arc

The Supernovas are known as some of the Grand Line’s most promising young pirates, but even among their ranks, X-Drake stands out as particularly noteworthy. The powerful Ancient Zoan-type Devil Fruit user leads the Drake Pirates, accumulating a bounty of over 220 million Berries by the time he arrives at Sabaody Archipelago.

However, while other pirate crews rightfully fear the Drake Pirates, few know their captain is still working as a covert member of the Marines. As part of an undercover operation, X-Drake compiles information on noteworthy pirates such as Kaido, who the Drake Pirates briefly work for following One Piece‘s two-year timeskip.

19 New Fish-Men Pirates

The New Fish-Man Pirates gather together in the One Piece anime

Fish-men are naturally much stronger than their human counterparts — a dynamic introduced as early as One Piece‘s Arlong Park Arc. Hordy Jones and his crew, the New Fish-Men Pirates, embody this virtue, asserting their superiority over humans at any opportunity they can.

Although the New Fish-Men Pirates are very capable fighters, they grow much stronger after consuming Energy Steroids, an illegal drug they acquired when Hordy Jones left King Neptune’s army. The Straw Hat Pirates defeated them handily, but they’re no pushover, even by New World standards.

18 Gecko Pirates

Several of the zombies that form the Thriller Bark Pirates charging off-screen in One Piece

The titular ship of the Thriller Bark Pirates — led by Gecko Moria — is an intimidating force in its own right. It bears a massive wall and giant, mouth-like gate that captures and traps enemies. Inside, Thriller Bark contains hordes of undead fighters, each reincarnated by the powers of Gecko Moria’s Shadow-Shadow Fruit. However, it was Moria’s original crew — the Gecko Pirates — that truly garnered him his reputation as a Warlord of the Sea.

During the Gecko Pirates’ heyday, they were feared throughout the Grand Line and held legitimate aspirations of finding the One Piece. However, they were annihilated by Kaido and the Beast Pirates in battle, leaving Moria no choice but to reincarnate those he lost and use them as zombie minions.

17 Fallen Monk Pirates

One of the 11 Supernovas, the Mad Monk, Urouge, smiling in One Piece.

None of the twelve pirates comprising the Worst Generation is a bigger mystery than the Mad Monk, Urouge. The Supernova has only made minor appearances in One Piece, but given his presumed strength, he and his crew, the Fallen Monk Pirates, will likely appear in the series’ final saga.

During One Piece’s time skip, Urouge defeated Charlotte Snack, a member of the Big Mom Pirates worth 600 million Berries. Regardless of his crewmates’ strength, a victory of this magnitude is clear evidence that Urouge and the Fallen Monk Pirates are one of the biggest unknown variables following the Wano Country Arc.

16 Giant Warrior Pirates

Broggy and Dorry Fighting during One Piece's Little Garden Arc.

One Piece quickly addresses the Giant Warrior Pirates during the Little Garden Arc. However, when one really takes stock, it doesn’t take much to realize how terrifying that they must’ve been. The Giant Warrior Pirates is an entire pirate crew consisting of giants from Elbaph and led by Broggy and Dorry, the two giants that meet the Straw Hat Pirates.

Broggy and Dorry each commanded a bounty of 100 million Berries when they sailed the seas, and it’s safe to assume that number would be much higher were it not given to them a century before the series’ events. Even if the pair’s subordinates were much weaker than them, they likely laid waste to all but the strongest pirate crews.

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15 Sun Pirates

Fisher Tiger of fish-man island arc of One Piece staring at viewer.

Except for groups like the Roger Pirates and the Whitebeard Pirates, few crews in One Piece have exerted as much influence as the Sun Pirates. Started by Fisher Tiger, this elite group of fish-men acted as a traveling revolutionary force, freeing the oppressed people of all species from the iron hand of the World Nobles.

The Sun Pirates’ first captain, Fisher Tiger, is revered for climbing the Red Line with his bare hands and freeing several prisoners from Marie Geoise. His crew was composed of some of the strongest fish-men of the modern era, including Arlong and Jinbei, who took the crew over after Tiger’s death.

14 Donquixote Pirates

Collage of Donquixote Doflamingo's family in One Piece anime.

The Donquixote Pirates are easily among the most colorful pirate crews in One Piece. Their ranks comprise pirates with a wide range of powers and abilities. Their leader, Donquixote Doflamingo, is a masterful tactician that pulled the strings of the criminal underworld for years.

Doflamingo’s presence instantly qualifies the Donquixote Pirates as a massive threat. Thanks to officers like Diamante, Pica, and Vergo, the crew has enough might to control Dressrosa completely. Had the Heart Pirates and the Straw Hat Pirates not formed a coalition to take Doflamingo down, he and his crew would likely still be in power.

13 Kuja Pirates

Boa Hancock, former Warlord of the Sea & Empress of Amazon Lily, with crew, Kuja Pirates - One Piece

The abolishment of the Seven Warlords system was one of the biggest developments of One Piece‘s Reverie Arc and perhaps the greatest mistake that the World Government has made to date. The way things are shaping up after the Raid on Onigashima, the World Government needs the Warlords now more than ever.

Because the World Government made enemies by abolishing the system, groups like Boa Hancock and the Kuja Pirates are once again a threat. Boa Hancock is worthy of her status as Empress of Amazon Lily, and she can take down entire pirate crews on her own. Her crew, the Kuja Pirates, are full of Haki and Devil Fruit users, reflecting the strength of Amazon Lily’s combat-driven culture.

12 Golden Lion Pirates

Golden Lion Shiki as seen in One Piece Strong World with cigar in mouth.

Information is exceedingly slim when it comes to the generation of Gol D. Roger and Monkey D. Garp. However, One Piece has revealed enough information through flashbacks and exposition to understand that Shiki and the Golden Lion Pirates are perhaps the most underappreciated crew in history.

Shiki formed the Golden Lion Pirates after his former crew disbanded, and they eventually grew large enough to command over fifty ships in their fleet. As the only man to escape Impel Down before the events of Monkey D. Luffy’s jailbreak, Shiki was clearly a world-class pirate. He survived a full-scale battle with Roger, and a fight against Garp and Sengoku, so his might alone could likely wipe out most opposing crews.

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11 Kid Pirates

Eustass Kid, Killer, and the Kid Pirates crucifying their enemies in One Piece.

Monkey D. Luffy clearly stands atop the list of One Piece‘s Supernovas. Still, when he first encounters the group’s other members, it is actually Eustass Kid who possesses the highest bounty. The red-haired, trouble-making pirate is fond of destruction, which is a large reason the price on his head was so high.

Eustass Kid’s first mate, Killer, is also a member of the Supernovas, making them the only pirate crew other than the Straw Hat Pirates to possess multiple members. Though these two and their fellow crewmates stood no chance against Shanks, they may have a role to play in the series’ final saga.

10 Heart Pirates

Trafalgar D. Water Law with Bepo, Jean Bart, and the other Heart Pirates in One Piece.

While Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates may receive the most attention from the Raid on Onigashima, Trafalgar D. Water Law and the Heart Pirate’s presence were equally important. Law’s Awakened Devil Fruit powers were instrumental in the defeat of Big Mom, and his crew saved Luffy from drowning after Kaido defeated him.

The Heart Pirates’ members haven’t received as much screen time as those in some other rival crews. However, they proved their worth in their recent conflict with the Blackbeard Pirates. Bepo, Jean Bart, and the other officers of the Heart Pirates were ultimately defeated, but not before giving the Emperor of the Sea and his crew a run for their money.

9 Cross Guild

Buggy's Cross Guild in the One Piece manga. The text reads

Against all odds, Buggy the Clown’s stock keeps rising. The bumbling, red-nosed pirate became an Emperor of the Sea after the defeat of Big Mom and Kaido. Now Buggy operates alongside Crocodile and Dracule Mihawk as one-third of the surprisingly powerful Cross Guild.

The Cross Guild is technically more of a coalition than a pirate crew. Crocodile and Mihawk are using Buggy’s reputation as a medium to develop an organization that can legitimately compete with opposing Emperors and put prices on the heads of well-known Marines. Former members of Baroque Works and Buggy’s Delivery make up the Cross Guild, which could go head-to-head with the Straw Hat Grand Fleet in the near future.

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8 Big Mom Pirates

The Big Mom Pirates entering Wano Kuni in One Piece.

As a former member of the Rocks Pirates, Charlotte Linlin — better known as Big Mom — is one of the most influential pirates of all time. Her strength earned her a spot among the Warlords of the Sea, and were it not for her actions, even pirates like Kaido wouldn’t be the legends they are by the events of One Piece.

Big Mom’s crew comprises her children. Many of them hail from different races and possess very powerful Devil Fruit abilities. Altogether, the crew is worth over 10 billion Berries, which makes sense, given the overwhelming strength of individuals like Charlotte Katakuri and Charlotte Smoothie.

7 Beast Pirates

Kaido, the leader of the Beast Pirates and an Emperor of the Sea, straining in One Piece

For many years, Kaido was teased as the World’s Strongest Creature, and throughout the Wano Country Arc, One Piece fans finally saw why. The Emperor of the Sea and his crew, the Beast Pirates, challenged the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies more than any opponent in the series’ history. While they were eventually defeated, the loss shouldn’t undermine their frightening abilities.

The Beast Pirates comprises tens of thousands of New World pirates, and many use Zoan-type Devil Fruits that give the crew its trademark name. They nearly came out victorious in the Raid on Onigashima, and while they’ll likely be disbanded (especially if Kaido is truly dead), their influence should never be forgotten.

6 Straw Hat Grand Fleet

Monkey D. Luffy and various allies/members of One Piece's Straw Hat Grand Fleet colored manga art.

The Straw Hat Pirates are well on their way to becoming the most prolific pirate crew in One Piece history. Their captain, Monkey D. Luffy, causes trouble for the World Government at every turn. With the formation of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, he’s prepared to assume his position as one of the Emperors of the Sea.

Three of Luffy’s followers — Roronoa Zoro, Sanji, and Jinbe — have bounties exceeding one billion Berries, while many more are powerful fighters in their own right. The Straw Hat Grand Fleet has assaulted multiple World Government bases, defeated four Warlords, and taken down an Emperor of the Sea and his crew. They’re well on their way to conquering the Grand Line, and by the end of One Piece, it’s almost certain that the Straw Hat Grand Fleet will be the most impressive pirate crew of all time.

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